6 Dec 2022
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How much does it cost to create an app like Headspace?


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create an app like headspace

The lifestyle today has made us puppets who put their sweat and blood into living a materialistic life that totally affects our mental health.

Even more, most of us do not even remember the last time we did meditation. Luckily, that will change with the arrival of dynamic meditation apps. 

As people consume much time on their smartphones today, what about providing them with inner peace through meditation mobile app development?

They will have everything from meditation lessons to the session set, all in front of their eyes. Without visiting the center, they can open their smartphones, access the application, and indulge in an ancient practice to restore peace. 

Many dreams of living a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life!

And guess what?

You can be the pioneer in your country or region to turn this dream into an exciting reality. 

So, are you ready to help people fight against jumbled thoughts causing anxiety and panic attacks?

If yes, consult industry experts or delve deeper into this guide to unveil how to build a meditation app like Headspace. 

Now, let’s get started!

What is Headspace?

Headspace is a global leader in the meditation and mindfulness industry. More than 100 million users across 190 countries have used this application to get Headspace. Whenever you want, wherever you are, this app lets you meditate and reap overall health benefits. The colorful interface not only attracts the audience but also keeps the app’s credibility. 

Why is Headspace Popular Among Users?

  • Northeastern University claimed that 3 weeks of Headspace emphasizes compassion by 23% and reduces aggression by 57%.
  • Health Professionals found 10 days of Headspace improves self-compassion.
  • Moreover, it enhances focus by 14% and makes people happier at work and school. 
  • Another study manifested that 10 days of Headspace can minimize stress by 14%.
  • 11% Increase in resilience after 30 days.

Such published studies and claims are relevant enough to know how Headspace brings positive outcomes to people’s lives. Building a meditation app is one of the best healthcare App Ideas for Startups to create a happier world for users.

Why Should You Invest in Meditation App Development?

Let’s Look at the statistics that emphasize your decision to invest in meditation app development. 

mediation app development

  • 65% increase in the search for yoga and meditation apps.
  • $6,717.18 million in revenue can be estimated by 2026.
  • Headspace and other full-fledged meditation apps generated around $195 million in revenue. 
  • The number of users using such apps has been increasing by 3 times since 2012. 
  • In the US, meditation apps are the most purchased type.
  • 2500+ apps have been launched since 2015. 

Features to build a meditation app like Headspace

Now that you have decided to build your own meditation app, it’s time to move ahead and explore what features you must add to ensure user retention for the long term. 

mediation app features

  • Profile Creation

Headspace supports profile creation from various social media accounts to ensure quick registration. That’s the same you need to take care of to avoid users losing interest in your app. 

  • User Profile

To understand users better and provide them with the best experience, the app considers the following things;

  • Age of the user. 
  • The time during which they use the app. 
  • If they prefer newsletter and course updates. 
  • Stress level. 
  • Course for all

Whether a user knows or doesn’t know about the 2500 years old practice, an introductory course for all is mandatory. That makes Headspace unique among other mindfulness apps.

  • Video and Audio Record

Users can record their video and audio to know how far they have come from the first day till now and improve their breathing or meditation practices. 

  • Activity Tracking

To let the users track their progress, this feature is a must-have. It will represent at which stages they are and how many levels remain to reach that level of peace. 

  • Session Sets

A session could last between 3 minutes to an hour. However, it depends on the issue it addresses or the users’ requirements. Headspace also has a search bar for users to let them find the liked session. 

  • Push Notifications

Push notification is one of those strategies that work on enhanced user retention. As people today can forget about their sessions easily, app features like this keep set a reminder and keep them engaged. 

  • Gamification

More users will attract to the app when they find a fun mode or Gamification to learn and grow.

And guess what?

Headspace has it all. Moreover, it provides rewards and achievements for completing the sessions on days 365, 180, 90, 30, 15, 10, 3, and 1. 

  • In-app Purchase

To let users access the advanced version of the app, the company comes with in-app purchases where they provide more dynamic features on the go. Moreover, they have a robust payment gateway for seamless and secured transactions.

Tip: AI-based Healthcare Applications have been generating revenue, and if you have finally decided to step into the app industry, what about integrating AI into your meditation app?

Advanced Meditation App Features 

  • Stress-buster Sessions

Today, people are struggling with depression, stress, insomnia, and other serious issues that require the utmost importance. While streamlining such lessons and sessions that let users fight against the same, an app like Headspace helps them the most. 

  • Localization

Headspace has this feature to let users access content in different languages. Your shared content will go from every region to every door if integrated app localization in your meditation app. Such approaches are significant in attracting more customers and improving brand visibility. To include this feature, you can take assistance from the best healthcare app development company. 

