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14 Feb 2019

Health Insurance App What All You Need To Include To Make It Successful?

Health insurance is one of the most lucrative aspects, which covers the health cove treatment for thousands of people across the globe.

Considering the stressful situations faced by all of us in the current scenario, healthcare is very much on the card, in this race, picking the right health insurance plan, is where the customer’s REAL journey begins actually.

Therefore with an app, your prime focus should only be around to make this health insurance selection and renew process to be as convenient and pleasant as possible.

Consider App Design

As the healthcare insurance app will have a diverse range of audience, coming from different walks of life, so it is very crucial for you to consider the design and the method of sharing the information to the users.

Some of the apps have the tabular data, which can be right, as it complements the genre of the app, but here I suggest a better deal.

Study your users’ behavior and in accordance with the plan out the design for your app.

If your app UI/UX is not attractive, no matter how well it is developed, and which all features it may include, you can never expect the right audience to access and love it.

So, practice the best design methods and the strategies, after researching and studying about your targeted audience.

Purchase & Renew Policy Feature

Yes, this is the major crux of the deal, where your users have to do enough of brainstorming before going ahead with a perfect policy. Your app must offer a seamless platform to the users, to make their choice in a fraction of seconds.

Make it as easier as possible for the users, by subsidizing the steps for the users to enroll and access the policy or renew the existing one.

In-app Payments Feature

Hmm, payment is one of the most cherished features, but risky as well, since it deals with the users’ personal data, so it must be thoroughly encrypted.

The in-app payment feature can help your users to pay for insurance is via the mobile app, which only makes the app a much convenient platform for the users.

The payment has to be considered closely, as the insured users, failing to pay their monthly premiums can risk losing their coverage. However, with an app, you can combat this issue, by integrating a payment gateway, allowing users to easily pay their premiums.

Pharmacy Connect Feature

I know the search for the right medication is the prime concern of any user, who looks after the one app hub to address every required concern related to their health.

Many insurance companies cover prescriptions, and by adding the right pharmacists to your app, you increase the authenticity and the credibility of your app. This would enable the users to buy the medicines from the app and you can stop them growing closer to your competitors.

Preliminary Diagnose Feature

However, this feature is generally a part of the normal healthcare app, but adding it into your health care insurance app would help you beat the competition blues. In the event, when your user is unable to make a visit to the doctor, a quick FAQ section, enabled with the AI technology can help the users to get the preliminary diagnosis, before being referred to a right doctor.

Add Documents Feature

There are a couple of situations, where in order to make a claim user would require to share the lab results or prescription recommendations, so your app must give the option to the users to see and upload all via the app. If required, these reports can be shared further with the doctors.

Push-Messages Feature

Here, push messages are not meant for a troubling situation, rather must be curtailed and planned, to give the required and the more personalized notification to the users.

With the help of push-notification feature, you can remind your users about the planned visits to doctors, the results of claims processing, and insurance expiration dates and any other important event, which users must not forget.

Customer Support Feature

Of course, a healthcare insurance plan affects majorly the cost to be spent on your health treatment; hence it cannot be a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Users look forward to potential customer care support, which stays with them, regardless of the time and barrier zone, and can help them to find doctors, consult on insurance plans, and define whether a service is covered by insurance.

Thus, you must ensure your app has the AI enabled chatbot feature, which can answer the FAQs or can switch to real support to find the best possible health and wellness advice.

What More To Consider Further While Developing A Health Insurance App

When a health insurance app comes into existence, then majorly one aspect which haunts the users is the protection of their personal data, which can be misused if not taken some of the essentials into considerations, such as…

  • Your app target country makes a difference, let me tell you how? If your targeted country is the US, then your app needs to comply with HIPAA. There are different sets of patient’s data, which needs to be accessed via HIPAA standard, to help it evade the security glitch, is any.
  • Another fact suggests, if your targeted audience is from EU countries, you need to ensure your app is GDPR compliant.
  • In the same manner, if Canada, is from your targeted audience list, then you must follow the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
  • For UK residents, the Data Protection Act always works best.
  • Last but not least, if you have integrated the payment gateway within your app, then you must stores and process customer cardholder data.

These are some, but essential features can help an app specially designed and developed for the healthcare insurance genre. Albeit, the development of an insurance app for the users’ healthcare system, is not a cake walk, and therefore requires the experts and the skills of the experienced heads, to cater your business needs.

Henceforth, you can change the game of your health care insurance company by bringing it on the app platform, with the help of a leading mobile app development company  and let your targeted audience get a scalable app solution, which further brings benefits to the users and the insurance agencies.




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