24 Jan 2020


DoorDash and its subsidiaries earned 37% of US meal delivery sales in December!

The stat cuts the clear picture above, however, it is a surprising fact to know that only in America the food delivery industry is growing at a massive rate.

And the sales chart for this very industry has grown to 41% in 2019, where the biggest slice of the cookie is eaten by DoorDash only.

DoorDash surpassed Grubhub’s sales and win the market-share at the best.

Let’s take a look at what all has made DoorDash come out as a winner…

DoorDash worked upon suburbs

The leading food delivery businesses usually eye on the cities, but DoorDash decided to keep their focus in the suburbs. This has created a nationwide spark, where users are grabbing the exclusive deals and getting the ingredients to stay atop.

Tony Xu, DoorDash’s chief executive officer mentioned, “While our competitors focus on the cities, we focused on the suburbs, that’s how we were able to become the market leader.”

But this is not just one strategy, but there is something more as well…

A war chest

The competitors & venture capitalists, get indulged in a war chest of around $2 billion. SoftBank Group Corp., the Japanese conglomerate, who invested in Silicon Valley, has taken an interest in DoorDash last year and elevated the revenue of the unprofitable company to $12.6 billion.

Market share prediction

No doubt the sales figure across the food delivery industry is growing, but the growth of DoorDash is incredibly mind-blowing.

In the year 2019 December, DoorDash has received unparalleled 97% growth. And the market speculation suggests that the company may do a direct listing in 2020.

What the future holds?

Indeed the future for DoorDash is bright and sparkling, despite struggling in the initial years to find investors, by last year, it has made a sustainable business presence.

Now, DoorDash has spent $410 million in August for Caviar, a food delivery app owned by Square Inc. Also, Xu, the DoorDash CEO stated that “We have a lot of money in the bank, we are in no rush to spend it all.”


Indeed, more number of restaurants are going to fill the delivery partnership, letting more number of foodies to get indulged with the food delivery app, it is very likely that DoorDash will see a growth in 2020 as well.

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