15 Mar 2023

How has Blockchain Helped a Gaming Platform Become a Game Changer?



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Did you know that the growth in blockchain gaming activity was 2000% in 2023, compared to 2021? Despite its challenging macroeconomic and microeconomic environment, Blockchain in Gaming has been able to attract more than $2.5 billion from VCs and other international investors.

Additionally, gaming dApps are undergoing more development, while the metaverse ecosystem offers more opportunities for games in the blockchain universe.

Numerous financial institutions further estimated the potential for the rapidly developing decentralized metaverse to be at the forefront of the $8 trillion market. 

The idea of placing substantial in-game assets on the Blockchain is a popular one. These assets can be traded for monetary value by gamers. Mobile app development company can also create persistent platforms that other developers can use. These ideas sound exciting, but the sector is still young and challenging.

This article will explain everything you need about blockchain technology in Gaming.

What is Blockchain? How is it used in Gaming?

Blockchain enables secure transactions and records. This has made gaming more enjoyable for both players and businesses. For example, players can use NFTs or cryptocurrencies to buy in-game assets, which could be used to exchange for real-life cash.

Gaming: The role of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a popular choice in the gaming sector. Cryptocurrency, a digital currency, uses cryptography to verify, secure and facilitate transactions. For example, it makes it possible to pay online without going through traditional payment systems such as banks or credit card companies.

You can also earn gaming crypto tokens or rewards while playing games. There are many ways that blockchain technology can be used in the gaming industry, including:

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NFTs are now possible in any form, including memes, videos, and GIFs. This will give players more control over their items, making it easier to trade or sell them since they don’t need an intermediary like another player.

Play and earn

Blockchain has created a new genre called “Crypto-Games.These games will enable you to convert cryptocurrency into real money or use it to purchase new items.

Tournaments and virtual events

The gaming industry is dependent on tournaments and virtual events.This requires many resources to manage teams, prize pools, event venues, and other details. This process has been fraught with many problems, including high ticket prices, ticket prices, bandwidth limitations, cybersecurity, and other issues. It is also difficult to verify the rewards that participants receive.

Blockchain technology makes this easier by allowing you to track and verify who received the prizes for matches or competition wins. Furthermore, blockchain technology allows for secure user transactions and automatically tracks data from any network. 

Although the methods mentioned above are only a few of the ways users can earn digital assets, it is clear that blockchain technology is revolutionizing the gaming industry. How? Let’s find the answer.

Blockchain technology is transforming the gaming industry

Although Blockchain technology is well-known, it has recently gained more attention due to its potential to transform many industries. For example, it has been the preferred choice of the gaming industry in recent years due to its many benefits.

Blockchain is transforming the gaming industry and building blockchain games.

Transparent and secure transactions

Blockchain technology is secure, transparent, and immutable. It prevents fraud or double-spends in transaction records. It provides users with a layer of security when they engage in digital transactions. 

Improved user experience

Blockchain can improve user experience and make it more secure, efficient, transparent, and transparent to use digital assets and engage in digital transactions.

For example, it allows players to create characters and storylines and play. It also allows them to download different video games from other locations without losing their gaming experience.


Blockchain gaming platforms help ensure that their interactions are legitimate and verified. This prevents fraud, a significant problem in today’s gaming platforms. 

Trade resources

Blockchain gaming allows players to trade their items in exchange for profit or other resources. Blockchain keeps track of everything and their ownership so players can deal confidently, knowing they won’t be duplicated or stolen. 

Integrating gaming profiles

It is possible to create a central community that allows users to access different games, as blockchain games are becoming increasingly popular. This will enable users to create a single profile that can be used across all platforms. In addition, it improves their user experience, makes purchasing and accessing different games more accessible, and makes it more convenient.

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How to implement Blockchain in Different Business Processes?

You are now more familiar with blockchain technology and want to incorporate it into your business. Are you ready to implement blockchain technology in your business?

A blockchain is a powerful tool that can be integrated into your business processes.


Blockchain technology is the backbone for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s all set to revolutionize transactions. 

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are a way to get around regulations and reduce the cost of a small number of financial transactions. Stock is one of the applications. It is an Ethereum-based IoT platform that uses Blockchain to enable customers to rent anything.

In Loyalty and Rewards Programs

GyftBlock is a partnership between Chain, a bitcoin API developer, and Gyft, providing digital cards that are securely traded on the public Blockchain.

Why is Blockchain Interoperability Important?

Now that we know what blockchain interoperability means, let’s look at the reasons why it is essential. First, interoperable protocols among blockchains allow for value sharing across networks. This increases the chances of increasing the overall industry’s value. Interoperability is the second key to the mass adoption of the Blockchain. This is a two-prong approach. New opportunities in decentralized finance are presented by expanding the options for crypto traders to access assets on multiple blockchain networks. Multi-chain yield farming, for example, allows investors to make passive income from numerous blockchains while holding one asset.

The development of blockchain interoperability will also facilitate the enterprise adoption of Blockchain. Businesses will be able to transact across multiple networks using blockchain interoperability. In addition, interoperability is critical in expanding compatible blockchain clients and partnerships.

Network USP

Blockchain interoperability-specific protocols relieve specific pressures from developers of other chains. VeChain, for example, is focused on supply chain management. Flow uses a blockchain design that caters to non-fungible tokens and gaming applications. Blockchain interoperability protocols reduce friction when expanding the community and compatibility of a chain.

Blockchain interoperability is a key component in the creativity and innovation that comes with new network designs. To achieve true blockchain interoperability, an industry-wide compatible protocol must be developed that allows for seamless transfers of data and assets across all chains. Unfortunately, it has yet to be possible to create such a protocol. Still, there are increasing numbers of projects that focus on blockchain interoperability to expand the utility and utility of the Blockchain industry.

Token Standards

One area where blockchain interoperability is in high demand is the ability for one asset to be sent across multiple networks quickly. Each blockchain network has its framework. Developers can also use the different token standards to deploy tokens. Token standards can be described as following a recipe. These standards provide developers with a customizable base framework to help them create assets on a blockchain compatible with existing wallets, exchanges, and applications. As a result, interoperable transactions are possible through several projects. 

Development Opportunity

Two types of protocols that help in the industry’s desire for blockchain interoperability are side chains and bridges. These protocols offer programmers a new development environment. This increases industry-wide interoperability. The expanding possibilities for interoperable development will likely lead to new ways of onboarding new users. Interoperable applications will be easier than manually adding networks and cryptocurrencies to Web3 wallets for users unfamiliar with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain interoperability relies on the creation of opportunities for multi-chain or inter-network collaboration. Blockchain interoperability-based protocols facilitate communication and cooperation among decentralized applications (apps). This can also be extended to enable communities, brands, or blockchain networks to seamlessly come together.

The combined effect of multi-blockchain projects can increase the strength and security of any one or more networks. Interoperability is crucial for self-sustainable governance if a brand wants to expand its reach and utility across multiple blockchains. Blockchain interoperability is essential for ensuring industry decentralization.

Web3 Ethos

Web3’s ethos is based on decentralization. The Web3 industry is firmly committed to inclusion, community, and access without restrictions to decentralized finance applications (DeFi). Blockchain interoperability, which is in keeping with the Web3 ethos, plays an essential role in the integrity of decentralized governance and its expansion. 


We hope that you find this guide to blockchain apps helpful in development.

You should now be able to create your blockchain app development ideas using the information provided. Connect with Techugo, a top app development company to share your thoughts and we can help you in your decentralized journey.

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