15 Apr 2020

Global Impact Of AI On The Education Market 2025


Ankit Singh

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How AI technology would help in bridging the gaps between teachers and students in the near future? That sounds quite similar to what is going on in your mind right now.

Ooh, you must be wondering why this post starts with a question, but eventually, there is a reason behind it. As we all know that today the spectrum of the technology is ever-growing, and there are many expectations from it.

In this run, we all look forward to bring down the woes of unnecessary inconvenience that unintentionally become a part of our education system.

Are you wondering what am I even referring to?

Well, to help you get the right answer, we have brought this post here for you. Just find out how the technology of Artificial Intelligence will be bringing benefits to the education domain by 2025.

Customized learning experience

The moment we hear the term customization we feel extremely captivated. And we must understand that there are a huge number of benefits that are associated with it.

For the longest period of time, the cycle of the education system has remained as it is.

But with the future of AI technology, there will be a change, where every student will get something different.

As per the new AI system, there will be a specific program for every student depending on their needs.

It will not be the one-size-fits-for all formula!

This will help the students to work on their specific needs without a fail.

Accurate career path prediction

Every student has a one million dollar question, that keeps on revolving; what I will become in the future?

This is the question that does not get any specific answer and keeps on evolving with time.

Do you know this leads to some wrong career path choices, that students pick, and realize later?

Well to help them find better and accurate career path predictions, AI comes as a savior. AI systems would accumulate the data of students, and predict the best career choice for them

No grading bias

Many students complain of biases faced in the grading system.

Is a common scenario, which leads to re-checking and invest effort from teacher and students both. However, to help you get rid of such a tumultuous process, AI is here.

The AI-enabled system would read students’ handwriting and grade their exams. The mechanism that works behind it is known as a computer vision. It lets computers to be trained enough to read images.

And surprisingly such aspects would help in reducing the chances of cheating and plagiarism. 

Welcome smart schools

We have only visualized the concept of smart Schools, where everything would be connected with technology. But this is made possible with the beautiful fusion of AI and IoT. Here the devices are built based on the internet of things, which further connects various devices to the internet. These devices communicate and monitor different objects. Within the spectrum of Smart classrooms, this technology will help in invigilating the exams and stop the cycle of cheating, track students and their presence in the class.

Smooth learning

One of the biggest issues faced by the institutions is to pair the student with the right student. As this pairing can help in enhancing their worth, and improve their skills. Here AI system can help with pairing the students based on their personality, strengths and other skills, with the right student.

So they can work together and make the learning process as smooth as possible.

Tutoring via Artificial Intelligence

There is a surge in the number of students within the tutoring institutions, and at times it becomes hard for the tutors to meet the demands of students. In such conditions, AI tutors will be proven as a blessing and will meet the demands and ease down the woes of teaching.

With the help of AI tutors, you would receive the feedback and this will help them to enhance their learning model.

Further, students would also receive the benefit of on-demand tutoring, which is much demanded to beat the crisis like Pandemic.

Learning Gaps

What is mentioned in the books, and what is understood by the students, are two different factors. And these two factors face the gap and that is beautifully covered by Natural language processing.

NLP has the potential to comprehend the human language, and further can be utilized to assess the course content. And of course to part the gaps of learning.

With the help of the AI system, student’s weak and strong points can be unleashed, and in accordance with changes can be made.

Well, well, well, there is indeed much to be explored further with AI, and this is just a glance, as this very technology is still in the nascent stage.

Sooner there will be improved advancements to be experienced at the end of Artificial Intelligence.

However, if you are looking forward to giving a shot of AI technology to your education portal then you must reach out to the Techugo team.

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