31 Mar 2022
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Healthcare App Ideas for Startups That’ll Hasten Your Business in 2022!


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Healthcare app

According to market research, the healthcare apps market is likely to rise from $24.93 billion in 2020 to $314.60 billion by the end of 2028. 

We want you to focus on the rising figures from the very beginning! 

The world has modernized. What once was read in a newspaper is now scrolled with fingertips on our smartphones. Bank, school, and hospital visits are no longer mandatory since the mobile age has led to accessing everything online! 


Yes, you’ve read that right! 

Many of you might have questions like operating activities related to banks and schools are still possible. But how can medical professionals monitor their patient’s health remotely? 

Don’t worry; we have got answers for you! 

mHealth Apps: A Support System to Doctors and Patients

mHealth Apps

Digital transformations are taking place worldwide, and various entrepreneurs are emphasizing app development while cutting down on their brick-and-mortar stores. However, mhealth apps are acquiring the most limelight. 

Do you know why? 

One primary reason is the changing lifecycle due to a fast-paced lifestyle. In addition, people face immense stress due to reasons like corporate life, studies, and whatnot! Therefore, they might not prioritize their health due to the time taken for visiting a doc. 

Imagine receiving a healthcare check-up reminder on your smartphone. Your life would have been easier that way, right? 

How about bringing your fantasy to the real world by developing a healthcare app that does the same? If you’re interested, then continue reading to learn more!

Potential Healthcare Apps for Enhanced Business Efficiency

Potential Healthcare Apps

Here are a few top-notch healthcare app development ideas that’ll drive your business in the future. 

So, take a look!

  • Health Reminder Apps 

Before scheduling a check-up, a reminder to fix a meeting with the healthcare professional is vital. Therefore, health reminder apps can be built for patients to keep track of their regular check-ups and meet their medical objectives. 

These healthcare applications are extremely crucial for people suffering from chronic diseases and need medical treatment. Additionally, these apps may include functionalities like suggestions on medical treatment, dose reminders, etc. 

  • Doctor-Patient Consultation Apps

Many times, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, people do not prefer visiting hospitals due to a fear of getting infected. Therefore, they want to seek medical assistance remotely, and an accurate solution to the same is the consultation apps. 

These apps are well-known for providing 24/7 assistance to patients by medical experts. For example, a consultation can be scheduled anytime for a voice or video call for an improved diagnosing process. 

Are you looking forward to building an applaud-worthy app for your business? Then, connect with the best on-demand app development company for a quality product.

  • Medication Delivery Apps 

What if someone lives alone and cannot manage to get the essential medicines during sickness? 

Building apps that would add value to their lives is your shot! 

Moreover, pharmacy delivery apps are a boon in today’s world due to the higher risk of infection upon coming in contact with other people. All a user needs to do is order medicines online using the app and pay using the in-app payments mechanism for seamless transactions. 

  • Medical Records Apps 

Since medical diagnoses are taking place online, how about maintaining medical records too? One of the intriguing benefits of medical apps is that patients no longer need to present their medical records to each and every professional separately. Instead, an app built for medical records can store the same to be accessed by doctors and patients.

These applications also eliminate paperwork, contributing to a sustainable environment!

Awesome, right? 

  • Healthcare Apps for Women 

One of the best examples of healthcare apps dedicatedly built for women is Glow, which monitors statistics like the menstrual cycle. 

Undoubtedly, women’s bodies need a differentiated healthcare approach that has to be highly taken care of! Therefore, developing apps that could directly cater to the healthcare needs of women will be a plus in the near future. 

  • Workout Tracker App

Once again, the credit behind the increased use of activity tracking apps goes to the pandemic. Initially, it became challenging for fitness freaks to keep track of their daily workout sessions. However, the introduction of apps that leveraged sensors for fitness tracking acquired the limelight for its efficient working. 

The icing on the cake is the incorporation of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/Virtual reality, IoT, etc., that add to the users’ experiences.  

  • Medication Price Comparing Apps  

You might have noticed that the medical market has various medicines with similar ingredients; however, all these medicines are sold at varied price. 

For helping people save on their pocket, you may develop a price comparing app that would let its users opt for the best available option. 

In a Nutshell!

mHealth apps are becoming a need of the hour, and entrepreneurs are giving their best shot at it! No wonder there are hundreds of healthcare apps in the market; therefore, you must integrate a unique element that would catch the users’ eye!

Do you have a flawless app idea that would help you stand out from the crowd? Then, it’s time to connect with the best healthcare app development company, and we’re all ears! 

Give us a call and schedule your first consultation today! 

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