30 Apr 2018
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Google Flutter A Platform For A Seamless App Development Process

App Development

No matter how interesting and captivating it might sound to some of you, but Google Flutter is here finally and it will only enhance the usability and the development standard of the Android apps to a new level. I know it is very obvious to have the fluttering sound just to think of the name of Google Flutter and you must be curious to know that what all is the part of Google Flutter…

Have patience…and relax…to make you understand the entire concept of Google Flutter I am here to give you an outlook on this concept, so you can take a deep look and understand the Google Flutter further…so let’s take a look…

What Is Google Flutter

As we all know that Google has recently launched its new Android Operating System Android P, now Google has come up with a new SDK for the Android developer which is called Flutter.  Though it is a beta version of UI framework which is an open- source platform, and it is going to offer a robust aid to the Android developers which will help the developers in developing the native apps for Android and iOS platform.

Google had introduced the Flutter in the year 2017 during the I/O developer conference with the Alpha version, but now it’s available in Beta version with a command of ‘flutter channel beta’.

Ok…that’s quite enticing to know about…but can you please elaborate a little bit more that how is it going to help the Android developers further…

To start with, there are a huge number of benefits an Android developer may receive from the Google Flutter, such as:

The Android developers are able to create the Android apps with just a single coding process, which would let the developers to accomplish the compiling, directly on the native processor architecture code, since Flutter has the access permission of API of Android and iOS OS.

Key Tools of Google Flutter

  • Flutter UI library
  • Specifically designed widgets
  • Flutter Engine
  • The UI framework is based on Dart Programming language
  • The new beta version will help the iOS and Android app developers.
  • It is much flexible and can manage the widgets.
  • The animation tools are improved now with the layered architecture.
  • Flutter is fitted with the native ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) code.
  • The Hot Reload tools give the developer an access to a wide range of widget.
  • The high effective portable GPU integrated with the UI lets the developers work on latest interfaces.
  • Now, Google has integrated the extra feature, which would allow the developers to localize their apps.
  • The another best part it has that it supports iOS 11 and iPhone X.
  • By integrating the Google Flutter app developers can view the web content within the mobile apps.
  • Google Flutter also lets the developers format the pictures and the inline videos.
  • With the Google Flutter, the app designers can design a responsive UI with an ease.
  • Flutter is also supportive of the array of IDEs including Xcode, Visual Studio Code, and Android Studio.
  • The best and the remarkable feature of Flutter suggest that it can use the codes of Android and iOS language within the framework efficiently.
  • The navigation feature is much enhanced and improved with the better APIS.
  • Also, you may receive the additional support from Google’s Firebase development platform.

Indeed Google Flutter possesses so many features…and they are going to help the Android developers in abundance.

With the mentioned features it is much obvious for the Google Flutter to make a stir in the market and will help the Android development to a new level and will make the app development a faster process to be accomplished and in return, the app users would receive the mesmerizing user interface with the most seamless app designs.

One more aspect which is unavoidable is the easy access to native features and SDKs on different platforms and worth to mention the Functional and Reactive Framework, would let the developers integrate the productivity and the skills in the right manner.

I am pretty sure and highly convinced that the flexible nature of Google Flutter would open the floodgates of opportunities and options for the Android developers, to try their skills and talent in a new way since it provides the freedom in development and developers have the flexibility to move ahead in the app development process as per their convenience and preference.

Also, developers have every possible access to all the tools and libraries, which would make the android app development process a process filled with ease and efficient strategies.

I really feel Android’s latest SDK Google Flutter, is going to win the hearts of the users, and the leading developers form the top mobile app development companies like Techugo, would invest their passion, creativity, and efforts into crafting a masterpiece Android app.

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