29 Apr 2020
Updated on December 30th, 2022

How An Online Dating App For Seniors Brings Winds Of Change?


Ankit Singh

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How An Online Dating App For Seniors Brings Winds Of Change

Stepping towards a reality that moves along with the era of digitalization holds a lot of opportunities for almost all the generations. As the audience gets comfortable with the use of application technology for their day to day tasks, it is not hard to witness the eruption due to the rise in popularity. Different industries are trying to move along with the transformations and provide value to their user base. The online dating industry is just one of the sectors helping individuals to find the perfect match. Let us know some more about the latest development.

The dating world has surely evolved over a short period of time. Many are now triggering the process of choosing the right match with the help of an application. For some, it might be stressful but for many, it ensures a lot of fun. We would have a lot of opinions flying in from different kinds of the crowd, once the age bar touches 50, we cannot deny that the dating scenario for them is completely different.

Online Dating- Age Is Just A Number!


For seniors dating is a lot different than the young brood, the choices vary a lot. But thanks to the advent of the online dating culture, choices of all the sections of the society can be answered. For example, LUMEN, an app-only dating service got launched in Canada. It provides a platform to the seniors with 50+ age bracket to rock the online world of dating.

A Brief History About LUMEN


This app helps the seniors to find valuable relationships, so let us get to know some more.

It was initially launched in September 2018 in the United Kingdom. Now with 1.5 million members, it got introduced in Canada as well. Its chat feature lets the individuals connect on the basis of mutual interests. The brand’s aim is to prohibit the fake users from degrading the quality, and it focuses on 100% verification of the profiles. It is also winning the hearts of the masses by having a zero-tolerance policy for age discrimination.

The company pays special attention to allow users to properly search for different ages beyond 50. By offering them this feature, they are bringing value to the users by eradicating the emotions of being neglected or overlooked. Most of the apps club the age group of 50 with 55+, but LUMEN does not let anyone go unrecognized.

Factors That LUMEN Has Addressed


For any application, it is necessary to have promising features that can provide value to the users. If you are looking to step into the online dating world then jump in prepared. Take a look at the spectacular features that it has to offer and take inspiration for your own creation.

1. The basic functioning

It is a free platform and provides an opportunity for the members to start 6 new conversations every day. The entire structure is focused on giving time and to motivate the individuals. It supports taking time to think and deciding the reply. Once the message is sent, the other party has 72 hours to revert and then the message disappears.

In order to encourage meaningful conversations, there is a minimum character length that is decided to break the ice. Having three pictures is mandatory and it is a must to have a detailed profile.

2. Safety

With the rise in the digital world, one can easily notice the online threats. The online world is especially tough for the elders, they are indeed the most scammed demographic. With proper photo verification, this application delivers an environment with no catfish or scams. It does so with the help of AI technology and human moderation.

3. No age discrimination

Usually, the masses assume 50 to be a lot older than it actually is. Therefore a lot of present applications have clubbed them together with 60 or 70 age group. LUMEN avoids this problem and does justice to the people in their 50s. A lot of 50+ users want to use an app that is for millennials. This way the brand is answering the needs of many.

4. 50 is no more invisible

A lot of the individuals of this specific age bracket feel that there are being overlooked or ignored. The brand is making an attempt to eradicate such problems in the UK, and now in Canada.

5. Premium membership

For everyone, the app is completely free, but the premium membership allows the user to get a hold on some of the add ons. For example, the users can see the profiles of the people who are interested. They can also check information like religion, star sign, or height.

6. LGBTQ friendly

There is an option where the user can select who they are interested in, men, women, or both.

These are the 6 most interesting features of LUMEN – an online dating app for seniors. If you want to know more technicalities regarding the dating app development then reach out to the team of professionals. But until then, stay tuned.

Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section present below, and also let us know about your experience on a dating app.

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