19 Dec 2020
Updated on December 15th, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Airbnb?

Cost To Build An App

Traveling across the world and absorbing the different cultures and flavors, bring a thrill we all demand. As every part of the world holds a different charm, people love to travel to rejuvenate themselves.

However, this travel plan can go haywire with excessive stress, to find out the best place to stay around the world.

Have you also felt the pain of booking hotels and getting stressed?

Welcome to the digital world of traveling, where apps like Airbnb, have led people to book accommodations, buy tickets, and compare prices using their smartphones or laptops. 

The number of users accessing Airbnb is expected to reach 45.6 million users by 2022.- Statista

The gig economy has opened a new share of investment opportunities, and many investors are looking forward to building an app like Airbnb.

But, the questions arise; how to make an app like Airbnb and how much it will cost? What would be the key features?

Too many questions??? Take a break!

To help you quench down your thirst, we’ve brought you this post today to explore the features, cost, and business model of an app like Airbnb.

Let’s dive in together…

Airbnb is a leading global travel platform bringing all the property owners and travelers in one place to enhance the traveling experience. 

Business Model of Airbnb

  • It charges 3- 4% transaction fees from the property owner on every confirmed reservation.
  • Every guest has to pay 6-12% booking fees, depending on the size of the reservation.
  • Registered host members have to pay 3-5% fees for listing their property on this platform.
  • 10% of service fees are deducted on every booking received by the host.
  • Fee for advertising and subscription-services to the property owners and travelers.

Required App Panels

  • Host
  • Guest
  • Admin

Key Features for Guest 

  • Sign up/ Log in-  The sign up and log in are the most common features of any app. And while creating it you need to give the least steps involved in it, and with convenience to sign up through the social media credentials as well.
  • Profile- Here users get the opportunity to complete the details including number, email ID, username, birth date, gender, address, and other relevant information.
  • Filters- Filters are for two different variants; if a user is a guest, then the filter is used for searching the suitable host and property. And if the user is the property host- then filters are used to list the property as per the location and budget.
  • Room Variants- It allows users to see multiple options to book a property. And they can get the information on the basis of pictures, description, location map, reviews, rating, prices, house rules, cancellation rules, minimum booking period, and other amenities.
  • Refer & invite- This feature is basically a social network integration, letting users refer the services to their friends and invite them for the bookings.
  • Add to favorites- With this feature, users can tap on any property and add it to their favorite list, and they can review it at the time of final booking.
  • Map and navigation- It is one of the most essential features that enables users to reach their selected accommodation.
  • Push notifications- As the name suggest this feature allows users to receive information about any deals, offers, or any other relevant alert.
  • Booking history- Enabling users to check the history of their past bookings and rebook effortlessly.
  • Chats- This feature is similar in both guest and host app, where they both can chat with each other and share photos, videos, and other required information.
  • Payments- A common feature for host and guest app panel, allows to make and receive the payment. Also, there are different payment options available.

Features for Host

  • Accommodations- It is the main feature in the host app, where they need to create an ad about their accommodation, and fill in all the required details like set the apartment type, the number of guests, and set prices for the stay.
  • Requests- Here host gets the option to check all requests made by travelers, and they can accept and reject any request.
  • Notifications- Just guest panel, this feature here allows hosts to get the instant notification about the unchecked requests, booking changes, and more.

Advanced Features

  • Multiple language support- This feature gives an option to the guest and host to have an interpreter to communicate in a foreign language.
  • Currency converter- It helps both guest and host to convert the currency and get the accurate cost to pay the bill.

Admin Panel

This panel has full control over the booking business, and the admin can see every activity going on, and if required can even reject or block a user or host if find something going beyond the ethical practice.

How much would be the cost to build a travel app like Airbnb?

Well, determining the final app development cost of a travel app like Airbnb is quite a challenging task. As there is not just one, but multiple factors are responsible to trigger the app cost. However, to give you an average cost bracket to build an application like Airbnb is ranging from $50,000 to $ 70,000+, but remember, this bracket can fluctuate depending upon the requirements of your specific app concept.

In a nutshell

Hmm, the digital curve in the travel industry is worth watching for and opens a new window for entrepreneurs and investors to make a smart move. Since our world has embraced the NEW norm, that is digital, it highly significant to pick a digital solution to bring a significant profit to your startup.

Concerned about how to proceed?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you ease down the woes. Schedule a call with our team, who is responsible for bringing success and recognition to the world’s biggest travel brands.

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