11 Jun 2018
Updated on January 21st, 2023

What Are The Hidden Features Of iOS 12


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iOS 12

Apple WWDC is the platform, where not just the developers come together to experience the new technology and initiation, but it is also a platform letting the users across the globe to find out the best possible technologies, which Apple has flaunted again in the WWDC 2018.

With this WWDC 2018, the major update or the feature which captivated the audience is the iOS 12.

Yes, you heard it right, Apple VP Craig Federighi announced the iOS 12 as the keynote speech and it is going to be a very much part of the new technological inventions which iOS users are going to find with this new iOS 12.

With this post, we are going to show you the number of features which are going to be the part of iOS 12 but were not discussed due to the constraints of time.

But at Techugo, we have ensured to keep you updated and will help you understand the real iOS 12 hidden beneath…so let’s just find out further…

iPad Will Have The Iphone X-Like Gestures

Now the much-hyped gesture-controlled features of iPhone X would be a part of the iPad as well.

Apple has brought some of the swipe gestures to the tablet, through which the users can swipe down from the top right corner to bring up the Control Center, and a swipe “from anywhere on the dock” can help the users to land on home.

Indeed this swipe is the replica of the iPhone X’s swipe from the bottom to reach the home screen.

Smoother Animations For iOS 12

It is much discussed and shared that iOS 12 is going to bring the changes on the iPhone apps, making it faster, where they would launch quickly and the keyboards would pop up swiftly. But one another interesting factor which comes along with the iOS 12 is the speedier animations.

If reports to be believed then animations with the iOS 12 going to be more fluid and responsive to its usability. This is one of the major factors which help the high-end Smartphone users to access the mobile phone with an ease.

Siri Can Be Your Assistant To Find The Password

Hey Siri, can you find me locate my password??? Yes, this is very much possible with the iOS 12, where the users can look for the passwords they have arranged on iOS 12, with just one command and Siri would ultimately display that particular password.

Isn’t it interesting enough??? J Indeed it is…

Third-Party Password Managers

Now developers can take the help of fill-in password option, where the developers would choose to enable it, but this is only possible with the iOS 12, through which the users will show the passwords from password manager apps like 1Password and Last Pass right in the QuickType suggestion, this can be made possible with the new Password Manager API.

Password Sharing Between iOS And Mac Devices

You would be surprised to know that with iOS 12, you can pick a password, which would be available on your iOS device only. Now you can copy and paste the passwords between platforms, with the help of iOS 12.

I am sure that this feature would save the time in a much better way. But make sure that this is only possible with the iOS devices, not the Mac.

Prompt For Strong Passwords

Another exciting feature which is coming to your way is the prompt for strong or reused passwords iOS 12 would be offering to you, and it will help the users to create a unique, strong password within apps.

These passwords would be saved to the iCloud Keychain for the easy access and autofill. Although this feature was already a part of Safari, with WWDC 2018, Apple has extended this to iPhone apps as well.

The most beautiful aspect of this feature is that iOS 12 shall flag the passwords which are reused at multiple places, this will help the users to change them without a fail and generate a unique password.

One-Time Passcode Autofill

It has been a troubling moment for most of us, where we had to switch over to Messages to copy and paste a two-factor authentication code within the apps logged in.

But with iOS 12 these codes will be recognized and would be used as an autofill option. This feature could save a lot of time and it would help the users to fill the details next time, wh=ithout picking any error.

RAW Photo Support

The editing of RAW image files has always been the first thing on the Apple to-do list, and this is carried further with the iOS 12 as well.

With the iOS 12, Apple has ensured to make the OS more capable of editing RAW image files. With this new update, users would be able to “import and manage” RAW photos on their iPhone and iPad and can edit on their iPad Pro.

Critical Alerts

The iOS 12 has introduced the new “critical alerts”, which allows the users to access the most critical alerts also, even when the user has activated the Do Not Disturb mode. With this feature, the most significant notifications like from your health provider or from your bank may not get missed and you can access the notifications from the users at large.

Siri Is Smarter Than Ever Before

With iOS 12, Siri has grown smarter than ever before, and now the Siri’s knowledge base is well-equipped with the information about famous people, motorsports (standings/schedules/rosters/stats) and food. Now the users can simply ask the more general but significant questions with Siri, like: What is the best thing in this car?? Or how much calorie does this piece of cake carries?, such questions would be answered efficiently by Siri.

These iOS 12 features would help the users to gain the most significant updates from the Apple this time, the only aspect users need to keep in their mind is hiring the leading iPhone app development company for their app concept to make the most of the iOS.

So with this note, I would like to wind up this writing piece today and bid adieu to you all…

Last but not the least, keep watching this space for tech-filled information…

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