1 Jul 2019

Google Maps Is Rolling Out Stay Safer Feature For Android Users In India


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Google Maps

Google has kicked off a new feature called “stay safer” in Google Maps by keeping human security a top priority during the traveling.

It is true that whether it is data or human life, security is a critical aspect. Therefore, businesses are striving to bring solutions that can improve the security in every aspect. Though, women security is focal point that needs to be more stringent in society and to improve this, several companies and government are taking initiative.

Lately, Ola introduced “SOS” feature that enables people to call emergency services in case of danger while riding the cab. Similar feature is available in Uber and other application. The main motive behind these efforts is to promote the essence of safe traveling. Now Google has introduced stay safer in the Google Maps, that is also consolidating such strives.

Let’s take a glimpse of Google’s endeavor.


The feature will alert users when the driver deviates 0.5 km from the suggested route. This is really an ease for the people traveling through public transport like auto-rickshaw or bus. It means now when you will head away from your destination or route suggested by Google Maps, it will notify you. In result, you don’t need to stick with the screen to track the path.

This integrates more security, as users can get instant information on the route change. If you want to try this, it is available in the Google Maps’ latest version on Android device by updating the application. Though, to use this application you need to enable “get off-route alerts” in the “stay safer” feature list. This you can enable after seeing the direction to your destination on the maps.

So, when the driver deviates from the suggested direction, Google Maps sends the alerts to users that includes a buzz on mobile and notification to users. Altogether, users can tap on the notification and see the original route.

The Product Manager of Goolge Maps, Amanda Bishop told that they have found out that people limit their mobile due to the insecurities and concerns related to safety. To integrate ease & sense of safety, they have introduced this new feature that will offer a more reliable and pertinent feature to the users.

Altogether, you can also share your live status during the trip with your friends and family over several applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Slack. The feature is available for Android users only,  not for iOS users. Besides, there is no sign when this feature will roll out for iOS users, BUT SOON.

Why Stay Safer?

Indeed, the feature is extraordinary and it will help users in many ways. With this feature, they don’t have to stick with their mobile screen and keep a check on the drivers’ heading direction. The alert will keep you informed about every movement of driver during the ride. This is a great convenience for people, as they can do other things during the ride and there is no need to stick with the Google Maps Screen, that people often do while traveling in unknown city or place.

Furthermore, not just you, your friends and family can also check your location status. That keeps them feel safe about you and tension free. It reduces the stress of being trapped in unfavorable circumstance. And! if you are traveling for hours it keeps you informed every moment during the ride.

This endeavor of Google will transform the Maps’ experience, and users will be able to feel safer while riding different transportation vehicles.

This is not the only feature that will boost up the user experience. Recently Google Maps unveiled three new features majorly based on public transport and meant to aid people.

The first feature is about notifying commuter about the approximate time of traveling for a particular destination.  The second feature is real-time status checking option for long-distance trains. This feature is created in a partnership with My Train App. And it allows users to check the status of all the trains traveling to a certain destination or route. The last feature is direction results for journey combining transports like auto-rickshaw and others.

Indeed, these features will offer great ease and convenience to commuters. Altogether, such applications are encouraging android application development companies to boost up the practices and bringing more quality features.  So, that’s it. If you want to know more about latest apps and features, Stay Tuned with Techugo.

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