14 May 2020
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Healthcare Stepping Towards Better Future With AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is accelerating the transformation of different sectors. Today let’s observe how healthcare has changed because of this tech.

One of the greatest inventions in the world of science, yet many fall behind to welcome it with open arms. Of course, the lack of mass acceptance cannot be blamed on any sector, but the efforts to walk hand-in-hand with AI can be ameliorated. Healthcare industry is setting a finest example of putting AI-based technology to work for a better future. So without any further ado, let us analyse the minute detailings and satisfy our bulging curiosities. But before jumping on to the topic, let us get our basics right.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is basically an area of computer science that focuses on the creating of intelligent machines. The machines then work and react like humans. A couple of activities computes with AI technology and are specifically created to include problem-solving, speech recognition and learning planning. In order to seamlessly implement knowledge engineering, AI must have a good grip on categories, objects, relations and other properties. The scope of this tech, for now, is not that widespread, because applying AI to any industry is challenging.

Let us get an idea on equally important part of AI. Yes, we are going to introduce machine learning as well. ML is a core part of AI. Learning with proper supervision needs classification and numerical regressions. But learning without no supervision needs a specific ability to identify patterns in the given input stream. The performance of machine learning algorithms and its mathematical analysis is a well defined branch of theoretical computer science. This branch is also known as computational learning theory.

Now we have deep learning which is an integral part of a broader family of ML. It is based on artificial neural networks with representation learning. It is basically a subset of machine learning that depends on learning by example. Here, artificial neural networks or algorithms inspired by brain learn from huge chunks of data. It allows machines to solve complicated problems irrespective of the data set that is being used. Deep learning teaches machines to do something that comes naturally to humans.

The Use Of AI In Healthcare

A mixture of complex algorithms and software would not be helpful in broadening the understanding of AI-based technology in healthcare. So in this blog we have tried to simplify the concepts further, for masses to understand and learn. Once we have better knowledge, only then we can expect further development in this field. So shall we begin?

AI-based devices running on computerized algorithms need to show an ability to jump to accurate conclusions without direct human input. It imitates human cognition of complicated healthcare and medical data. The difference in traditional and AI-based healthcare lies in its ability to fetch information, thoroughly process it, and provide a well-defined output to the users. The tech is able to provide accurate output because of various ML algorithms and deep learning. Perfect algorithms can create their own logic and understand the pattern in behavior. For algorithms to achieve perfection continuous and thorough testing must be done.

Goal Of AI-based Healthcare Applications

The basic goal of these applications is to carefully analyze the relationships/ connections between the treatment techniques and outcome. Take a look at the following practices where AI-based programs have been developed and applied-

  • Drug development
  • Diagnosis processes
  • Patient monitoring & care
  • Treatment protocol development
  • Personalized medicine

Multiple institutions spread all across the world have created AI-based algorithms for their specific needs. Companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and other giants have also made a progress in development of AI algorithms in healthcare industry. Still, hospitals are facing a constant rising need for AI software to support operational initiatives that-

  • Increase cost saving
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Satisfy their staffing
  • Taking care of workforce needs

Different processes in the industry are trying to develop predictive analytics solution. These solutions would provide a great help to the healthcare managers by-

  • Increasing utilization
  • Reducing length of stay
  • Optimizing staffing levels
  • Decreasing patient boarding

AI-based Apps Used In Healthcare Industry

Below-listed are a few of the examples of AI apps that are currently being used in this industry. Take a close look at them and draw inspiration for better creations.

1. Virtual nursing assistance

Chatbots and AI-based apps allow care providers to deliver nursing assistance after a patient is discharged from the hospital. This particular feature helps in simplification of outpatient services. Apart from this, these applications also increase the accuracy of close monitoring of patient compliance. They act as virtual health assistants that help patients in achieving the following tasks-

  • Remind users about medication
  • Encourage the users to follow workout routine
  • Answer simple medical doubts by the patients
  • Warn care providers about any sudden medical health issue

2. Drug Discovery With AI

With the help of AI-driven computing, it would be easy to study and understand the structure of different drug molecules. This way it becomes easy to predict pharmacological activities, adverse effects and potency of the medicine. The invasion of artificial intelligence speeds up the process and makes it more cost-efficient.

It also possess the ability to reduce the prices of many drugs and make medication easily available for masses. From treatment of cancer to other neurodegenerative disorders, it has contributed a lot.

3. Diagnosis

Disease diagnosis is one of the most advanced applications of AI in healthcare. By improving the analysis of gargantuan data it provides an easy diagnosis of multiple disorders. This is done with the help of intelligent diagnostic imaging. It can also create detailed treatment plan for early treatment.

4. AI-based Hospital Care

Artificial intelligence provide care delivery with the help of solutions like-

  • Smart monitoring of IV solutions
  • Patient medication tracking
  • Patient alert systems
  • Nursing staff performance assessment systems
  • Patient movement tracking within hospitals


With such huge development, it is clear that healthcare is fully immersing the development in the pool of advantages provided by AI technology. It would be interesting to witness what the future has in store. So if you want to sail in the same boat and want to explore your options for development, then reach out to the experts.

Connect with TECHUGO, a leading mobile app development company for more insights on this topic. Until then, stay tuned.

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