14 Oct 2022
Updated on October 17th, 2022

Google Cloud Next ’22: Every Nook and Cranny of Meet Security Feature for Gmail!


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Google Cloud 2022

‘Today, meet tomorrow!’

With this theme, Google conducted its Cloud Next ’22 event.

And guess what? We could not hold our excitement!

The company announced various innovations to ensure customer wins, partnerships, data, and security.

All of this took the event to another level. 

Exciting, isn’t it?

Cloud Next ’22: Upgraded Security

Lots of announcements made this event a great hit. However, the way Google came up with its ideal security features gained the most attention. 

Want to learn further?  

We will be having an enhanced security layer to other tools of the workspace productivity suite.

Are you familiar with the Google Workspace Productivity Suite?

Not to be worried! Everything is explained below. 

A Bit About ‘Google Workspace Productivity Suit’!

Also known as G Suite, it is a set of productivity apps that provides users with shared calendars, business professional email, video meetings, online document editing, and much more. 

google workspace

Everything like Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Calendar, Sites, Meet, Chat, Docs, Slides, and Forms is covered in Google Workspace.  

But what’s the point of excitement?

Google Cloud conference announced various features for its Workspace at the summit, including client-side encryption (CSE) for Gmail. 

Client-Side Encryption (CSE): A Shield Against Unauthorized Access!

Client-side encryption encrypts the data locally to ensure its security and prevents the chances of being accessed by third parties. 

In simple terms, it eliminates data loss and unauthorized access to files. 

What’s more?

CSE was earlier present in Google Meet and Docs. Extending it to other tools ensures security at the topmost level. With its support, organizations can get great help in fighting against security issues.

It will allow only the sender and recipient to read the content inside the mail, thus preventing others from accessing the same.

Significance of CSE

Let’s unveil them while reading the pointers ahead: 

  • Entrepreneurs can ensure the security level with direct access to the encryption keys.
  • “The latest cryptographic standards” allow encryption of the data delivered on the Google servers. 
  • Real-time leaks are no more an issue. 
  • Authority over file sharing. 
  • Data loss prevention. 
  • Secure, reliable, and compliant environment. 

An Effective Way for Businesses to Integrate Security!

While threatful access can collapse any organization in seconds, CSE fights against the same. 

Google Cloud Next 2022 announced that it would be available for everyone at no cost, making things easier and accelerating businesses’ growth. 

With cutting-edge competition, it becomes necessary to digitize our businesses. However, the thought of data smash made newbies worried. 

Fortunately, there would be a stop to such things to a certain extent!

A Boost to Digitisation!

Indeed, the announcement has left every user and entrepreneur excited and thrilled. The latter will soon achieve a way to digitize their businesses while having security free of cost on Google Workspace.  

Now that we have let you learn about the security update, what is your take on the same? 

Also, follow for more such trending topics and connect to our team if you have any doubts or queries. 

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