19 Oct 2020


Gunjan Manral

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IoT in Post Pandemic World

Pandemic has left a dent in our economy, our lives, and our used-to-be normal routines. Despite having the worst faced through the hands of the virus outbreak, still, our world is trying its best to emerge out as a winner, and the credit ball falls into the lap of technology. 

Yes, this is the invasion of technology in our lives, that helped us combat the adverse impact of COVID-19 and let us maintain a semblance of normality. 

Now, when DIGITAL has become the NEW NORMAL, it is very evident to expect oodles of benefits in the post-pandemic world as well. With this post today we are going to bring your attention to one of the most promising technologies, that is none other than IoT.

We shall discuss the IoT Predictions that will help our world to regain its lost charm, after months of having storefronts shuttered. 

Let’s read this post to understand how beautifully IoT in mobile app development will revolutionize our lives.

1. Supply-chain management

supply chain management

Eventually technology has orchestrated the business operations in a seamless manner, letting entire manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare sectors to optimize the supply chain. With the help of IoT, this division has gained extreme benefits and has controlled the quality, inventory and has enhanced the coordination.

2. Enhanced shipping process

Easy shipping process

Online shopping would always be preferred even in the post-pandemic world, as some of the shoppers due to age factor or any other busy schedule they would be dealing in, would prefer to opt for the online shopping at large. To make the shipping process highly safe and secured, retailers can attach IoT-enabled devices to shipping containers. With these devices, the whereabouts of the package can be tracked to identify the delays and reevaluate the routes to enhance the shopping experience.

3. Improved safety 

improved safety

It is but obvious to expect more shoppers to get crowded in the shopping malls, as it is going to be the festive season. For the manual efforts, this is a hard task to accomplish to control the number of people at one time inside of the premises. But with the IoT sensors, this issue is tackled with ease, letting shelves or grocery carts to automatically, continuously, and accurately count the number of shoppers in the store.

4. Control foot traffic

Foot Traffic Clutter

The new social distancing and unlock guidelines can create havoc on the roads, leading to unnecessary foot traffic that further can contribute to the spread of disease. Businesses can integrate the IoT sensors attached to containers to support warehouse management. Here, it will help in collecting and transmitting data on inventory conditions to even the staff located on the remote reach. 

5. Maintain product quality

Monitor Product's Quality

Yes, this is another great utilization of IoT technology, where it can be used to monitor the temperature and pressure of containers from a distance. This evades any unnecessary human contact and minimizes the risk of virus spread to a great extent.

6. Safety measurement

Stores would open (though in some countries markets are open already) after the months of the shutdown, and as they open they need to ensure they’re providing a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Here IoT would create reliable global connectivity. In this manner, all operations will be done on the same network with the same devices, allowing retailers to manage their supply chains with ease. This will enable them to focus on a more pressing issue, that is providing safe shopping experiences for customers and employees.

7. Inventory management

Track Demands

After serving the hiatus, businesses need to keep a check on the products which are in demand, and which are not. With the help of IoT sensors, businesses can help to remotely monitor inventory levels through automated reporting. This will enable businesses to keep a stock of sufficient products to meet customers’ demands. Also, with these sensors, they can report location and motion, to prevent theft or tampering of goods.

Businesses to provide safe environments for employees and customers alike in the post-pandemic world, is a feat that’s easier said than done due to the coronavirus contagion. Well, not anymore, because IoT has the capacity to turn this fiction into a reality.

Food for thought

Indeed, on thinking about the post-pandemic world, many expectations rise and you want to explore a new world full of opportunities. However, the reality might be a little different from our expectations, but it will surely be filled with convenience and the credit goes to technology. 

Whether it is the warehouses or brick-and-mortar setups, technology will provide a technology-filled operational model to run businesses efficiently.

It would not be wrong to say that the sooner your business embrace technology, the better it will be. And integrating IoT amidst COVID-19 is the golden opportunity to thrive on with new opportunities waiting in the post-pandemic world.

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