9 Dec 2019
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How Techugo Has Made Work-Life Balance More Than a Buzzword?


Ankit Singh

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work-life balance

“51% of people in design jobs and 49% of people in IT jobs say they feel burned out.”

This hard-hitting fact is enough to make us realize the work pattern that we are continuing. But in our day to day life, most of us often forget the value of a healthy lifestyle. In a corporate environment, it is necessary for a team to find a perfect work-life balance. But despite this, a lot of us struggle with work-hours and then maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For once keep aside every single thought, that has been occupying your mind. For once just breath and let go of every concern of yours. We know it is difficult to quit thinking about that meeting due in the afternoon, or that client call or the presentation. It’s difficult, isn’t it? But you won’t be able to believe how important it is for all of us and our growth.

Balance is the key to everything and is the ladder through which one can climb up to their destiny. Whether it is a company or an individual, both have an equal part to play in this. Both need to find a way to complement each other for stepping into a zone that brings prosperity to both ends. But before that, one must be aware of the concepts of work-life balance.

What Is Work-Life Balance?

When you’ll search the meaning of ‘work-life balance’ on Google, you’ll easily find a glut of technical definitions, trying to explain to you every bit of its essence. But knowing is not enough, its implementation holds the true value.

To be specific, work-life balance is the phase when you have zero conflicts between professional and personal life. It is basically a state of equilibrium in which one is able to maintain the demands of both professional and personal life.

Now let us find out why it is important!

Why Is It Important For Every Single One To Achieve Work-life Balance?

Metaphorically speaking, our life is like a book. Just like a book consists of different chapters that we need to read, our life consists of different phases that we need to excel through. Since work is a part of our life, we need to balance it with the rest of our routines.

It is necessary for everyone to find a balance between both of them. And in that the company that you are working in plays a huge role. At TECHUGO, we ensure that our team works in an environment that is filled with happiness.

How TECHUGO Is Thriving At Providing Work-life Balance?

We are a brood of 150+ headstrong professionals, who work rigorously to deliver world-class mobile solutions to our clients from all over the world. Our establishment focuses on moving hand in hand with the entire team, which means taking care of their health- mental, physical or spiritual.

Of course, the digital world has created a lot of competition, which makes it necessary for everyone to stand out. But this doesn’t mean that one must undergo continuous and extreme work pressure to stand out in the crowd.

We believe that there must be a specific time in which the teams need to let go of the steam. Here’s how we do it:

1. Rejuvenating Trips

Going on rejuvenating trips help the co-workers to emerge through as a team. It guides them to fight all the challenges and conflicts and see themselves beyond a group of individuals. Trips are the best way to inculcate the feeling of unity.

2. Recreational Events

Some events help colleagues from different departments to know each other better. We have always focused on exceeding the unity beyond departments and cubicles. Take a look:

  • TPL aka Techugo PubG League

This event was organized by Techugo on popular demand. With owners and teams participating in different activities like an auction and warm-up matches, it became a super hit event.

    • Hackathon

In order to bring out the hidden talent, we organized the #TechHackathon that went on for 12+ hours. It made the team to witness remarkable greatness with themselves.

  • Fun Fridays

For weekly rejuvenation, we focus on different fun activities that remind us of our school/ college days. From #TechugoTreasureHunts to #TechugoDanceOff, we make sure that we are able to make it as interesting as possible.

3. Success Parties

Success parties are a way to encourage the team to praise themselves and each other for their hard work, dedication, and will-power.

4. Working Hours

With late working hours, a lot of companies leave their employees exhausted by the end of the day, leaving them no time for the other parts of their life. Techugo strictly opposes this practice and therefore follows an 8 to 5 timing, after which the team is left with ample amount of time for themselves.

5. #PetAPlant

This is an initiative started by Techugo-Team to boost the environment-friendly approach. Eradicating plastics from our workplace, the entire team has adopted a plant to relish from its therapeutic benefits.

The more we focus on the well-being of our team, the more fruitful the results turn out to be. The motive behind this is to excel through the prevailing work pressure an finding a balance. TECHUGO has always focused on preventing its team from burning out, and that is the reason behind our continuously multiplying success.

But we believe that all the sectors/ industries/ companies need to see through the meek hindrances and follow an approach to ameliorate the potential of their task-force. Therefore, feel free to connect or collaborate with us for finding ways to create work-life balance.

Until then stay tuned to this space for more updates!!!

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