17 Apr 2023

How is Technology Reconstructing the Education Sector in Dubai? Get a Complete Insight!


Shivani Singh

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The digitized wave we have witnessed lately creates much more space for us to learn and grow faster. 

What’s leading to this?

The merge of digitization to transform and accelerate the education industry for a digitally-empowered audience. Dubai, a country of innovation, is shifting its conventional educational institutes to virtual rooms, thus pushing edtech or education app development to the next level. 

What’s next?  

The global e-learning market size can touch $650 billion by 2025, leading to multiple opportunities for students to land their dream jobs without being bound to present in real-time. 

Amazing, isn’t it?

In a country like Dubai, where the literacy rate is the highest at 93%, it’s time to use technology as the center stage for your elearning venture. 

So, are you excited to witness a new dynamic shift in elearning app development?

If yes, explore throughout the guide. 

Dubai: A Home to Innovative Education Startups

In 2022, almost 72% of the educational institutions in Dubai have boosted their digital initiatives for a year. Interactive learning is leading the foundation of innovative minds while providing open-ended and flexible classrooms where students have freedom of choice and adaptive course correction. 

Here are other reasons showing how the influence of elearning takes the world by storm: 

  •  70% of students believe that online learning brings more opportunities to learn and saves time to travel. 
  • Students can retain 25-60% of information utilizing an elearning platform. 
  • While traditional degrees cost higher, online degrees are $10K+ cheaper. 
  • 98% of universities are emphasizing digitalized learning.   

How Technology-based teaching

Moving to this part, we will learn how different technologies prepare students to face potential challenges and help them serve their goals better. 

1. Smart Content

Digitized books without asking for the physical presence of students provide them with the learning materials they want. 

Besides, they can access virtual content like video conferencing and lectures anytime, anywhere. 

Do you know which technology has risen to this level of comfort for learners?

Artificial Intelligence has such potential that it lets students enjoy the engaging interface of generated courses and enable teachers to create electronic curricula and distribute them across various platforms. 

2. Global and Remote Learning

While getting access to digital courses, students can prepare for their exams at home. Indeed, Global and Remote learning has provided us with the real essence of the right to education. 

It does not matter if your professor is located in the USA, and you are accessing your lessons while sitting at your home in Dubai; the tech-oriented solutions have given shape to remote and global learning. 

3. Technology-based assignments

Instead of providing old-fashioned paper essays, students can create videos, podcasts, and other modern means to demonstrate their learning that help them build new skills and display their creativity on Soundcloud or YouTube. 

4. Prerecorded lessons

Technologies seem to be well placed with the deriving force, like prerecorded lessons. Having this crucial element, students can learn at their own pace. Even teachers do not need to wait for everyone to join the live teachings. 

What’s next?

It allows them to pause and replay the concept they feel difficult to understand. Many believe pre-recorded lessons are best suited for introducing new theories to readers. 

5. Live One to One Tutoring

Without worrying about being judged, students can ask questions freely. One-to-one tutoring provides shy students with a safer and more relaxed place where they can comfortably learn from the mistakes they have made and thus boost their confidence. 

The personalized attention that a student receives brings out the best of them. Also, they can ensure success quickly. All thanks to edtech tools integration, one-on-one tutoring is helping students learn faster.

6. Games and Gamification

Gamification is expanding its reach to various industries, and elearning is one of them. According to a report, gamification in education app development can grow at a CAGR of 14% by 2025. 

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it?

To increase user engagement and learner motivation, entertaining opportunities like gamification are all set to take up a giant space in the education app development industry. Based on personality traits, students are provided with exercises and quizzes to understand their progress and thus work on improving with continuous learning and involvement in that specific subject. 

7. Save Money 

Online degrees are more affordable than conventional ones. 

That’s what we all know!

