14 Sep 2017

How Technology Ensures To Keep Our Kids Safe

Seven-year-old Pradyuman was found dead with his throat slit in the washroom of Ryan International school in Bhondsi area on Sohna Road near Gurgaon on September 8.

The entire nation witnessed the most cruelsome, horrific and spineless crime incident against the boy aged 7 years old. The remorseless incident killed the innocent Pradyuman’s exuberance of attending his friend’s birthday party within the 10 minutes of arrival at a so-called highly maintained International school Ryan International- Gurgaon.

The delicate body which had yet to feel the gush of wind and had to understand the world was laid to rest, because a monster decided to enforce his lust on him and slashed his ear and neck twice with a knife, curbing his save me statement with the severed wind pipe and the little angel succumbed to his own pain and excessive bleeding.

It is not just sad but extremely painful to even think about, that how can somebody turn so brutal with a child, but unfortunately this is the truth of our society, wherein we have people like Ashok present at the colony park, at malls, at the corner of street and even at the SCHOOLS, and are just waiting for their chance to grab any vulnerable creature in their malicious hawks, whether it would result in death of a body or the permanent scars on heart and mind and the gender of victim also bears no existence to satiate their wicked intentions and can be ANYBODY.

At Techugo, we have a team of 120+ employees, from different walks of life and some are parents and others are bachelors, but above all we are Humans and we deeply condemn such loathsome incidents and personally believe that instead of caging our kids to four walls of our houses, they should be allowed to experience the beauty of childhood.

But what else can be despicable, when you know our kids are unsafe even in the pious boundaries of an education body. We need to train our kids about the good and bad touch, but what when these monsters decide to invade the comfort zone of our kids and mislead them to take undue advantage? What happens when in park, shops, schools on roads, kids become a victim of such heinous crime?

When we can track our offices’ spaces, houses, then why not track our kids for their safety, so our little munchkins are safe and secure from the evil claws of every Ashok outside our homes. In the wake of this inexcusable crime incident, we at Techugo have decided to build a mobile app for the kids’ safety, which would not be charged anything beyond the efforts involved. The mobile app would function something like this:

  • The mobile app would have a portal
  • It would be attached to devices’ on the kids’ bodies
  • The devices can be in the form of badges, band on hand, or even in the form of a watch
  • The device will have an automated system which would let the parents to track the kids at any time
  • With a small touch on the activated devices’ parents would receive a SOS message to alert them
  • Also, schools can intact the Beacons in the school premises, which would help the school authorities to track the actual in & out time of kids.

This mobile app would help the parents to take the required action before any awful event takes place with their kids.

We invite all the Schools to adopt this mobile app for their school children and save them from being traumatized at the hands of evil doers. Also, the functionality and the features can be added further as per the requirement.

The cost of the mobile app would be 4 Lac INR (excluding the devices), the devices are easily available on the online portals, and can be arranged on request.

We are rising against the crime to shut it forever, and want a safe place for our kids to blossom further…

Our deepest condolence to Pradyuman’s parents, who have lost the most precious treasure of their life, We are with you to stop the crime against child…

Any discussion related to said mobile app, please get in touch with

Let’s stand together #RiseToShutCrime


Techugo Pvt. Ltd.


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