25 Aug 2020
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Craft An Awe-Inspiring App Design?

App Design


  • The app development cost is based on features, complexity, platform, and the number of other technical points;
  • Costs vary depending on the location and size of the selected app builder;
  • Many factors like the budget for support, server, and marketing must be discussed before-hand.

For a business to run smoothly and reach to a wider audience base, is a dream, which can be materialized with a digital identity. A mobile app is the best answer to this need of the hour, but there are different layers of development associated with this process. And one of the most troubling factors is the app development cost.

How soothing it would be to get the cost before sharing your app to the developers?

Indeed, it would be, but hey wait!

There’s not a fixed price for the design and development of a mobile app product!

Well, that must have CRINGED you.

Yeah, I know, but this is the BIG-FAT fact that cannot be ignored. So let me read aloud once again for you


The cost of your app design and development truly depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. You need to understand a simple logic behind this game, an amazing app does not come into existence within just a few dollars, and at the same time spending a HEFTY amount does not guarantee its success.

Have I brought you more confusion?

How about scrolling this post further and explore what I mean…

Understand the goal of your app

To start with you need to understand the difference between a $5k and $5M App. An app that aims to serve Billions of users traffic monthly, requires some complex technicality behind it. And such a high-load functioning app would need different aspects to be served, which would increase the cost. On the other hand, an education app, with no extraordinary features, would certainly not required any high-end technology to run its mechanism and will cost lesser.

You can observe that the price differs because there are different features in the above-mentioned app illustrations. Henceforth, it is unambiguous that the price of an app has more to do with features and what purpose you build it for.

There is indeed no rocket science to get a mobile app, but the cost bug always violates the mind and brings different confusions and doubts in the mind. As mentioned above there is no cost Bible available in the market, where you can pick one specific cost, and fit your needs. However, there are ways through which you can control the app cost and give wings to your dream.

Let’s get on a tour to find out how you can keep the budget within your limits and still bring a quality-laden app solution into existence.

Hop onto MVP model

You indeed looking for the quick-road to get an app developed, here a prototype makes your idea tangible so your investors could understand what you want to build. MVP is the best suitable answer for your needs and helps you test your idea on the market first, and then work further on the development of a complete product.

Also, with the MVP model, you get the opportunity to deliver your app product in the market in the fastest and cheapest manner possible.

App functionalities; MINIMAL is best

The functionalities play a huge role in spiking the cost, as they can be complexed enough, requiring different technologies, that can lift the app cost. You must not go overboard with the functionalities and must ensure to build a product that fits your budget.

Play smart with technology

Maybe it is little clichéd here, as technology is already smarter than you think. However, what is meant here is selecting the RIGHT technology and framework. You need to pick the efficient tech solution that decreases the app development cost, and in this race React Native and Flutter are the best options to proceed with. Building an app on these platforms can expedite the development process and reduce the cost to a greater extent.

Hiring developer; pay attention

Whoa! It sounds scary and disturbing as well, but TBH, you must remember that not all expensive developers are good and not all cheap developers are bad. The rule in app development suggests “What you pay for is what you get”.

You might feel that using the cheapest developer is a good idea, but in general, the reverse is true. It means if you want to get the best services then don’t get conned by the low-cost gimmick. To attain quality don’t be afraid to hire a developer who costs double then your prospect development company, as quality should be your focused approach, not the cost.

So, finally how much does it cost to make an app?

Well, if you skip all the factors related to complexity, then a very basic app, with the very basic features can cost you around $20,000. However, this is just a number that cannot be fixed at one particular figure, and go beyond and above. Every phase of the development comes with its own cost, whether it is the app design, app development, app testing, or app marketing. Every facet involved in the app journey has a certain amount related to it, and you need to pay to developers for their efforts, either in lump-sum or milestone-based cost plan.

The Bottom Line

To consider different factors before giving a chance to your app project, does not bring any harm. You can evaluate the different cost segments, such as cost for a support time, any hard costs for marketing and advertising, and QA. Just ensure you include those costs within your budget to truly evaluate the bottom-line for bringing an app to market.

Need an estimate for your app concept?

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