13 Oct 2017
Updated on December 30th, 2022

How To Handle The Basic App Development Problems


Ankit Singh

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A mobile app becomes a much successful product only when it goes through a rigorous development phase and then finally it lands on the road of success to be picked by the users happily. But do you think there are no hiccups occurred during the development phase of the mobile app? Do you think everything is a smooth journey?

Of course, your answer would come in denial, since the misconception which tightly has blanketed us, states that a mobile app is just a collection of codes and there is nothing beyond that. If you consider this aspect, then you need to be re-visit your thought process, because a mobile app is much more than the coding merely and has a bigger number of pitfalls, which need to be looking out for carefully. With this writing, I am going to address the basic app development problems…lets read ahead to achieve the app success….

Avoiding User Experience

The users’ demands result in a mobile app, so the users can receive the best services as per their needs, this clearly states that User Experience is one of the most vital aspects of mobile app development, but unfortunately, many app developers consider this aspect as a secondary and not-so-important feature, and they invest their time and energy more in the development and not in what users’ want.

It is annoying because, unless you develop as per your users’ requirements, no matter how well-developed your mobile app would be, your mobile app would face the maximum uninstalls. A mobile app can never be successful, unless it is developed as per the need and the requirements of your users, believe me, no one is going to entertain your mobile app, so the user experience needs to be on your top-notch priority and you must invest your time researching the best possible ways to understand what your users want, and accordingly make a sizzling mobile app.

Picking App Platform Randomly

Although it is a bit funny, but some of the app developers believe on their gut feeling than on their skills, and picking an app platform in such bewildering environment, results only into unmanageable chaos. A mobile app platform does not need to be picked on the basis of gut feeling, rather it must be chosen carefully after researching your app’s targeted audience and their preference of platform, accordingly the app platform must be picked.

Also, you don’t need to pick Android & iOS together, but you need to pick initially, so the mobile app can gain its popularity and you can understand your users’ demands more clearly.

Integrating Many Features

Expecting your mobile app to chart the success, is your right and it is absolutely a perfect choice, but in order, o achieve this target, you don’t need to include every possible feature in the app world, in your app only. By doing this, you only create ruckus and confusion amongst your users, wherein they find it hard to understand the basic functionality of your mobile app.

At first, introduce the app features in a limited and only required version in your mobile app, once you find your mobile app gained a good number of the audience than in the app second version, release more features based on the users’ further requirements.

Replicating The Website

Sadly many business owners, seek a mobile app, only for the sake of formality and don’t understand what id the basic usage of a mobile app, and in this confusion get a mobile app, which nowhere differs from the website.

It is just a befooling act, which lets you make an app, but with the same website experience. You need to understand that why your users are looking for a mobile app, how this mobile is going to help them, which features should be a part of a mobile app, how you can differentiate it from the website.

Once you get the answer for these queries, believe me, the final output coming out would be the best answer to your users’ requirements, which your users would prefer to use further.

The outlined problems are the most common problems faced by the mobile app development companies in India and following this advice would certainly help you in numerous ways.

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