19 Sep 2023

How To Build a Laundry And Dry Cleaner App Like Washmen in Middle East?


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How To Build a Laundry And Dry Cleaner App Like Washmen in Middle East

“Ask for anything, and you will have your app as Genie granting the same.”

 Whether it be delivery by drones, telemedicine, online hotel booking, smart home, laundry services, or food delivery, we can enjoy everything without stepping out of the house.

Indeed, no one had ever thought that tech-driven apps would become a huge part of our lives and comfort. One such app that has won the hearts of consumers and disrupted the entire laundry industry of Dubai is Washmen. By providing quality laundry services at competitive prices, an app like Washmen raised $6.6 million in its series B round of funding and became the most popular laundry service ever. 

As a startup launched in 2015, Washmen has come so far from all that have already set their feet, and the reason is investing in technologies. You can also generate more revenue for your business by considering the same or something exceptional.

Looking for more insights? Dive straight into this!

More Insights into Washmen App!

The Washmen app was founded by Jad Halaoui and Rami Shaar in 2015. While promising its 100% hassle-free and contactless on-demand dry cleaning & shoe cleaning services, the app reserved various awards and ranked no. 1 in UAE & Asia. 

Since its launch, the app has cleaned around 30,481,742+ items for its 50,000+ users. To get professional laundry, dry cleaning & shoe care services, people in the Middle East look no further than this giant and robust dry cleaner app

How does the Washmen app work?

Users can choose from the vital options of laundry services such as Cleaning & Pressing, Wash & Fold, and Pressing Only and relax on their couches without worrying about any laundry-related things.

After getting the order, the company driver collects garments from the customers’ doorsteps, sends them to the cleaning facility, and makes the final delivery within 48 hours. However, the delivery can be done within 24 hours when the user accesses the premium (50%) service. 

What else makes Washmen unique is its happy hour concept and color-coded bags. While the former ensures the prices drop at the busiest hours, the latter shows options for services as per the consumers’ needs. 

Instead, you don’t have to be worried about being present in the home for drivers to pick up and drop off the items. Operating and managing laundry seamlessly without disturbing the peace of mind has made Washmen a convenient option for users.

Top Features of an App like Washmen!

All around the UAE, Washmen is famous for its creditworthy, hygienic, and dynamic laundry & dry cleaning services. But do you know how users churn out the most benefits from an app like Washmen?

Unveil its potential!

From a startup to the greatest thing in UAE Features that make Washmen what it is today

  • Place Order

A door to ease & convenience opens when the user successfully orders. It is as simple as buying groceries, apparel, or other stuff from an eCommerce app, followed by a hassle-free payment procedure. 

  • Services

As per the customer’s needs, the app provides significant services, including Clean & Press, Press only, Wash & Fold, etc. That’s not it; one more service is added to the app to make it more worthwhile for users. 

  • Stuff the bag

The washmen driver arrives at the doorstep of the consumer and provides them with a bag to stuff their laundry items according to their requirements, such as a Pink bag for washing linens, bedding towels, and homecare items; a green bag for cleaning & pressing garments, and a blue bag for washing and folding shorts, gym clothes, t-shirts but it does not offer ironing. 

  • Pickup & Drop Off

Using the GPS tool, consumers can choose where they want drivers to pick up and drop off laundry. The location could be anything according to the users’ preferences. As various people prefer contactless pickups and deliveries in this digitized world, you must also provide your users with the same option. 

  • Flex Order

Flex is for customers who want flexible delivery of clothes at their preferred time, for example, before or after 8 p.m. This feature ensures customers’ peace is not disturbed and they get the best convenience possible. 

  • Priority Order

Another feature of an app like Washmen that hits the bull’s eyes is priority order, where customers can meet drivers, hand over their garments, and talk with them.

  • Next day delivery

Users can bring the most value to their busy lifestyles by shifting the delivery of clothes from 48 hours to the next day whenever in urgent need. 

  • Cancel or Reschedule

Even the order can be canceled or rescheduled with just some taps and clicks over a mobile app like Washmen. 

  • Order Instruction

Using this feature, it becomes possible for customers to add any additional instruction about damage, folding, starch, crease, stain, pick-up, drop-off, etc. 

  • Customer Support

To let the customers resolve their queries in real-time, the Washmen app offers vital support via chat, phone calls, and email. 

Why Should You Invest in On-Demand Laundry App?

