6 Sep 2021

How AI Solutions Are Helping In Tackling Environmental Issues & Contributing In Building A Sustainable Future?

Artificial Intelligence

We all are aware of Artificial Intelligence and know about its awe-inspiring potential. What was confined to our imagination, sci-fi movies and related fantasies – everything is coming to life!

All this feels other-worldly, but it is real – not imaginative or dreamy, but real! The wondrous applications of this technology are becoming a favourite not only because they are scientifically advanced, but also because they find use in every domain!

AI is offering practical and feasible solutions to us, hence, becoming a common favourite across the planet! In light of the debates that go around blaming technology for human suffering and environmental degradation, AI stands as a testimony to the opposite!

The world is witnessing a seamless integration of tech and solutions to real-world problems. Technology is not an issue but is offering solutions to the problems at hand. Taking care of mother nature and our environment has become efficiently possible with Artificial Intelligence! YES, you read that right!

The intent here is to make readers know about AI’s great and immensely helpful applications, especially regarding environmental issues, global warming, biodiversity conservation, energy management, etc.

Let’s get to business!

Taking care of Sustainable Development Goals with AI

Don’t worry, won’t bore you with the definition of AI – I know that you know! But for those who don’t know about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), allow me to brief you. For those who know, you can skip the following two lines.

So, SDGs are 17 interlinked goals to be achieved by 2030. These goals were set up by UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) in 2015. 


Now that AI has been added in the sub-heading, you are right; it has an important role in achieving the SDGs. The following sections would explain this claim clearer – let’s learn and see how AI has been used to tackle different environmental problems!

Tackling Climate Change and Global Warming with Artificial Intelligence

  • Using Machine Learning technology can optimize energy demand and generation, that too in real-time.
  • Smart grid systems with increased predictability are used for enhanced efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources!
  • Smart meters, sensors, etc. are deployed in buildings to collect data. This data can then be monitored, analyzed, in less time with intelligent solutions. This further optimizes energy usage and consumption in buildings.
  • AI/ML algorithms are being used in AI-enabled smart transport to increase safety, provide information about traffic and congestion, optimize navigation, etc. Google Maps, Waze, Nexar are relevant examples here.

Artificial Intelligence

Making the planet disaster resilient

  • The offering of AI in the form of predictive analytics is a boon! This tech, along with advanced sensors, drones, etc., can monitor natural hazards like floods, rain patterns, windstorms, sea-level changes – to name a few.
  • Predictive analysis can help governments and organizations across the planet to take timely actions, enable early evacuations and prevent damages to lives and property.
  • A number of meteorological institutions, insurance companies, tech giants like IBM are combining traditional physics-based modelling methods with AI to gauge and model impacts of weather events.
    This analysis of extreme natural occurrences on infrastructure and other systems can help in preparing more robust disaster management strategies.

A magic wand for clean ocean, air and water security – AI!

  • Artificial Intelligence can gather data from oceanic places that are far off and very tough to reach. This helps not only in distant yet thorough analysis but also in protecting species and habitats.
  • Illegal fishing can be tracked using the same!
  • Artificially Intelligent robots can be used to monitor ocean health, the pollution level in the water, sea-surface temperatures, pH, etc.
    All this also helps in conserving corals – very important and highly fragile ecosystems in the world!
  • AI is used to make weather forecasts in different geographical locations by water scientists. This helps governments to come up with informed policies to help people.
  • Not only weather, the technology is used to forecast subsurface water, soil, predict drought occurrences based on rainfall patterns!
  • There are artificially intelligent air purifiers that record air quality in real-time and adapt efficiency in filtration.
  • The wonderfully intelligent technology can use data from radar sensors, vehicles, etc. and help with air pollution – pollution detection is quick and accurate!

AI/ML algorithms

Taking care of the flora and fauna

  • Biodiversity conservation is possible with the titular tech!
  • Changes in land use, vegetation cover, forest cover, etc., can be detected easily by combining them with satellite imagery!
    It is all about using and analysing data in hand – in almost no time!
  • It is possible to monitor invasive species, their presence and growth. It thus becomes possible to stop the spread and save the native species. A company named Blue River Technology is doing the same!
  • Predictive software have been developed. They are helping in bringing activities that harm the animal population, like poaching, to a halt!

Machine Learning and AI

Come, build awe-inspiring solutions – IT’S NEEDED, now more than ever!!

Researchers and scientists are coming up with more innovative solutions every day. What comes up as a common factor is this – using digital devices to consume and use that information. 

Clearly, an application, if built to cater to such needs, can be revolutionary!! So, put on your thinking hat to present to the world a solution that isn’t just brilliant but also supports the environment and reduces the carbon foot-print.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be if we could get important information about our daily tasks that make us more mindful as a human race and aim for sustainable development and lifestyle, right!!

So, don’t wait any longer and connect with us at Techugo! We are known for delivering the best and unique solutions. Start your journey of tackling climate change with Machine Learning and AI!

Let’s aim and deliver sustainable jaw-dropping solutions!!


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