6 Mar 2018

Why Does Google Penalize Your Blog Post

Google Penalize

I recently took to twitter about the horror I had gone through and there I was suggested a number of suggestions to take care of and some of the tiny aspects I should have been careful about.

Hey what all you have mentioned? What are you even talking about? Do you seriously have some problem? What exactly happened to you????

I know questions like these must have orbited around your Mr. Mind, because it’s a human nature that we let our curiosity cat out on a spree when we cannot find an angle to the series of conversation, and we get crazy about finding the reality behind it…

Ok I got it, but here you don’t need to fall a victim of any confusion because I am here to guide you better J

This post is all about that how Google penalizes your blog post and hates you thoroughly L

Sounds so rude…isn’t it??? But this is the way it is…and the only way to avoid it by following certain tips, which are gonna be a part of this blog post….let’s read ahead…

Plagiarized Content

Google is quite particular about one aspect which is the originality of the content. If you are opting for a Cut-Copy-Paste option, then beware, there are very much significant chances that your content shall be penalized by Google instantly.

Let your creative wagon to be out and expand its wings or hire the professional content writers for your work and help your content to get noticed by Google for all the right reasons.

Never ever pick the same words or the sentence from the existing blog post…you might think that out of the ocean of content available on Google, how it even be possible for Google to identify your content as plagiarized, but here you are wrong, because Google is well-efficient in identifying the number of plagiarized stuff inserted within your content and takes no moment to penalize it.

Thus write fresh and unique content ALWAYS…

Wrong Link Directories

SEO works closely with link directories, and the saddest part suggests that it is hugely misunderstood by the SEO experts.

For Google, the web is a division of “neighborhoods”, if links on your blog hail from spammy websites, then ultimately you earn the hatred of Google since you chose to associate with junk sites.

In order to avoid any sort of bad directory links, you need to pay some attention at submitting your blogs to a highly targeted directory, consisting of leading sites, which in return help your blog to get in the vicinity of worthy sites.

Stuffing Keywords

It is the common misconception prevails freely in the market, which says that more number of keywords means more attention, but eventually this is a wrong approach because Google does not reward the overstuffing of keywords.

The ideal keyword range within a blog can be of 2-3% only, although there are marketers and SEO experts who want to build the 6-8 keywords in a blog, arguing that it helps the blog to get noticed.

But eventually, this should never be practiced in any given situation, because this is called overstuffing of keywords and it does not improve ranking from any corner.

Concentrate more on your blog’s quality and make it irresistible enough so it can garner attention from the users.

Google is a not just a search engine, but the smartest search engine, which is in the process of continuous upgrade to help the content available on it to go highly profitable from every possible corner, but failing to address more strategies coupled with the above mentioned, would only lead to a disastrous result. There are many other ways Google can penalize for instance, if you’re the image used in your blog is not clear or irrelevant, Google would penalize it.

Thus it highly recommended to follow these strategies and adopt another technological advancement like: iOS application development for your business, and help it to grow immensely.


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