29 Jul 2021

Here’s How You Can Overcome Virtual Meeting Burnout!

Here's How You Can Overcome Virtual Meeting Burnout

Prolonged use of virtual communication platforms often creates a state of exhaustion that we commonly refer to as virtual meeting burnout. The problem was triggered after the spread of coronavirus as organizations started adopting the ‘Work From Home’ policy. 

Virtual platforms like Zoom or Google Meet are necessary for running seamless operations and communicating while working remotely. But this can negatively impact one’s health leading to constant fatigue. 

Are you suffering from Zoom fatigue? 

Let’s find out! 

Here's How To Identify The Onset Of Virtual Meeting Exhaustion!

To devise a plan that can help beat virtual meeting fatigue, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the actual symptoms. Check out some of the common symptoms of exhaustion. 

  • Crankiness and impassiveness towards self and others in the team. 
  • Canceling of meetings and calls indicating avoidant behavior
  • A decline in productivity.
  • Constantly missing deadlines 
  • Delivering low-quality work 
  • Experiencing a dip in morale 
  • Prolonged sense of tiredness or unenthusiastic behavior

Have you been experiencing any of the following traits in yourself or your team members? If yes, then you are most probably experiencing a case of virtual meeting burnout. And, before it further hampers your performance it is necessary that you take immediate steps to avoid the same.    

Did you know that human response to new methods of communication plays a primary role in their health?

Our minds have evolved to seamlessly operate with non-verbal signals, which is lacking during video communication. The added data inputs also play a huge role in increasing stress.

Can We Continue Working With A Stressed Mindset?

Absolutely not!

We need to find a solution! 

In order to overcome fatigue caused by virtual meetings, we need to optimize our cognitive understanding of the environment and minimize stress caused by physical surroundings. Check out some of the following ways in which you can implement the same.

1. Schedule A Break 

A small break is necessary during long virtual meetings. Discuss it with the team members and try to integrate a small coffee break during a meeting longer than 40 mins at an appropriate time.    

2. Add A Little Flavor to The Virtual Meetings

Try using fun backgrounds to liven up the scene. Explore the options provided by your meeting service provider and find a background the fits your personality. Doing this will accomplish the goal of fostering social connectedness and will also add a sense of familiarity. 

3. Positive Talk

Situations are obviously tough therefore we need people to pull through. This can easily be achieved by enforcing a 15-minute positive talk on a regular basis. This can boost morale for self and fellow team members, as it promotes the culture of a healthy work environment

4. Dress Up For The Call

A great way to cope with stress is by following a routine that involves self-care. Put effort in dressing up for the meetings keeping a warm mug of coffee handy to genuinely connect with everyone on the call. Try to simulate a real meeting for better interactions. 

5. Use Your Vocal Ranges According To The Situations

The tone of the voice sets the tone of the meeting. Your vocal range has personalities of its own. For example, don’t back out from sounding excited during the completion of your project. Similarly, you may also stern a decision-making voice for serious situations.    

6. Make Eye Contact Through The Camera

People who make eye contact during communicating activate a circuit called the ‘social brain’ network. This triggers a sense of social connectedness and inborn personality that lead to thoughtful conversations. So relax and look into the camera rather than looking at your own image on the screen to connect better with your team. 

These are a few of the tips that will surely help you bring an effective change during a virtual meeting. Feel free to share your own experiences and coping mechanisms with our readers.

But until then, stay tuned for more! 

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