But there are other ways in which elearning and education app development prove to be fairer. Want to know them? Learn ahead: 

  • With electronic documents, universities can save money on paper. 
  • Teachers can seamlessly upload the assignments to Google Classrooms or learning management systems in an elearning app like ClassDojo.
  • E-books are more convenient because they don’t need storage or maintenance space. 
  • Using free virtual reality programs, students and teachers can take trips conveniently. 

8. Project-based Learning

Earlier, students needed to take care of the giant poster belonging to a project. But now, as everything is turning digitally oriented, learners can access various programs and apps like Google Classroom, where they can upload their tasks prepared by accessing multiple resources.

9. Advanced Research

Gone are the days when students had to find a specific reference through piles of books to create their assignments. 

Because today they have access to cloud storage that lets them seamlessly bring a lot of information and knowledge to their assigned task and upscale their learning by getting results from all over the world through a giant search engine like Google. 

Learn how much it costs to create an elearning app before you turn your idea into reality. 

What Features should you Add to an Edtech App?

features for a dynamic elearning app

Due to the suspension of schools during the pandemic, we have seen a boost in the momentum of this market. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

What’s more interesting is we can see a significant investment in the elearning industry, with $350 billion by 2025. Indeed, opportunities to create the next big edtech are right here. 

Have you ever considered those robust features that let you develop an advanced edtech app?

Don’t be worried!

Here are some essential features that you should include in education app development. 

Top features for a dynamic elearning app!

1. Live Classes

Live classes are the need of today, and most elearning apps fulfill this requirement by integrating several features like: 

  • Class recording: Teachers, parents, and students can record the class to review and rewatch them.
  • Instant messaging: It enables teachers and students to use a real-time chat window for communication. 
  • Digital Blackboard/ Whiteboard: With this, ideas are presented better. 
  • Other features, like attendance, screen sharing, and raising hands, enhance two-way interaction. 
  • Privacy and Security

To stop hacker attacks, privacy, and security is essential. Integration of various technologies can do this. Ensure to connect with a leading education app development company in Dubai that can help you develop a top-notch elearning app with this feature. 

2. Assignments and Assessments

To let teachers evaluate the progress and performance of their students, you must include assignments and assessments. Here are various features to integrate within it to let you make the most of your elearning app development. 

So, what are they?

Learn here: 

  • Providing students with their tasks. 
  • Awarding them grades or retrieving grading reports. 
  • Managing actual progress
  • Space for teachers and learners to upload the download the files. 

3. Gamification

The excellence of gamification has never been hidden from our eyes. Therefore, adding this feature is crucial to attracting learners and students to your education app development. 

However, to make the most of gamification, you must provide your gamification with performance charts, dynamic analytics, levels, badges, scoreboards, points, dashboards, etc. 

While creating healthy competition among students, gamification encourages motivation among learners. Also, it increases the users’ interaction with the application. 

4. AI and AR

AI and AR can together build a powerful tool for your edtech startup. While AI can enable students to get answers or pertinent information quickly to the questions they have posted, AR can enhance the way they practice learning and keep them interested. 

What’s more?

While using the amalgamation of AI-AR technologies, students can have visual information about a plant on which they point the camera. Also, they can see a plant’s growth. 

Want to know more about AI and AR?

Connect with Techugo, a top-notch app development company.

5. LMS Integration 

Learning Management System allows institutes to locate all the e-learning content in one place. With it, all kinds of input redundancy and errors are eliminated. Various entrepreneurs have integrated the capabilities of LMS into their apps to turn themselves into some deriving forces. 

How can Techugo help you with your edtech app?

Techugo has partnered with some industry-leading giants like Byju’s. The experience that our top-notch developers have can make you create an elegant solution that lets the students seamlessly tackle all tasks single-handedly.  

Ensure that you have received the support and assistance of a leading education app development company like Techugo, which can speed up your growth, let you generate the highest revenue, and provide you with exceptional opportunities. 

Get in touch today and add technologies that can let you achieve various progressive milestones. 

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