10 Oct 2019

How Inkbox Is Stirring The Tattoo Industry With Its Success Ink?

Gunjan Manral

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When words fail, tattoos speak!

It sounds so very enticing, to get a tattoo on your body, which expresses your current state of mind & thoughts.

Ugh, but that is actually scary, what if you won’t like the tattoo after sometime, or what if you may get bored out of it…

Well, the reasons can be any and trust me you always want to find out a way to check yourself before you wreck yourself by getting a tattoo that’ll stay on your skin forever.

Wait there!

There is a new obsession ruling in the town and that is InkBox!

What’s new about InkBox?

Inkbox is not your conventional tattoo portal, but this very space helps you breathe the artistic expressions with a temporary ink that fades away after 1-2 weeks.


Yes, you heard me all correct and clear! With InkBox wearer gets enough options to try different pieces of art and gives an extraordinary aesthetic appeal to their tattoo passion, with a TEMPORARY effect.

And the best part is Guys, they look HELLA REAL!

A quick Sketch of InkBox

Inkbox is a temporary tattoo company that tailors the design, color or art as per the need of the users.

It was founded by Tyler and Braden Handley, two brothers from Toronto, who had a unique vision to help users express themselves but didn’t want to be cluttered by the permanency of the tattoo.

Another surreal experience it creates; despite being temporary the tattoos look super realistic and last for a couple of weeks, so after a short period of time, users can try different pieces of arts on their body.

How This Sorcery Works?

You can consider Inkbox as a semi-permanent tattoo, which is alike to henna tattoos, and only penetrates the top layers of skin.

The biggest catch here is not just the temporary ink, but the type of ink, that is all-natural and extracted from a fruit that grows in Darién Gap, Panama.

Since conceptualization in 2015, Inkbox has shipped 500,000+ tattoos in 100+ countries and has raised US$10 million in funding for its temporary tattoos.

On the other hand, Just like InkBox, multiple tattoo artists breathe artistic expression but are not getting the right medium to represent their art of work and get recognition.

There app technology comes as a savior, helping your tattoo business to grow wider and reach to a larger user-base with just an app portal.

Customer app for a tattoo 

For your tattoo business, a convenient and intuitive app interface helps in simplifying the service selection for the niche audience and they can make a better & informed decision.

  • Category Services

Every tattoo is the artistic approach of the artist and there are several categories, the user can choose from, hence your app must hold a category section within the app.

  • Custom Design Options

With this process, users get the option to customize the tattoo design as per their specific requirements and needs. Your app must allow the users to pick the design and suggest their amendments.

Also, the very inclusion of Augmented Reality helps the users to make a quick decision.

  • Appointment Booking

Here a user gets the option to book an appointment through the app and gets notified for the specific time of the appointment through the app only.

This eases down the trouble of calling and scheduling the appointments with a few clicks on the mobile app only.

  • Chat Feature

The chat feature lets the service provider chat with the consumer in real-time and resolve the queries or concerns effortlessly.

  • Purchase History

This feature brings the purchase history option available for the users and lets them keep track of their purchasing orders in the past.

  • Online Payment

Online payment is the functionality, which changes the game for your tattoo business. It lets the users pay for their services right in the app, through the convenience of debit/credit/Paypal account.

Also, you can think of integrating the globally standardized payment gateways to make it work for all types of users.

  • Image Gallery

With the image gallery, users can take a look at the tattoo designs already available, and pick from the available options.

  • Push Notifications

Push messaging, helps the users to remember your app and your brand.

This further promotes the ongoing sale or offer on your services. Also, it helps the users to get push notifications (e.g., appointment and payment confirmation)

  • Feedback

The feedback feature lets the users share their feedback in the app, so as a tattoo artist or agency you get an ample amount of opportunities to improve your services.

An admin panel for tattoo app

A tattoo app is in the league of on-demand service apps, hence requires an admin panel. This panel lets you monitor and manage the bookings and business activities efficiently.

Here is what features, this panel must have:

  • Service information update
  • View service requests
  • Availability on the calendar
  • Accept or reject a booking
  • Check customer’s contacts details
  • Chat with customers in real-time
  • Get push notifications for a new booking request, payment, and appointment reminder

Studies reveal that one in five adults in the US & Canada prefers to be inked and that gives a clear booming number of $3 Billion to tattoo industry growth.

This stat further dictates another fact, which suggests that demand in tattoo service is giving a boost to the excessive number of booking requests flooding from different resources and there is likely to be a halt in the productivity meter.

In such a tumultuous journey, it is becoming hard for the tattoo parlors to control the booking glut and chucks away the hold on revenue goal.

Therefore an app especially designed and developed for your tattoo business helps your business to not put a strain on creativity and customer service.

For anyone who works at a tattoo parlor, an app can only bridge the gap between user experience and your services, letting clients book their appointments, receive special offers, earn loyalty points, and so much more, with just a tap on their smartphone.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

To help you deal with ease, just click on the below button and help your admirers to get their first tat and flaunt their cool quotient.

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