6 Sep 2023

GPS Tracker Phone App Development | How Much Does It Cost to Develop a GPS App in Dubai?


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Going anywhere is turned convenient with our fingertips on a GPS tracker app. The days of confusion while moving to places and locating our lost assets have been modified, all thanks to various navigation solutions. 

What else?

According to a report, the navigation app sector is likely to reach $36.6 billion in 2028 due to the growing demand for GPS tracking, mapping, navigation, and other tools, bringing impeccable growth opportunities for businesses and letting users embrace the innovative revolution for their quality of life.

Delve deeper to know more about GPS tracker apps and how you can build the same while integrating cutting-edge technologies. 

Now, let’s start the guide!

What’s a GPS Tracker Phone App?

A GPS or GPS tracker phone app lets people arrive at the location or ultimate destination while utilizing amusing and dynamic features. Among all the solutions available, Google Maps is the most used GPS tracker phone app worldwide.

It enhances the routes for users by providing them with real-time data regarding traffic conditions, road repairs, accidents, blocked roads, and others. Just enable the internet connection, and you can go wherever you want.

Unveil the potential of GPS technolog

GPS, or Global Positioning System (GPS), is the technology that provides users with exact locations, timing signals, and processing navigation no matter where they are located. 

While earlier GPS was only accessed by secret U.S. military units, today, everyone has been using it daily to increase productivity and save time, money, and resources on travel. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

The growth chart of GPS devices has been steadily moving onwards and upwards without any falls and faults. The level of satisfaction these devices are bringing and winning consumers’ hearts is just beyond our expectations.

How does GPS Tracking Work?

GPS receives signals from 24 satellites orbiting the Earth and thus operates its functions. Leveraging the trilateration method, the technology processes the data from 4 satellites covering specific locations and transmits the same to a monitoring platform or a user’s device. 

GPS tracker is exceptional for this world, and that’s why every industry, business, and startup prefers monitoring the tracked object’s movement and location using it. 

If you have something drastic in mind to create while using this technology, don’t go any further because the partners you need are at Techugo, a top mobile app development company in UAE

Enrich Your Digital Growth with a GPS Tracker Phone App Development 

Harnessing the power of technology like GPS trackers, we can achieve numerous benefits in every aspect of fleet operations and positively impact our business growth. 

Benefits of GPS tracking app development for businesses!

  • Reduced Fuel Cost

By optimizing vehicle tracking, drivers can minimize idle times and shut off the engine to save fuel and money. It is usual to go with reckless driving, but the best part is that the GPS tracker notifies the drivers about the behaviors and thus enables them to follow techniques that save fuel. 

Instead, the system lets you learn about fuel consumption through reports when you integrate fleet fuel cards with the help of a top-notch mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia

  • Increased Driver Accountability

Fleet tracking ensures rewards to your driver for maintaining good behavior while working. Simply integrate gamification and run a monthly or quarterly contest where the driver with the least idle time will record a win. 

Even vehicle and asset tracking systems utilize the geo-fence feature to avoid the excess and personal use of cars by drivers. 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Gone are the days when customers don’t expect much from a brand. Today, they have higher expectations, and catering to them is a road full of bottlenecks. But there is no need to worry when you have the GPS tracker phone app because customers can take the most efficient routes to any site they want, learn about the traffic situation, accidents, and much more with this solution. 

In today’s social media world, where consumers love to share their reviews and feedback about a product or service, taking care of their needs with tech innovations like the GPS tracker phone app development becomes necessary.

  • Cost Savings

While monitoring everything from driver behavior and fuel consumption to vehicle usage, businesses can detect inefficiencies and ensure the best measures and strategies to reduce costs incurred in labor, vehicle maintenance, and fuel. 

  • Enhanced Safety

GPS tracker phone app development ensures the driver’s safety by letting them quickly respond to emergencies, threats, etc. You can trust the dynamic ecosystem of GPS tracking technology and let your drivers feel safe, secure, and protected during the most challenging hours. 

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

Businesses can make better decisions by extracting valuable data and insights from the GPS tracking app. Yes, that’s another triumph recorded by this technology. If you want to unlock the dynamic potential of a GPS tracking app, it’s time you connect with the best app developers of Techugo.

Industry-Specific GPS Tracking Solutions for Multiple Uses

The dynamic use of GPS tracking solutions is not limited to only one industry but scattered to various others. Such as: 

How do different industries use GPS tracking app

  • Healthcare

For patients in an emergency, GPS tracking plays the role of savior as it helps the medical professionals locate critical resources when required. Even the nurse visiting hours and routes for ambulances can be tracked in the best way possible. Get in touch with our healthcare app development company if you want to develop an app with GPS tracking technology.

