13 Mar 2018
Updated on May 8th, 2019

What All Is Going To Be There In Android P V9.0



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Google is a big package of surprises which keeps showering the rain of technology on us through different means, and this time it is none other than the announcement and releasing of an early version of Android App latest and the next version, which is beautifully abbreviated to a code name a mere P.

Ahead of the official release of Android P, which is going to be the successor of Android Oreo, Google has released the earlier version of Android, which is a much speculated and anticipated version, apart from guessing what the name would be and what P might stand for, let’s focus on what Android P is going to hold in store for us…

What The Name Can Be

Well there are many hints which have set the rumor mills high and that suggest that it would likely be called Android Pie or Android Pi, and this rumor is doing rounds in the market, since there is no such dessert which is available with this name, or maybe there is, since Google has the worldly knowledge…no pun intended… J

Features To Be In Android P

Google has created a series of legacy for its every version, which is carried forward by its successor, so Android P would also be picking the features from where Oreo has left, such as:

  • Material Design

Android P will bring the Material Design to 2.0 version, which shall flaunt a complete brand new series of colors, iconography and better emphasis on touch.

  • Signal Strength

With this latest version, the carriers will able to hide the signal strength from the users’ vision.

  • Access To Hidden APIs

There are many APIs which are not the part of SDK but could be accessed by the developers, but with the Android P, the hidden APIs can no longer be accessed.

  • Wi-Fi Direct Printing and IoT

Android P is supposed to fully support the Wi-Fi Direct Printing and will have a smooth integration of IoT with Android devices.

  • Idle Background Apps

The idle background app will be prevented from accessing the camera or record activities on the microphone in Android P without the user’s consent.

  • Systrace Android Studio Tool

It is expected that Android P would come with a built-in Systrace (System Trace) Android Studio tool. It will help the developers to collect and inspect the information related to timing across all system-level processes.

  • Google Assistant Integration

With Android, P developers will get the authority to build the Google Assistant into their apps and also it may include the support system for the multiple display types.

  • Call Recording

A call recording tone, through which users would record phone calls legally will be a very much part of the Android P.

  • Bluetooth HID Device

Android P would let the users to turn their phones into a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with the Bluetooth HID device feature.

  • Call Blocking

Google is all set to add the call blocking feature integrated into Android P, wherein users would be able to block calls from private, unknown or any pay phone numbers.

When Android P Is Going For An Official Release

As always, Google shall be releasing a developer preview of Android P v9.0 and it is expected to be before the Google I/O annual event 2018, but by considering the last year, it can be seen happening anytime soon, although the official announcement from Google is yet to be made.

On the speculation front, it is suggested that Android P may get released on Mar 14th, which is considered to be a Pi Day.

This all is expected from Android P and whenever it is going to go officially available it would surely help the Android app development companies to help them to build robust Android apps for the seamless user experience.

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