26 Jul 2021
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How Privacy And Luxury Travel Are Being Re-Envisioned With Tech!


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Technology has left no domain unmarred – the Midas touch, has transformed businesses for the better and is garnering a wider fan-base than ever before! The convenience offered to users is being readily and widely accepted. So, ventures are striving to provide convenient solutions to all sorts of consumers – one of the biggest reasons behind the success of tech solutions. 

With everyone vehemently supporting the idea of new and updated methods… let us learn why even unconventional businesses are opting for innovative tech solutions! 

Luxury travel – a surreal experience!

Modes of communication made local, national and international connections and travel, possible. Evolving technologies made these modes better with time and presented the world with better means to traverse and converse. 

Luxury travel – a surreal experience!

Luxury was slowly integrated in some of the transportation modes. Little did people think that luxury would redefine entrepreneurial ways tremendously! In 2019, the global luxury travel market size was a whooping 945.6 billion USD and is expected to reach 1200 billion USD in 2027!!

Luxury travel services provide the most premium of facilities to a small elite chunk, which has successfully kept the ‘LUX SERVICE INDUSTRY’ running! Service providers strive to proffer the finest services to their clients and private planes take a major piece in this cake (statistically and figuratively of course)!

Technology has made it possible both ways – to travel in absolute luxury and to travel in no-frill airplanes, trains etc. For the boastful and the subtle, tech has to be given credit!

Much ado about Chartered planes – WHY?

Air-charter, as many of us must have heard is about renting an entire aircraft; such aircraft are sometimes addressed as chartered planes. This is of course different from renting a few tickets in an airline.
The buzz and importance given to private chartered planes is for obvious reasons. First of all, such flights require a certification from a country’s aviation authority. Secondly, they are non-scheduled commercial flights that allow passengers to travel without compromising on their privacy. This option opened up a new universe for people wanting to travel with comfort, in seclusion if they wish.
Technology could have made booking private charters a more efficient process. So, an app had to be created in this regard, hence came BookMyJet!

BookMyJet – Redefining luxury through tech!  

BookMyJet is an application that allows users to hire a private plane, helicopter or turboprops, conveniently. It provides detailed information about the planes you wish to book. In addition, it lets users access an accredited list of 300+ aircrafts and helicopters across India.

The charismatic characteristics of BookMyJet Application


1.Luxury & privacy
It offers luxury and corporate private jet charter services. Comfortable and private air travel is just a click away!

2.Safe and secure travel 
Safety and security is ensured as the app provides details about the planes and the crew. The fleet undergoes frequent checks and maintenance.

3.Info about EVERYTHING!
The app provides detailed information about the aircrafts, their engine, capacity, weight, propellors, etc.

4.Sharing Concept
The application allows two different people to share the flight expenses if they are to travel to the same destination.

5.Connecting flight option
The app lets users book connecting flights as well. It is one of the best options for people who wish to only travel and not stay-over.

6. Availability
The map feature provides all the necessary details about available air-charters along with the airports, in the vicinity and all over the country. It helps users save time and energy.

7. Helpful in case of emergency and urgency
The instant booking option serves as a saviour in case of urgency and emergency. In addition to all kinds of chartered planes, the app provides air ambulance services as well!

Burning the midnight oil – The development process

  1. The crucial WHATs 

– What is the app
BookMyJet is an application that allows users to search and book private flights, in a hassle-free manner. 

– What is the target audience
People who wish to travel privately, with comfort, luxury and ease. 

– What was the reason for the creation
Covid-19 worked as a driving force for BookMyJet to offer private charter services online, as well. BookMyJet app is also for people who wish to travel by air privately, without compromising on their health, especially amidst the pandemic.