Better exposure, improved market reach, enhanced consumer engagement, etc., are not the only benefits that a business can expect from investing in an on-demand laundry app, but various others: 

With your excitement at its peak, let’s figure out every nook and cranny of multiple benefits associated with the on-demand laundry app. 

On-demand laundry app development is the best pick for your business due to the benefits it offers like

  • One Click Away Services

You may have faced various challenges and loopholes while providing services to your end users. But from now on, no obstacles will appear when a range of exceptional services is just a click away on your app like Washmen. 

  • Service Types

Explaining each service to each customer can exhaust your employees working on your laundry business. Fortunately, when you build your own app with the help of a laundry app development company, the tedious task becomes seamless as the customers can simply learn about all the services reflected on their mobile app screens. 

  • No More Troublesome Chores

What could be better than providing customers with the relief that they can enjoy their precious time with their families and friends without hurrying around? 

Indeed, a laundry app like Washmen can let users save time while letting them get their laundry delivered to their doorsteps. 

  • Complete Control

From managing all the duties to building your digital business and empowering growth & expansion, you can do the necessary things seamlessly with everything in one place. 

  • Business Scale Up

To make a significant difference in the world, launching your own laundry app is always a great idea. So, without any hesitation, meet the experts of a top AI app development company, share your app idea, and start developing your own app today. 

Business Models for an On-Demand Laundry Mobile App Development 

Securing the ideal business plan for your laundry apps holds the most importance because it is through which you can move beyond the competitive edge. So, let’s unravel the wonders of two on-demand business models for you to pick the best one. 

  • Marketplace and Aggregator Model:

While service providers and users can communicate with one another about the services, the administrator collects information on the location and preferences, oversees the transactions, and schedules delivery within this online marketplace. 

A renowned food delivery app in UAE, Grubhub, is a perfect example of this business model. 

  • On-Site Model: 

Business owners who need both an app and a website must prefer this business model. Like the Washmen app, you can also benefit from providing your services with this profit-centric business model. Connect with our top mobile app development company in Dubai if you want to build an app perfect for this model. 

Laundry App Development: Listed All Features for Different Panels 

The on-demand laundry app involves four panels, i.e., customers, laundry owners, delivery partners, and admin. When you ensure essential features to each panel, there will be a more seamless user experience and winning moments for your business. 

Wondering what are those features?

Get a complete insight!

Top-Notch Features for Laundry App Development: 

Top-Notch Features for Laundry App Development


  • Sign up and Login

For users to enjoy the hassle-free registration and signup procedure, you must ensure a quick process powered by social signup, email, or phone numbers. Consult with the best mobile app development company in UAE, Techugo, to amalgamate a faultless signup procedure for your end-users. 

  • Search

It lets users look for dry cleaning or laundry services in their nearby area. Instead of providing only the conventional searching method, you can advance by integrating the voice search technology

  • Services

A plethora of services, from dry cleaning to washing and others, should be provided with all the associated benefits and prices. 

  • Schedule Specification

Allow your users to schedule pick-up and delivery time with this feature. It is a great help for users who cannot present themselves at the supposed time. 

  • Track Order

Just like we track orders of our food via a food delivery app and a product from a digital eCommerce store, you should provide your users with the same ability to let them see precisely when the laundry pickup agent will arrive. 

  • Order Status

Using this amazing feature, customers can have the status of their orders, like whether the order is processed, washed, dried, or out of delivery. 

  • Payment

Leveraging the robust power of payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe, you can integrate a secured payment procedure to your app like Washmen and let users pay in different ways, i.e., wallet, credit/debit card, and digital wallets.

  • Order History

Users usually check the order history whenever they cancel it to learn about all the measurements, prices, and significant things associated with it. Ensure to include this feature to avoid confusion between you and your customers. 

  • Push Notifications 

Instead of all these features mentioned above, you should also integrate push notifications by taking support from your mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. It provides users with SMS regarding offers, updates, and status. 


  • Manage Orders

A driver can look at all the incoming orders and accept or reject them based on their availability, all thanks to the manage orders feature. 

  • Route Tracking

For drivers to pick up and deliver the items to the destination location, this is the must-have feature in an app like Washmen. Using it, they can view the map and track the route seamlessly. 

  • Earnings Management 

How much money a particular driver has earned can be learned from this feature. For a streamlined business operation, you must provide the best features and services to other panels instead of only taking care of your users. 

  • Order History

Access to the order history is provided to drivers to view the order pickup or delivery request completed within the specified period. 

  • Push Notifications 

Laundry owners receive notifications about order pick requests of drivers as soon as they enable or send them. 


