25 Sep 2020
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How To Build A Gps Navigation App That Stands Out In The Market?


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Gps Navigation App

Planning your next road trip or traveling to a new destination, the trend of geolocation through the app is a densely entrenched idea. The days of running from one corner to another, to seek the right street and location, without technology integration, is a kooky idea.

We all live in a digital world, where technology binds and connects us with the right services, without wasting our time or effort. Today location-based apps or GPS navigation apps, have brought radical changes in transportation, social networking, and gaming sectors respectively.

As per a report, over 90% of smartphone owners use apps to get the location. And brands rely heavily on GPS navigation apps to send relevant offers and personalized messages.

Indeed, GPS location-based apps have made our lives easier, and act as our personal assistant to guide us to reach our destinations.

Considering the popularity, it is quite obvious for you to consider developing a GPS app. Hence to help you create a mobile app that fits your market and carve a niche in your market, we have brought this post for you today. Below, we’re going to share some of that knowledge with you, let’s scroll further…

Industries getting benefited from the GPS app

GPS app

  • Travel & Transport
  • Weather forecast
  • On-demand services
  • Health and fitness
  • Lifestyle and hobbies
  • Event
  • Social networking and dating services
  • E-commerce
  • AR-enabled games

How to make a location-based app: a step-by-step guide?

location-based app

To create a successful GPS navigation app, many ingredients come into the picture and cook a broth that helps users to navigate the route. Below we have brought a location-based app with a step-by-step guide.

Step # 1- Research your idea 

Step # 2- Create wireframe of your geolocation app 

Step # 3- Proceed with the MVP model 

Step # 4- Develop an app with a team of experts 

Step #5- Deploy app successfully on the respective stores

Features required for GPS app development

GPS app development

A GPS app doesn’t become powerful with a map service only, but there are other features as well, that helps in running the powerful map service with an efficient navigation system.

Here are few features, that are required to build a GPS app, let’s take a look…

Voice Controls

Voice-activated controls are helping to search and get voiced instructions in GPS navigation apps. They provide a hands-free option for every action and paves a smooth way for the users.

 Social Media Integration

Social media sharing is an integral part of the traveling navigation apps. This feature allows your app to function through community-driven and helps other users to pick the right route in the event of traffic jam, or any other unfavorable condition.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

The turn-by-turn navigation feature is used for making smart suggestions, in case the driver moves in the wrong direction or if there is an accident on the road. The feature must have the potential to remodel the route and offer the quickest and safest route to the users. 

AR technology

The Augmented Reality is on the rise and assisting different industries to carve a niche for themselves. In this run, location apps can utilize the AR navigation for those areas which have Google Street View. This enables navigation to turn digitized and make it more interactive and detailed. 

Music on the go

Adding a music feature is a great user-engagement agent, letting users listen to music while stuck in traffic or simply during the ride. You must allow users to groove on music through streaming services.

 Predictive routing

This feature allows apps to collect data from speed cameras, and this is popularly known as predictive routing. Here, satellites collect the images and a street view option enables better precision in navigation. It lets users improve the calculation of the ETA (estimated time of arrival) and help them plan their trips better.

Relevant technologies to build a GPS app 

build a GPS app 


Well, today, every smartphone is equipped with GPS-Global Positioning System chip inside. It utilizes the location information and timing that satellites send from space. On the other hand, a smartphone requires data from a minimum of four satellites to determine position with about 60 feet accuracy. And this is where GPS steps in, and covers the gap.

Cell ID

In the event of the unavailability of the GPS signal, information can be taken from cell towers. The inclusion of mobile networks further helps in determining the cell used by the customer and compare it with a base-stations database. It is indeed a great choice to proceed in the areas where a major number of cells are used, such as metropolitan cities.

Assisted GPS

This is a combined approach of GPS and Cell ID tools and offers much précised and accurate information.


With Wi-Fi, it becomes easy to determine the position of the user in a much-précised manner within the smaller areas. Once the user’s location is captured, the usage of services like Google Maps geolocation or some Map Kit Framework enables them to put it on a real map. Google Maps APIs for iOS and Android devices provide the performance of geolocation apps, including all information about the location, detailed maps, search for places in the vicinity.

Indoor Geolocation Technologies

Indoor Geolocation Technologies


Geofencing is a great tool to encourage customers to a specific shop or market from the street or parking. It determines how closer mobile devices are to a particular point, and send offers or coupons to consumers.


iBeacons help businesses to trigger customers’ purchase behavior. This technology uses BLE- Bluetooth Low Energy signals to assess whether the mobile user is in the area of their performance.

Geolocation & Security

Indeed, security is a stumbling block that needs to be addressed through technology. Here, technological advancements decrease privacy concerns and offer valuable benefits to users to guarantee information security.

Final thoughts

Now, when you have narrowed down the focus area of development journey, the next thing that comes on your way is to avoid the pitfalls of development with an efficient team, having experience in the navigation application field.

To serve your needs, nothing fits the demand, then the Techugo team!

You’ve got an idea for a GPS navigation app and unsure of what to do NEXT?

Get in touch to talk to our experts about your next project!

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