11 Jun 2020
Updated on December 30th, 2022

How Blockchain Is Leading Businesses To A Progressive Change?


Blockchain technology has a lot to offer to different sectors. But for that, it is a must that one knows the right way to harness its potential. So keep reading further, to know more.

The market that surrounds us right now is booming with the advancement in different technologies. As we step closer to absolute digitalization, industries eagerly adopt various technological concepts. Of course, not every concept matches the market’s requirements. But when it does it pave the way for better opportunities, bridging the gap between the processes and its user base. It is vital for a business to let go of the passing trends and choose the one that opens multiple paths.

We must also welcome the technology that carries the potential to transform the society for a better future.

And today, in this blog, we will be discussing one such tech. Yes, it is a blockchain that we are talking about. Now, hold on, don’t push this tech into the ‘predefined judgments box’. The days when we linked blockchain just with cryptocurrencies are gone. With the changing times, this tech has expanded its horizons into different sectors, and today we will be introducing a few of them.

An Introduction To Blockchain Technolgy

It represents a data structure that contains the information and data in a non-centralized and encrypted format. With the help of this tech, it is easy to transfer the digitized data without centralizing the entire information on a server. The server here is not under the control of any centralized authority, like a company or an organization, rather it is transferred and recorded in multiple chains and blocks. This develops a safe way to keep highly secured information.

It is basically a shared sheet with a lot of team members. In case one of the team members updates the information on the decentralized database, the rest have their ledger modified immediately. This is the tech on which bitcoin was based. Bitcoin systematically followed the process of sharing records. This was highly essential to assure the transaction of cryptocurrencies because they are not secured by any higher authority or bank.

With the rise in popularity of blockchain tech, a lot of emerging start-ups, communication service providers, consultancies are stepping closer towards its adoption. Just like any other tech, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, etc, this is also turning a lot of heads. The market right now is orbiting around it to reap maximum benefits. According to the reports, its total worth can reach up to $15.90 million in the year 2023.

Why Blockchain Is So Popular?  

We all know for a fact that this tech is moving progressively towards change, and the world is looking forward to the revolution. But, it is important that we know about the reason behind its popularity. So let us look into some right away-

  1. Simple

Simplicity is a perk of blockchain that adds the oomph. It has an upper hand, over technologies that perform similar operations and functions, and is a lot simpler than all of them. It is easy to make and cost-efficient, These are the two glorifying pillars of blockchain. It assists budding entrepreneurs and let them form a rich mobile app experience without any difficulty.

  1. Secure

Is there anything that matters more than security? It is one of the biggest factors that the development companies are always concerned about. With a rise in breaches, the demand for a stronger system is increasing. This technology has the power to use advanced cryptography, as it is designed in a way to deliver a strong level of security. It focuses on strong encryption qualities as well.

  1. Transparent

Here the users can track the information whenever they want to, and from anywhere. This keeps the process highly transparent and efficient.

  1. Keeps the system updated

Blockchain technology is ever-evolving and permits the process to boost updates in a short span of time. It is an open-source technology, and creators can easily share updates.

  1. Reliable

With an increased security level, it also has the potential to boost the reliability of an app. Its robust and reliable structure allows it to achieve the same. The development of a  blockchain prevents the set-up from crashing. As there are multiple numbers of blocks, the data can be dispersed in different places. The power of decentralization helps in ameliorating the reliability factor. It prohibits any unauthorized data alteration, because of the data centers at multiple and separate locations. As notifications are clearly visible, it improves the reliability factor of the system.

Blockchain Applications Attracting The World

As now we know a lot about this tech, it is time to develop a better understanding of the application that can be driven with its help. Take a look-

Fintech- This technology allows banks to apply smart solutions to the finance system. By adding blockchain to equations projects, it is easy to witness a lot of opportunities for various improvements in this area. It plays a huge role in reducing intermediaries and improving security.

Healthcare- In this industry, the technology provides a great digital and decentralized ledger to keep the records of the patients secure. It makes the details readily available for the doctors.

Supply chain- The addition of blockchain technology in the supply chain simplifies the complete process. The tech makes the process smooth and transparent.

Energy- The blockchain technology is focused to boost the efficiency of this industry.

The scope of blockchain technology is unmatchable, but to draw true results it is important to connect with a skilled brood. So reach out to TECHUGO, a leading blockchain app development company for unraveling its true potential.

But until then, stay tuned to Techugo Blogs for more updates about technology.

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