  • Meditation Guides 

This feature is helpful for users to meditate on their own. Add full-fledged meditation guides that they can seamlessly access, understand, and perform meditation practices and other exercises. For beginners, it will prove the most convenient. 

  • Progress Tracker

What will motivate users to keep using the app?

Of course, it is a progress tracker!

They will motivate and meditate more while looking at the results and benefits this meditation app brings them. 

  • Meditation Exercises

A mindfulness app is incomplete without meditation exercises. To ensure a level of comfort for the users, Headspace provides specific exercises to soothe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. 

What makes an application great is its features. 

And we know you don’t want to leave even a 1% chance to make your app great, attractive, and seamless. So, blend these features into your digital solution and attract your audience. 

But what will be the app development cost then?

Headspace app development cost can go between $20,000 to $50,000 while integrating the top-notch features given above.  

Factors Influencing the cost to develop an app like Headspace

Features are just one aspect, but many more factors and elements determine the cost of developing a meditation app like Headspace.

It’s time to unveil the same. 

So, let’s get started!

Headspace factors

  • App Complexity

The cost is lower if an app has a simplistic design and architecture or takes less time and effort. However, if there is a need for advanced features and API integration, you can expect more cost. 

  • App Design 

App design is another essential factor that determines the cost to develop a meditation app like Headspace or Calm. If it is complex, your pocket may feel a burn. However, relax and chill if you want to follow only the simplistic design. 

  • Development Team Size

The cost to develop an app like Headspace also depends on the team size. The price can vary whether you take services from an app development company or a freelancer. Moreover, developers from different regions can also affect the rate.

  •  App Development Platform

Andriod and iOS are the two leading platforms that users mostly use. While app development for iOS is a bit expensive, Android can come under your budget. However, choose the best one that fulfills your app requirements. And if your target is the wider audience, then cross-platform can be the right suit. 

  • Technology Stack

Tech stack consists of programming languages, technologies, and tools. The more power-packed the tech stack is, the more robust your app performs, influencing the development cost. 

Tech Stack for Headspace App Development

Tech Stack for Headspace App Development

Business ToolsG Suite
Push NotificationsFirebase SDK
Customer Analytics or SupportFacebook Mobile SDKs
UtilitiesGoogle Analytics, SendGrid, Stripe, Twilio, Optimizely, Mailgun
Payment ProcessingStripe
Programming LanguagesJava, Rust, Kotlin, Swift, HTML5
Other Tools & TechnologiesGoogle API, Xcode, Mean Stack, Android Studio, Google Webmaster, Sketch, Swift iOS etc.
  • App Duration

Another significant factor that influences the cost is app duration. Based on the features of Headspace like the Home Tab, Calendar Integration, Achievements System, Sign-in Screen, Sign-up Screen, UX Wireframes, Tutorial, Reminders, Testing and QA, and others, the total hours can take around 14 to 16 weeks.

That’s not it!

A formula is waiting ahead that will help you estimate the cost. So, ensure to read it. 

How to Calculate the Cost of Meditation Apps like Headspace?

Industry experts prioritize a method through which entrepreneurs can easily determine the cost to develop a healthcare mobile app or any other app.

Indeed, the method will blow your mind.

Excited to unveil it?

The formula for calculating app development cost is as follows:

Total Development Time x Hourly rate = Cost

The numbers that you see are the estimated cost of meditation mobile app development.   

Challenges in Meditation Mobile App Development

Every coin has two sides!

Meditation app like Headspace cannot reap profit unless you know how to deal with the challenges. 

So, are you ready to know what those challenges are?

If yes, dive in!

  • Transparency

Various applications of the same domain are available today. However, only a few of them won the trust and credibility of users because they provide transparency and are backed up by solid research. If you want to attract your audience, transparency is essential.

  • Speed

To cope with the speed issue, you must ensure to amalgamate only the specific features. If you overload the app, it will take time to open and thus negatively impact users. 

  • Localizing

Localizing is an essential feature of the Headspace app. However, integrating it requires multilingual app development. Luckily, you can tackle it with the assistance of industry expert Techugo

  • Subscription Rate

Users usually don’t prefer to pay the subscription fee for an app. Unfortunately, that’s where you can hamper a vast user base. So, try to implement effective prices to combat this challenge. 

What is the procedure to develop a meditation app like Headspace?

Usually, entrepreneurs fail even after the app development.

Do you know why?

Because they don’t follow the right procedure to create their dream solution. 

Don’t be worried! 

