9 May 2019

Google I/O 2019 – Highlight And Biggest Announcements


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Google’s I/O has commenced on 7th may, and it will last on 9th May. Every year the company holds this conference for developers to make them aware of its latest innovations and help them update their application. Besides, this conference also aims to get the developers on speed with latest advancements.

In this event, Google also showcases its new devices and technologies that can amaze consumers with unmatched functionalities. “Promise to be a special one” is the opening keynote of this event, and undoubtedly. this year’s keynote has been done, as the company confirmed that there will be new hardware. This is the first time, the company came up with this note.

The company announced new hardware and application. Besides, the announcements include various inevitable surprises. Haven’t you heard about those surprises? Well! No worries, after reading this post you will have every single detail of the conference’s each minute.

Highlights of Google’s I/O Event

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its team told about various advanced applications and hardware at the event. Take a glimpse of those advancements.

Story timeline in Google News

The event was kicked off with an enhancement in Google News, stating that now results in News will look like a “story timeline”. As per Sundar Pichai, the news will be covered by the very first day of evoking of any event. It means when users will search for any news that went viral. They will see how it covered from day one.  Evidently, it will give users more context and insights into how the story evolved over time.

3D Images in Google search

This is another amazing update, which shows how AR Camera and computer vision are transforming ‘searches’. The company is adding 3D images to search results. It means, whenever you will search something in google. The 3D representation of the aspect or things will appear in the search result. These 3D images will offer better understanding of the thing. Let users know how actually the thing will look in person.  Another, fantastic feature that can leave you breathless for a moment. It is the integration of the 3D images into real world via augmented reality. The company showed how you can search for white shark with your phone and can see. Its 3D representation, and altogether place it in physical space.


Podcast is another great source of information. The company stated that soon you will be able to ‘listen to search for’ and ‘listen to specific podcast’. This facility will be available directly from the search result.

Google Lens

The company came up with another groundbreaking update in Lens, called Restaurant menu. Suppose you are dining at a restaurant and looking over the menu to place an order. Then you will be able to point at the menu through your mobile.  it will show you all popular dishes of the restaurant. And! if this is not enough for you then you can click over the highlighted dishes on the menu. The application will show you an aggregated review pic right from the restaurant.

Altogether, the company revealed that Lens will be accessible right from the Google search bar on Android. And! another admirable feature is real-time language translation. It showed how you will be able to take the picture of a sign and get the translation in seconds. Lens supports more than a dozen languages.

Google Duplex

The company revealed that Google Duplex will soon come to the web. It will do a lot of stuff for you such as booking of movie tickets, flight, car and more. You will just need to ask Google, and it will perform every activity at its own.

Google Assistant

Another amazing update disclosed by the company is about Assistants. They will have lightning fast speed as there will be no need for huge amount of data to process voice commands. it has moved to the device instead of cloud. The google Assistants will be more advanced and you will do a series of actions seamlessly. There will be no need to say “OK Google” every time. Altogether, Assistant will also have driving mode.

Android Q

At the event, Android Q beta 3 has been launched by Google, which is 10th generation of Android OS with new features for tablets and mobile users.

This OS will double the security by distributing security updated to android phones via the Play store, As per the company the project is referred as Project Mainline. Besides, it will also boost up the privacy feature such as reminder for location usage and sharing, Maps incognito mode and TLSV3 encryption.

Presently,  privacy settings can be found in the account of users, but the enchantments will make it more easily accessible from user profile. Android Q has more than 50 security and privacy changes that will transform the overall user interaction.  Privacy section will have three concise menus namely Activity control, Ad settings and Location history with toggles.

Maps incognito will allow users to keep the search private and won’t let these searches log into the user search history, indeed this kind of privacy is fruitful. Besides, Android Q is also having Dark Mode- a system wide dark mode.

Moreover, Android Q is ushering toward foldables, which means the UI of mobile phone will be easier to tweak irrespective of format and ration of folding device. Besides, Android Q has live caption system that will convert the audio instantly into  text for users to read.

Digital Wellbeing with Focus Mode

The focus mode is quite impressive as it strives to boost your attention and temporarily pauses the applications like YouTube. This aims to keep user engaged by blocking some applications temporarily, so user cannot lose his focus. Besides, the company is working on various parental control features such as daily screentime limits for users and monitor which apps are downloaded.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

The company launched Its mobile phone Pixel 3a and 3a XL at I/O conference, with 5.6 inch display and 6 inch plastic build and great camera. The prices of the phones are $399 and $479 respectively. These devices have an AR map mode with directional markers to real-world location. It means you can see the direction through your mobile camera on real-world location. This will be very first camera with such feature.

Nest Hub Max

Last but not the least, the company debuted that it is combining the Nest and Google Home brands and introducing Nest Hub Max . This device is like Amazon Echo Show. With 10-inch display , 2.1 speaker system and full best camera, this will be launched later of this year, and it cost will be $229. The device will have stringent security features, and will allow users to make video calls by a wide range of video calling apps. The mics and cameras in the device can be switched on and off physically, the switch cuts off the electronics, while keeping privacy in consideration.

Altogether, this device also have voice and face match features, and allows the creation of voice and face models of people. It will let Hub Max to only show information of particular individual.

Indeed, these announcements are groundbreaking. Google is all set to offer users with great products and stir the industry. These applications and devices will reshape the user experience and take users into a new digital world.

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