19 Apr 2021
Updated on December 12th, 2022

Here’s Why The World Is Excited About Introduction Of Tech In Agriculture


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What role does technology play in your life? 

Does tech really have the power to impact an industry’s substantial development? 

Can it define a new frontier for the agricultural industry?

Let’s find out!   

Technology has consistently spiked the growth of every sector it was introduced to. As time goes by, industries are inclining towards innovative ideas that nurture technical advancements. Irrespective of the size of the company/industry, tech has always displayed and proved its potential to drive growth, manage inventory, boost communication, improve operations, optimize production, and much more.

All these advantages come in handy for the development of several sectors, but the one that we will be focusing on today is Agricultural Industry.  

Introduction Of Tech In Agriculture

Agriculture, one of the oldest industries, is not only a source of food but also an exceptional player in the generation of revenue. The last decade introduced numerous transformations and advancements in farming techniques and approaches to improve agricultural output and minimize cost. It made the world realize how tech can be used to enhance several agricultural-based aspects. 


What Led To The Large-scale Adoption Of Agricultural Technology?

In-depth research & development in physical sciences, engineering, and computer sciences gave an instant boost to the introduction of tech in this domain. It enticed global visionaries, which led to the development of agricultural mobile applications, devices, sensors, systems, and much more. 

The economic introduction of technologies with minimal disruption to existing practices allowed farmers to embrace this tech-based revolution. Growing assistance & instruction to farmers on how to use new technologies is helping many to integrate more ingenious solutions to this process. 

We are now accustomed to several reasons behind the development of agricultural-based technology. It is now time to explore an example and foster a much-sorted perspective. 

Let’s learn how Techugo was able to create a revolutionary farming app InDhan that is benefitting 10 million Indian farmers.    

How Has Techugo Introduced Tech In Agricultural Industry?

With an undying passion for technology and flawless craftsmanship, we have always presented the world with the most exquisite app development solutions. We deliver quality-laden end-to-end mobility solutions, and for us, a business idea is an opportunity to bring the world closer to a trend-setting innovation. 

The introduction of technology in the field of agriculture has always remained one of the most passionate topics of our team’s brainstorming sessions. Therefore, when Dhanuka Agritech Ltd approached us for a mobility solution for their upcoming project, we were invested to achieve excellence and empower farmers all across the nation.  

Let us get started with the abecedarian of a revolutionary mobile app InDhan. 

InDhan- A Next-generation App Reconstructing Farming

InDhan is an application for the Business Development Department of Dhanuka Agritech Ltd- a Fortune 200 company. It streamlines connections between farmers and trusted advisors instantaneously.

Due to its introduction, Indian farmers are experiencing a significant change in the field of agriculture. The platform not only improves business automation but also provides timely and accurate information to farmers. 

InDhan is a platform created to enable farmers to grow better crops, meet the food demand, make better land and crop management decisions while improving revenue. 

This digital tool is capable of fixing many farming problems and delivers the stakeholders with many benefits starting from better land management judgments to quality yields. The platform is integrated with numerous features that possess the capability to substantially accelerate operations and maximize profits in farming.

It’s Time To Explore The Technicalities Of The Platform

A lot goes into the creation of an outstanding application. 

From developers to designers and QA analysts to researchers, different teams of Techugo invested their expertise to innovate a flawless Android mobile application. 

Keep reading further to know Techugo’s take on InDhan! 

What Were The Challenges?

Amid the distinct phases of planning, creating, and testing, our developers, had the biggest challenge to keep the app as simple as possible. It was important to apply concentrated efforts on the functionality, ease of use, performance, accessibility, and security of the app. 

Our goal was to integrate features that lock in the target audience. We studied user behavior and crafted a solution that will stay pertinent and at the bleeding edge of new trends. We pivoted our development in the direction that allows InDhan to work on weak network areas without any hassle.

Introducing Technical Specifications

Techugo’s development team has worked and integrated trending and scalable technologies to bring this app concept into reality. Our experience along with the knowledge of industry-specific tech and security standards are what gave us enough power to build a successful app.

To power the app it was mandatory to select the best technology stack before creating the code. The team navigated a seamless way to select a tech stack without getting stuck under the mountain of overwhelming options. The combination of the selected software products and the programming languages boosted efficiency during the development process.

Rendezvous With Our Design Process

Our design process is a systematic series of steps that help us to define, plan, and produce an app. Having a purposeful design process ensures that every piece has been thought through, which leaves a pixel-perfect design that is specific to the brand’s needs and wants.

Achieving Perfection With UI Interface

Our UI design team ensured to keep the app’s navigation simple and clear to help users to make decisions easily. 

Some of the elements involved in User Interface Design included-

  • Input controls
  • Navigational components
  • Informational components
  • Containers

The devil is in the details, as they say, hence buttons, lists, toggles, icons, breadcrumbs, tags and played a huge role.

4 Features That Make InDhan Exceptional!

1.  Activities

This feature enables users to keep track of employees’ activities. They can see the action in real-time, and get updated about the crop type, start time/end time, and upload any images if required.

2. Testimonials

The testimonials feature lets InDhan collect kudos from employees and clients and display them on the app in different ways to add credibility and a professional feel.

3. Profile Summary

This screen helps in gaining information about the employee. There are many segments of details that need to be shared to access the required attributes, such as earning, assigned tasks, and areas assigned to the employee with their visit counts in the areas.

4. Activities Report

Allows to track the activity report, wherein it can be seen that how many demos are conducted on the assigned areas, leads generated, a number of hours spent, and in total it reflects the efficiency of the employee in the percentage.

Create With Techugo!

InDhan is just one of our creations. We have nurtured numerous chart-busters applications for budding startups and esteemed organizations. We have helped many businesses to strengthen their online brand foundation. 

You, too, can eliminate all the limitations of your traditional brick-and-mortar business and tap into the growing digital world. Connect with our professionals and tap into the minds of your target audience with exclusive mobility solutions. 

From development to marketing, Techugo presents you with a one-stop solution for all your digital needs. Drop a mail to our expert app strategists if you are looking for a well-researched digital platform. Our team will take care of the digital jargon and create a digital platform that serves your needs and solves problems in the easiest way possible.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!   

Success awaits!

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