You won’t be stuck in this as the power of industry experts has with you. However, being an entrepreneur, it is essential to move into and learn the proper procedure. Therefore, just take a deeper dive and explore. 

how to create a mediation app

  • Conduct Market Research

To determine your business requirements, you must research the market to understand the competitors and their approaches to attract a broad consumer base and accelerate profit. 

  • Identify Target Consumer

Identifying your targeted consumers and their requirements can let you achieve various progressive milestones. But the question is how you will acknowledge them. 

Here are the significant methods:

  • While conducting interviews, you can learn the demands and preferences of your customers. 
  • Research on your competitors will help a lot.
  • You can use Google analytics for better insight.
  • Surveys for ongoing and upcoming trends. 
  • Get insight into user persona, interest, and age group. 

Now that you have learned the tactics to find your end-users, you will have no issues connecting to them.

  • Choose Mobile App Platform

iOS, Android, or Hybrid?

Your pick should be based on your budget, requirements, and targeted audience. The selection of the wrong platform can add more to your expense. That’s why choose wisely. 

  • Pick App Design 

The tools and technologies used for UI/UX design are different, significantly influencing the cost of mhealth apps and meditation apps. Therefore, ensure to pick the design that lets the users seamlessly use the app without getting frustrated and keeps them engaged.

  • Integrate Gamification

What adds more to the app’s dynamicity?

Its Gamification elements!

Users started feeling bored after a specific time of using the app. However, Gamification can add a pinch of fun. Even after completing the meditation session, they return due to the points received at each level. 

  • Create an MVP

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) saves your budget, time, and money. 

But what is MVP?

You can define it as a beta version of your app with minimal features that attract early-adopter consumers and validate your idea in the market. With the reviews received from users, you can add modifications frequently and turn your MVP into a full-fledged app. All the big names in the industry, like Facebook, Airbnb, and Dropbox, were MVPs earlier. 

How Does the Headspace Revenue Model Work?

App development is everywhere, and no doubt to the fact that people have been following it for its revenue-generating capabilities. 

But do you know what app monetization tactics a company like Headspace follows and how you will generate revenue from your app?

If not, let’s learn about the same. 

Although Headspace follows various ways, we have included the most popular ones. Such as:

  • In-App Purchase

It lets you charge the users when they reach an advanced level or want to access more dynamic features on the app. 

  • Subscription

Just a subscription payment and users are all set to use all features inside the app. Many applications have been using it for ages for revenue-generation purposes. 

  • Advertisements

Advertisement is a widespread tactic used by many to enhance brand awareness. Using it, you can earn money and create a platform for newbies to attract new customers.  

Why choose Techugo to take your app idea forward?

Plenty of interested customers on board!

Seems unbelievable, right?

You can feel this happening in front of your eyes while making Techugo, your technological partner. 

Yes, this can turn true with the support of top-notch app developers who understand your need and are well-equipped to help with any assistance possible. 

Creating differences in the world is what makes us feel alive, and a great example of it is TheaCare, a robust app closing the gender inequities in healthcare. 

If you also want to change the world together, it’s time to take the initiative. 

So, contact us and get the best guidance on meditation app development. Also, keep following us for more tech info. 

Happy Innovative!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


1. How long does it take to create a meditation app like Headspace?

Headspace is a full-fledged app with various features, like sleep stories, meditation sessions, video and audio, trackers, and more. Creating an app with such qualities will take some time, like 6 to 12 months. However, we will recommend you make an MVP first. It will eliminate all risks that come along with app development and let you test the app on real users. While working on the received reviews, you can create various chances to receive a higher ROI. 

2. Do you provide a dedicated team for meditation app development?

Yes, at Techugo, you will find a dedicated team for meditation app development. Our developers put their sweat and blood into removing even a fine line between our clients and their dreams. So whenever you want to ask about the Headspace app development cost, features, and challenges, drop a piece for a consultation, and we will let you know about everything. 

3. How much does it cost to make a meditation app like Headspace?

We cannot give you an exact figure because the cost to develop a meditation app like Headspace depends on app complexity, design, duration, features, tech stack, and various other factors. However, we have a method through which you can calculate the cost. Ensure to include the total hours of (Ui/UX design + native or cross-platform app development + backend server development) and multiply the total amount by the hourly rate of developers. This way, you will have your answer. 

4. Are meditation apps profitable?

Of course, they are!

$195 million is the overall revenue generated by the top 10 meditation application. It’s just these ten apps that contribute to this revenue. Think how profit will grow more if more dynamic apps like Headspace are created.

5. Is the Headspace meditation app free?

Headspace is available in free trials. However, one can access the advanced features while subscribing to Headspace Plus for $12.99 monthly or $69.99 annually. 


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