  1. How the team came through – Challenges

The challenges this time were numerous. The best part about that? The team tackled them all and learnt a lot while working on the project. The following presented a tough front with regards to BookMyJet app:

BookMyJet app

  • Establishing royalty and luxury
    The foremost challenge was clearly establishing what BookMyJet represents – Royalty and Luxury. It was highly important to project these qualities, through the app’s UI.
    Such applications leave an impact in the initial few seconds – that make or break them. Developers had to put in thoughts and efforts in bringing out the element of the app, objectively.
  • Ensuring a consistent performance
    Everyone likes a bug-free interface that operates smoothly. This one is a challenge in almost all app development projects. But this time, it was an issue as we had to include a map feature. This map feature, is the backbone of the app. It showcases all the charter planes across India, along with the nearest ones with regards to a user’s real-time location.
    Info had to be gathered about government-operated airports and private airports – both! It wasn’t possible to gather all this information online. But our efforts fructified because the team worked very hard.
  • Customer convenience & User information
    The app establishes the detailed information bit, as one of its strong points. Due care had to be taken in this regard. The challenge was to gather all the information about airports offering charter services, airports not offering charter services, location of private hangars and to put it together in an understandable way.
    The application is for the users and we couldn’t at any cost afford compromise on their convenience.
    The in-detail info about all kinds of charter planes available in India had to be gathered with due efforts. In this case too, online searches proved to be of very little help.
  1. The Experience Confession

Undoubtedly, it was a great learning experience for everyone in the team. The developers had to gather useful data, as the application provides information in real-time!
Different kinds of experiences teach differently and the team found this project immensely interesting. It was definitely a learning experience that made us more knowledgeable. How? The information the team had to seek and provide was detailed and wasn’t readily available online.
Researching without the aid of online searches, was a task but made everyone learn a lot!

Techugo Work ethics – Ensuring quality-laden delivery, always!

Here is a glimpse of what makes us stand out, compete and stay relevant…

  • Our focus on target audience
    Our focus is always on addressing the target audience, depending on the features, demands and services of an app. This makes us better versed with regards to designing UI and UX for the users.
  • We care about users’ time!
    Time is more precious than any material good. If any user decides to invest their time on a platform built by us – we consider it our duty, to make that experience worth its while.
    We believe in being careful while delivering quality. That is the only way we can ensure the relevance and utility of the developed product.
  • We take care of users’ data security
    Usually, application usage requires users to provide personal information. Our motive is to ensure security of that data. Irrespective of the kind of app we develop, budget constraints or not, we never take data security, lightly.
  • The fundraising aspect
    We deliver with finesse and that demands all kinds of costs. For budding or already established entrepreneurs who have difficulty finding investors, we help in raising funds, finding angel investors, etc.
    When we claim we take care, we take every word seriously.
  • Work-life balance – CARDINAL!
    It isn’t possible to create anything without being creative. The pre-requisite for thinking thorough, through and out of the box, is a fresh mind. And so, we take care.
    Our SOPs ensure that our team members are never over-burdened, or experience a burn-out. These efficiently working minds are our spine. Thus, work-life balance, just like the work itself, is always a priority.
  • Project development methodology
    We know the importance of being systematic and operating in an organised way. We don’t just jump to work mindlessly, when we start a project.
    Rather, we follow a process that helps us streamline our work, set targets and manage efficaciously. Our focus is on laying out a meticulous plan and then executing it efficiently.
  • Seminars and training sessions
    We organise seminars and training sessions to hone our skills and learn new ones as well.
    We always welcome new talent despite having experienced and sincere developers. The only difference is, we provide training sessions to new comers before assigning them on a live-project.
    Learning is a constant process, shouldn’t ever stop, is our belief!

All this enables us to make an on-time, quality-laden delivery possible. We strive to achieve, with a discipline-driven approach, covering all aspects of development in a meticulous manner – which can become an actuality only with team work.

Adherence to work ethics, dedication and sincerity of each member at Techugo, has led clients to see the company in the same light. We are a team that operates on the motto of sinking and sailing together, but we always focus on the latter part of it. 

Strength lies in union, it is said for a reason after all…

Come… Build your dream with Techugo!

BookMyJet is one of our success stories; we have many others in our chronicle. We cater to businesses across the globe and have helped many explore, expand and hold ground. 

Businesses require open-mindedness along with fervency and flexibility. It is crucial to keep pace with the changing, evolving times and incorporate newest techs and methods, whenever the need be! When your competitors aren’t shying away from adopting the new and better means, why should you, right! Set your mind to your goal and strive for better business outcomes with awe-inspiring tech solutions.

If you have an idea for an app or a website for your business, don’t hesitate any longer! Take it online and increase your reach. The more the reach, the better a business expands. The more a business expands, the more successful it becomes. So, don’t wait up and connect with us!

Make hay while the sun shines!

Godspeed innovators!

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