22 Mar 2020
Updated on December 30th, 2022

How Chatbots Make E-Commerce Marketing More Effective?


We all are quite well versed with the concept of e-commerce and this is because people are getting advanced. Chatbots is the newest form of marketing tool, that is bringing a great change in the way we interact with services.

E-commerce has always proved to be one of the competitive platforms for the vendors as there are several products and services of the same type which are available to the customers in just one click. Hence, there is a great need to mark the online presence of the business in order to attract sales.

Every business puts wholehearted marketing efforts to drive the sales but sometimes it’s not successful but with the help of proper strategies and concepts, e-commerce marketing can prove to be more effective.

Now let’s have a look at various benefits chatbots bring to your e-commerce marketing concept…

Personal approach

Whatever the type of business you are having and whatever the product you are selling, interaction at a personal level pays off. You never know who will be your potential customer and what will be his product requirements in the future.

So personalization with the customer is quite important. Here personal approach means vendors should track on their website that what the customers are looking for, and this is well-addressed by chatbots.

Cart reminders

If we think from a point of view of e-commerce vendors, the most disappointing thing is when a venture is about to get the sale and the products are in the cart but at the last moment the customer leaves the website without purchasing the product.

To avoid such kind of situations, cart reminders can be the best option to get the customers back so that they can complete their purchase transactions. These cart reminders are done with chatbots and are helpful in getting the sale from the customer either on the same day or the next day, week or month.

Reviews of the product

Reviews of the product play an important role in the sales of the products. Nowadays customers have become prudent and before buying any product they prefer to check the online reviews of the product. Product reviews have a great influence on the people and if your website is displaying ratings and reviews then the probability of having purchase transactions from the customer increases.

Reviews of the product help the customers to get genuine feedback about the product and also they will have an idea about what others are buying in the market. On the other hand, reviews also help to build the credibility and trust of the customers.

Apart from this, getting new reviews can also help to improve the ranking of the website in search engine result pages as it keeps the content of the website fresh. You can ask reviews from the users, through chatbots.

Recommending the products to the customers

If the business recommends any product, it gives a feel to the customer that you care about his needs. Also, this can be an indirect approach to showcase your inventories to the customers. These recommendations can be based on the purchase they have made earlier.

In fact, these recommendations can be on the basis of their preferences as well. Their preferences are quite visible in their wish- list, thus it can be suggested easily.

Apart from this, suggestions can be made for the products which can complement the customer’s current purchase. For example: If a customer is buying any apparel then to complement the purchase, matching footwear or accessory can be suggested with that. This approach does not guarantee any kind of purchase but this increases the chance of getting a sale.

Sharing products on social media

This is an important aspect of e-commerce marketing as it helps your business to get more customers. For instance; a customer who is buying something from your website and he finds something which can be suitable for his friend’s requirement then there must be an option available to the customer to share, tweet or post that product.

Here social media helps in giving a shout to your products, and further when these products will be displayed by that friend of the customer, maybe he likes the product and buys it. This is how you can have a new customer in your customer’s list. 

Final word

It can be stated that the concept of e-commerce marketing can be made more effective if the right approach is followed, and followed with chatbots. To make the best use of e-commerce marketing services, hiring an expert from a reputed company can be the right approach. So if you are planning to get these services for your business in order to achieve new heights of success then get in touch with Techugo and bring the ultimate benefits for your eCommerce portal, tailored as per your specific business needs.

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