5 Aug 2021

How AI and innovation, together, are transfiguring businesses, lives and deliveries – Can they? CanCan


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Don’t get carried away by the ‘double can’ in the title – it isn’t a grammatical error but one great product that we got a chance to develop! 

CanCan is an application developed by us and it is related to Kandora, the traditional attire of men in the UAE. Mind you; it isn’t a replica of any other shopping website! Wish to know how? Then, don’t stop here; read further!

Allow me to provide a small hint here – this product uses AI and provides real-time measurements! This sounds unbelievable and out of the box, yes – but NOW it is possible!

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in any domain or business can take it notches higher; and this app holds testimony to this fact!

Let’s learn about the great tech and the way it has helped CanCan stand out beautifully!

The practicality that Artificial Intelligence offers to businesses

Artificial Intelligence

How can ARTIFICIAL Intelligence be used to solve REAL world problems?

The information about CanCan cannot be understood before diving into the fantastic opportunities that AI has to offer to the world. From building supercomputers to managing daily tasks – there is nothing that AI cannot do or help us do. Its advent has changed our lives for the better.

The usability of anything, if universal, makes it stand out; it becomes a favourite in no time! The popularity of AI is backed by its usability and applications too! 

Let us see how it solves real-world problems:

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence1

The first of its kind – CanCan

Now that we have understood how useful AI is let us consider its possible applications. Don’t think about the conventional ones! 

One unconventional use of Artificial Intelligence came across us when we got to work on CanCan – an impressive app that enables men from Abu Dhabi to buy Kandora online. That’s not all! The app uses AI to provide real-time measurements to the users by using the front camera!

YES!! All this and more is what this app offers – impressed, already? There’s more!

Kandora and other outfits

This application is one of the best solutions available! An app becomes a success not only when it delivers but also when it solves a problem by taking care of a user’s needs, comfort, convenience and ease! CanCan gives its customers exactly all this.

The conception of this unique idea!

The owner wanted to help people order Kandoras online and not make it another shopping app online. Along with that, his primary concern was the measurement bit – many people don’t have measuring tapes at home or are confused and hence, face a problem while placing orders that fit well.

To get rid of that one inconvenience, the owner considered AI as a solution, to take body measures of a person virtually – just like a science fiction movie!

To develop this product, we also had a fun ride – full of ups and downs.

CanCan? Definitely – that’s why a double affirmation!!

The features the app has are impressive and awe-inspiring. This is what CanCan offers to its customers:

  • From fabric choices to material, sleeve size, etc. – the app is the solution!
  • The star feature is the MirrorSize API – it facilitates real-time measurements! The user has to switch on the front camera and the app does the measuring – no tapes or ropes required!
  • The interface isn’t rigid either – it doesn’t necessitate for users to use the AI-laden feature. They can provide their measurements manually too!
  • To make it simpler and understandable for users, audio instructions are provided. They guide a person on using the app and taking real-time measurements.
  • Though it is presently in one region, but the platform is bilingual; language choices are – English and Arabic. This is because convenience and ease of customers is the top-most priority of CanCan and the features establish the same!
  • Though Kandora is pretty much the same, full customisation is offered through the same platform for users’ convenience!
  • Apart from this, the app offers other products for users to buy – slippers, caps, ghutra, etc. – all that, which can be worn with the Kandora. Evidently, it is one great app to use as it offers solutions holistically!
  • After adding items to the cart, a user can make changes regarding material, fabric, etc. in the cart itself. He doesn’t need to go back and repeat the entire process.

Taking an uphill task and delivering

Our team at Techugo learnt a lot, but it was definitely not an easy job to do! It wasn’t something that was inspired from other apps, but the first of its kind – the kind that will inspire others to tread on a similar path.


Challenges were manyfold – from technical to team-related. But did we come through, not to boast, but beautifully!

  • The MirrorSize API was a tough nut to crack. The real-time detection wasn’t coming through the way we wanted, there were repeated bugs and addressing them. Moreover, the coding for the same was challenging too.
    It did take time, but the test results finally gave us what we were putting efforts for!
  • The cart edit feature was difficult to implement. There were repeated bugs – but we were head on for the challenge. We sincerely wanted to deliver an idea that the Techugo team put forth. And it was too, “de-bugged!”
  • There was an influx of new members in this project constantly. The PM wanted to take the best on-board. With her management and leadership skills, and the team’s sincere efforts, CanCan became a reality!
  • The focus was to make the application as pleasing and straightforward for users as possible. Writing codes for simplification is complex – the talented team with expertise managed it all!

The developing process was a great learning experience for all of us. Challenging times and situations hone us and our skill-set for the better, right! It happened for us too!

Future plans that we have for the platform

The application is complete but we haven’t stopped. The owner hasn’t either. We are together working on newer features and plans for CanCan to become even better!

– The plan is to develop an e-commerce website for CanCan. This one is a complex process as everything the app offers has to be included in the website too. The best part – we are on it, already!

– The scope of the app must be widened and hence, women apparel would soon be included in the application too!

– The CRM system design is almost ready with us and will be a done deal by next year!

Come, build your dream project with us!

CanCan is only one of our success stories; we have many others we have burnt the midnight oil for. We cater to businesses across the globe and have helped many explore, expand and grow immensely!

Any idea or project that comes our way, becomes a passion and dream to fulfil – it isn’t only what the clients want, but also how sincerely we deliver! We have a number of tech solutions to offer. 

Dealing with AI wasn’t a first-time thing, but yes, building a product like CanCan was. And what great fun it was!

So, set your mind to your goal and reach out to us today, for making your idea a wonderfully successful reality.

If you have an idea for an app or a website for your business, don’t hesitate any longer! 

Take it online and increase your reach. The more the reach, the better a business expands. The more a business expands, the more successful it becomes. So, don’t wait up and connect with us!

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