29 Jun 2018
Updated on December 30th, 2022

How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming The Real-Estate Mobile App Industry


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Blockchain Technology

The worth of the mobile app in the field of real-estate is ubiquitous and every real-estate business owner is well-versed with the significance of the real-estate mobile apps, and how they have transformed the entire game of the real-estate industry in the most productive and engaging manner.

To add further excitement dosage in this recipe, app technology has collaborated with the Blockchain technology to suit the taste buds of real-estate industry users efficiently.

But How???

Hmm, an interesting piece of question has popped finally J, so just explain it further, I would like to add that Blockchain is the technology, which supports the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and helps the different parts of industries and the businesses to take advantage from this unique technology.

How Does Blockchain Work???

The blockchain is based on the distributed database factor, wherein the different transactions can be recorded and then de-centralized with the secured ledger system, which ultimately creates a “CHAIN” of chronological data, which is not controlled by any specific party.

The value of the data further can be authenticated and tracked in real-time without the integration of any third party.

With this technology, the real-estate business can climb the new charts of success and can expedite the transaction process in a much sheer manner.

Unable to comprehend it further???

Well, that’s what has brought me here today, to bring you the number of benefits to be unleashed further with the blockchain technology integration into the real-estate mobile app industry…just read further…

A Convenient Way To Transfer The Titles

The land titles transfer does not happen out of a fluke, rather it requires a lengthy conventional process of recording and transferring the titles, which no prize for guessing is a time and energy consuming process, but being an inevitable aspect, it is hard to avoid this.

For a relief, this issue is addressed by the Blockchain technology effortlessly and it not just saves the time, but the stress as well.

Many countries’ governments are taking steps further to transfer the land registry to the blockchain, to access the best possible features it serves to the real estate industry. 

Creates Smarter Management Process

Real-estate largely depends on the number of successful deals made, but the manual intervention in the data management turns the process into a lazy sloth.

The smoother and faster management process is the biggest advantage with the Blockchain technology, which real estate industry would experience largely.

With the integration of Blockchain technology, it would be an easier task to create, authenticate and audit the lease or property contracts in real-time, globally without being hampered by the time-zone and the regional barriers.

This technology would open the doors to fasten the payment without any dispute to occur since every party involved in this can verify identities and can also access the data with a personal digital key, which would reduce the fraudulent cases.

Ease Down The Liquidity Process

Indeed it is not a rose-walk for the investors to develop a diversified portfolio of liquidizing assets since it involves the payment details from a huge data, but with the Blockchain technology, this process turns into a cake-walk.

The only requirement is to register every investment through the ledger, which consequently would simplify the exchange of shares between the investors.

With this approach, the real-estate industry would transform into a dynamic and competitive trading marketplace, where the potential investors and the sponsors can raise capital more efficiently and cost-effectively.

On the other hand, there are still some flaws in Blockchain technology, which hint at the security and reliability issues, but with the advent of technology, it is expected that the Blockchain technology would transform into something more productive and reliable.

So get in touch with a leading mobile app development company in Canada to shape your real-estate business into a digital success with the help of a mobile app integrated with the Blockchain technology.

A leading top mobile app development company in india would pour its technical expertise and the exposure of the latest technological trends to merge with your real-estate mobile app, and as a consequence you would receive a mobile app solution for your real-estate business, which would not just boost your revenue but it would also give you an edge over your competitors efficiently.


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