  • Retail 

GPS tracking maximizes your retail business performance while providing benefits like enhanced supply chain management, customer satisfaction, asset protection, reduced transportation costs, inventory levels optimization, minimized stockouts, etc.

Also Read: IoT in Logistics and Supply Chain: Role, Benefits and Use Cases

  • Transport & Logistics

Concerning factors like traffic, road conditions, and delivery priorities, GPS tracker technology ensures the overall operational efficiency of the logistics industry and lets customers get their parcels and orders as soon as possible, thus improving customer satisfaction.   

  • Hospitality 

Hotels and resorts can not only track the status of their vehicles, like maintenance carts, shuttle buses, etc., but also learn about the movements of their staff, vendors, and equipment using this technology. It is indeed a seamless way to monitor everything, and that’s why various industries are bringing a new force with GPS. 

  • Construction 

With all the benefits we have learned about GPS, it is clear that GPS tracking ensures better coordination between teams while reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity. 

And that’s what it does in the construction industry as well. Project managers using the GPS tracker app ensure the best use of resources and completion of tasks like never before. 

Top Features to Add to Your GPS Tracking App

After learning much about the technology, don’t you want to proceed to the next section and learn about all the top features that build a super GPS tracking app?

What are the features you should include in your GPS tracking app

  • Voice Navigation 

Drivers cannot always look at the mobile screen to check which direction to take because it could lead to threatening situations. Instead of making your GPS a distraction, integrate a turn-by-turn navigation feature that lets drivers enjoy a seamless driving experience while hearing directions like which route to take, which turn to go, traffic alerts, etc. 

  •  Real-Time Updates

Although satellite pictures let users take directions, we can add more images and notes about the place to offer a fruitful user experience. For instance, we can click some images of a restaurant and hotel and upload the same on the app with our reviews. It will help the new visitors find the location easily.

  • Rerouting

The driver will reach the ultimate direction even after taking a wrong turn. All thanks to the Rerouting feature of a GPS tracker phone app development that brings new directions to make it to the end point of the ride. 

  • Route Planning 

Managers can not only plan and assign the optimized route to their drivers but also get notifications whenever they deviate from the decided routes. This feature shows the management traits and offers other crucial benefits like Time of Arrival, Auto Trips, Proof of Delivery, and more. Just go with it if you have clients from the logistics industry. 

  • Alerts and Annoucements

It is usual for drivers to receive notifications, alerts, and announcements from the fleet manager in cases of breach, like battery disconnection, AC on/off, overspeeding, etc. Announcements are some messages you give your customers and clients about your services. 

  • Fuel Monitoring 

Another tremendous feature of the GPS tracking app is Fuel Monitoring, which tracks the drops and rise of fuel level inside your car and gets you a reading informing about the same. 

  • Advanced Analytics and Reports 

To let businesses make informed decisions, this feature has become the best of all as it consists of advanced analytics and reports that you can access anytime and get a deeper insight into your fleet. For instance, if a vehicle is running, you can learn about it via the system’s dashboard and quickly take action.

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring 

Unproductive driving behavior can threaten your business, and guess what? You can acknowledge the same even without being present there. 

Well, it’s the magic of technology! 

While getting information on various driving patterns, you will count on the negative behavior of the driver and thus act strictly. 

  • Integrated Dashboard Camera

You learn about the real faults when the car meets with an accident or any other issue with an integrated dashboard camera.

This will work as recorded evidence and help you settle costly legal issues. If you want to build a GPS tracking app for Apple devices, just join hands with our top-notch iPhone app development company, Techugo.

How much does it cost to build a GPS-tracking app?

Now that you have grabbed everything about the GPS tracking app, move further and explore the cost of developing it, which depends on various factors. 

  • App Type for which industry do you want to develop your product
  • Region & location of your development team. 
  • Backend infrastructure that involves everything from database management to server hosting
  • Third-party integration like social media platforms, APIs, payment gateway
  • Security Features that ensure two-factor authentication, Mutual TLS verification, encryption, etc. 
  • App store fees to deploy your app on the preferred platform.
  • Support and Maintenance to let your app run smoothly without bugs, errors, and issues. 
  • Marketing & promotions also consume more money. 

Instead, your app functionalities, tech stack, development time, etc., contribute to the app development cost

Gear Up for a Digital Revolution with Techugo!

GPS tracking systems are growing rapidly, with businesses and consumers looking for suitable and reliable options to protect their assets from thefts and quickly go to places without any confusion about direction. 

As technology is building a whole ecosystem in the world, it would definitely be a door of vast opportunities for you to go further. So, if you are excited to start a new roller-coaster ride with the GPS tracking solution, get in touch with our Android app development company, Techugo, and unravel the magical spell of tech innovation. With the expertise and experience we hold in creating 750+ robust applications for all industry verticals, you will hit the jackpot soon. 

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