7 Jul 2020

How Devops Is Revolutionizing The Development Journey And Bringing Ease?

We all know that DevOps is a unique and collaborative approach which lets the development and operations team to work in an organization together. Further, this collaboration helps two different teams to perform their operations in an organization.

In other words, it would not be wrong to say that DevOps is neither just a process nor is it all about the tools, rather it is a culture, which transforms everything. Also, helps an organization to achieve business goals.

With this post, we have tried to cover some of the most significant benefits offered by DevOps. Let’s dig deeper to understand how positively it impacts your business workflow.

Gives super-speed

Every business wants to have a super-sonic speed to get the work done at a faster level. And this is where DevOps trigger the speed functionality. You get the option to release your software faster, and this further encourages the business to attain value in the market. In the development cycle, the time consumed at the testing phase, triggers, as this very platform provides the fast process due to the presence of a test environment.

With the help of DevOps, businesses can speed up the pace at which they deliver their app’s features and functionalities. Also, if required can make the changes at rapid-fire speed. Developers also get the option to keep a strong check on the product throughout its entire life cycle and catch any bug much before it turns bigger.

As a result, businesses get the option to sail ahead with an impeccable app product and launch a bug-free app in the market. This further leads to create value for your business in its specific business domain.

Offers collaboration in its true sense

In simpler words, it can be stated that DevOps is an improvisation on lean and agile software development methodologies. It is a platform that encourages an environment where two different teams can work together to achieve common organizational goals, and it draws focus toward operations as well. So it is very visible that DevOps promotes an environment where the different teams work together to achieve common organizational objectives.

This platform facilitates collaboration and creates more value in an organization to deliver expected results.

Extreme customer satisfaction  

A happy customer brings thousands more, and an unhappy customer shuts the door for millions. Yes, this is the fact that cannot be ignored at any given cost. It is highly crucial for any business to provide the best services to win the trust of customers and make them satisfied with the offered services.

This is another benefit of DevOps, that it enhances the customer experience customers can have good satisfaction. The feedback loops are a significant element of DevOps integration. They enable the end-users to track the progress of the application build at various stages and recommend any modification. This gives customers a personalized feel, and the end product turns out to be as per their expectations.

Offers quality and reliability in abundance

Much before the concept, your software’s quality is something, that attracts users to it. In the run of different software development, it becomes hard to keep a track of the quality, but DevOps can help you maximize that quality. From development to testing DevOps transforms the complete cycle of quality assessment and brings an impeccable product.

Further, the reliability is of utmost significance for a system to function smoothly with different environmental constraints on a regular basis. DevOps ensures to improve service reliability to a greater extent.

Brings competitive advantage

Who doesn’t want to get an edge over the competition? The answer is everyone does!

With the integration of DevOps, it becomes easier for businesses to get a competitive advantage. You get a solid reason to make a difference to your business, where you provide quicker software releases, high-quality features, regular feedback, and enhanced ROI.

Reduce cost

For a business one of the biggest benefits, DevOps has got to offer is the reduced cost. There are multiple ways in which this very technology ensures to cut the cost and elevate productivity to another level.

Practice security

Every business looks forward to delivering products at a rapid speed to run its business operations smoothly. At the same time, you cannot turn deaf to security issues, as this is the only way through which your end-users build trust in your system. However, when it comes to deal with the DevOps, then you would be surprised to know that it extends to DevSecOps as well. It is the core component of development and operations and brings security as a separate component.

You must be wondering how does it make a difference?

Then you must know that in such a system, not just the security teams, but the complete team at every step of development is responsible for the security. And ensures to make every single component to be well-secured without having any flaws.

Food for thought

Well, well, well, there are enough reasons that ensure DevOps is a great tech-stack helping different teams to come together and make a difference. To help you get a sustainable and scalable app solution with the trending DevOps platform, you must reach out to the team of experts at Techugo.

Techugo is a leading app builder and has helped multiple businesses to get an effective app solution. Give us a call today to help your business sail ahead.




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