7 Apr 2022
Updated on December 30th, 2022

Here’s How You Can Predict Your Death Using AI and ML!


Surbhi Bhatia

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AI and ML

Would you ever want to travel in the future or past if given a chance? 

We can imagine most of you nodding your heads in excitement! 

Indeed, technology has advanced tremendously; however, fantasies are yet to be brought to reality. 

Don’t feel shattered since medical researchers have now unveiled an unsettling ability in AI technology

As intriguing as time machines, you ask? Witness it yourself!

Human Deaths Can Now Be Predicted: Here’s How

Human Deaths Can Now Be Predicted!

The fact is not hidden that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a boon to the tech-savvy industries trying to acquire a competitive edge. 


Now that technologies like wearable and healthcare app development are at their peak, these are leveraged with AI and ML to successfully predict the risk of cardiac arrest, heart attacks, etc. 

The twist encountered when AI algorithms began predicting human death after the identification of early death risk. 

Unbelievable, right?  

Therefore, if you’re intrigued to learn more, let’s dig deep into the idea for acquiring more insights into the same. 

Why are Doctors Stunned at the Idea of Death Prediction? 

feeling uncomfortable

For most of us, death is a haunting thought, and especially knowing the time we have left leads to a boost in discomfort. Accurate death predictions also make us apply innumerable therapies to escape death. 

The concept of healthcare apps leveraged with AI tech isn’t new; however, new concepts have now begun to startle doctors. 


While doctors are taking note of normal reports, AI and ML algorithms can accurately foresee an early death risk. 

Notably, AI can efficiently monitor risky elements in a human body that may be considered normal otherwise. For instance, a case study detected heart problems in a patient via AI that was green signaled by the healthcare experts. 

Did you know?

The University of Nottingham developed an AI-based model to predict premature human deaths! 

Gadgets and Technology are Working as a ‘Tikker’: Here’s How


To know exactly when and how your life ends sound scary enough? However, new tech-based gadgets and methods are being developed for those interested in knowing their expiration date. 

Note: People with a weak heart shouldn’t read further! 

Just kidding, here’s more for you to know:

  • Death Test 

Sounds like a fiction movie? 

Guess what? IT IS NOT! 

‘Death Test’ is for real and can be performed by scientists. Professionals take a sample of your blood to detect any ‘biomarkers’ to determine the chances of death within five years of taking the test. 

Sure, death tests are not entirely in their advanced phase, but the concept is being worked upon! 

  • Supercomputer 

Our lives are already highly influenced by technology and computers, and here comes another addition to the potential it possesses. 


Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center developed a supercomputer that can accurately predict if a patient will make it out alive or not after a surgery or treatment. 

  • Magic Mirror 

Apps and filters that show us what we’ll look like in the future are going viral! Therefore, Face My Age is a company planning to use a similar tech to predict when and how one will die. 

It’ll enable users to click a few selfies, and the prediction will appear on the screen! 

AI & ML in Healthcare: Other Important Use Cases!

1. Artificial Intelligence 

  • Pre-screening 

AI in patient pre-screening can help understand the patient’s condition even before they arrive at the healthcare center. It may be in the form of a questionnaire that asks numerous questions to the patients to learn about their health. 

  • Patient Diagnosis

One of the top-notch use cases of AI in healthcare is patient diagnosis since the tech can analyze a patient’s condition in a manner that healthcare professionals cannot. 

Additionally, Deep Learning (DL) is emphasized in the process to amalgamate ‘human-like’ thinking for diagnosis and medical imaging. 

  • Preventative Healthcare 

Can a disease be cured even before its detection? 

Indeed, it can be done via preventative care! In healthcare, wearable fitness and other medical devices like Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc., support the same. 

2. Machine Learning 

  • Clinical Decision Support Systems 

Large volumes of data have to be analyzed before the identification of a disease, deciding on valuable treatments, monitoring potential issues, etc., in healthcare. 

Therefore, machine learning efficiently helps with the same when incorporated with healthcare mechanisms. 

  • Record Keeping 

Keeping a record of thousands of patients is a challenging activity; however, it is a vital task for improved patient care. 

Here’s when ML has an impressive role to play! 

ML’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tech in healthcare can be used to detect physicians’ handwriting to make data entry a hassle-free process. 

  • Personalized Medicine

Every case has different medical requirements; thus, needed to be treated differently. An effective treatment plan is a must for every patient, and ML uses the patient’s history to produce a personalized medicine routine. 

In a Nutshell! 

AI and ML are two tremendous technologies playing an exceptional role in the healthcare domain. 

Now that there’s an advancement in the two and concepts like death prediction are being introduced, it marks the onset of an improved and ultra-modern approach. 

What do you think? 

For more information on technology integration with healthcare, get in touch with us at Techugo for a detailed discussion and a cup of coffee!

Sounds good?

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