  • Order Management

Admin can record all the orders received from customers so that they have all orders in one place only. 

  • Laundry Management

The admin can access messages received by the washer owner or driver only through this feature. 

  • Earnings Management 

What else the admin can manage is the earnings of both washing stations and drivers. After receiving the commission, he can decide what percentages of the total amount these two heads will receive. 

  • Push Notifications Management 

Not just creating various push notifications but sending and managing the same for the end-users is done by the admin seamlessly, all thanks to this panel. 

  • Reporting and Analytics

This feature works interestingly to give the admin proper insight and analysis into the offered services from the generated report. 

Laundry Owners 

  • Order Details 

Laundry owners must provide the customers with every order detail, including the type of clothing, billing address, quantity, etc. 

  • Laundry Items

It lets owners add some essential details about the laundry, like the name, address, services provided, rates per garment, hours of operation, etc. 

  • Drivers Tracking

Monitoring and tracking of drivers from one place to another by the admin can be quickly done. They can simply prepare themselves before the driver’s arrival time and hand over the stuff of a particular customer.

  • Manage Earning 

A way to keep an eye on the earnings turns convenient and seamless for laundry owners with the facility named “Manage Earning.”

  • Profile Management 

While providing details like images, laundry services, ratings, physical address, contact number, etc., laundry owners can create and manage their profiles. 

  • Reviews and Ratings Management 

Laundry owners can improve their services by working on the key aspects the customer dislikes and leaves bad ratings about.

  • Offer and Discount Management 

A separate section for laundry owners to create, manage, and regulate new offers, discounts, and coupon codes on the laundry services. 

Essential Technology Stack for a Laundry Service App 

Let’s move into this and explore what technologies you should integrate while building your own app like Washmen. 

  • Payments: eWallets, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree
  • Navigation: Google Map
  • Database: Cassandra, Postgres, HBase, MongoDB, MailChimp 
  • Push Notifications: Voice and Phone Verification – Nexmo. Twilio, Push.io,SMS. 
  • Real-time Analysis: Spark BigData, Apache Flink Cisco, IBM, Hadoop.
  • Cloud Environment: Google, Azure, AWS. 

How to Develop a Laundry App like Washmen?

Now that you have gone through everything that you should consider in developing a laundry app, it is time you start building your own laundry app while considering the essential steps that involve: 

The secret recipe to let your laundry business rule over the market is right here

  • Business Goal: 

To initiate work on your app idea, ensure to define your laundry app’s goal and who it will serve, i.e., your target audience. Most of the challenges and loopholes will prove to be no more in existence when you get the answer to these essential questions. 

  • Market Analysis

In-depth market research and analysis is another essential step that you must not ignore for laundry app development like Washmen. Take help from other credible sources and work on your app idea like never before. Whether it’s about refinement or building from scratch, market analysis is necessary. 

  • Create Laundry app

Now it is the moment you should start building your own Laundry app. You can get help from a top mobile app development company in Middle East like Techugo that covers almost all technological requirements, resources, and expertise a business needs to streamline its growth and meet the market standards and competitive edge. 

  • Deployment

After amalgamating the best framework, state-of-the-art codes, and top-notch technologies, third-party tools, when your app idea turns into a reality, you will become all set to deploy the digital solution to the preferred platform, Google Play Store or App Store, with the assistance of our developers. 

  • Support & Maintenance

The duties and services of an Android or iOS app development company do not stop only after uploading your Android or iOS app to their platforms but go beyond this and help you resolve all errors, bugs, and issues within the system if there appear any with our constant support & maintenance. 

What is the cost of building a laundry app? 

No one knew that the laundry industry would merge with technology and bring dynamic solutions or apps like Washmen to give consumers more comfort and convenience. 

Interesting, isn’t it?

However, not all businesses can develop their own laundry app due to the investment required in it. You can also learn if you can meet the cost needs with the factors determining the cost of developing a laundry app like Washmen. 

Wondering what are those factors?

App features & functionalities, frameworks, cross-platform or native app development, third-party integration, tools & technologies, customization, updates & bug fixes, and various others fluctuate the app development cost

For a better or detailed insight into this, ensure to connect with the developers of Techugo, a top-notch mobile app development company in Dubai

Move Your Laundry Business Towards Growth and Expansion with Techugo!

With the right partners like Techugo beside you, no difficulties will come on the way. We will help you give the structure, vision, and life to your app idea by turning it into the most exceptional reality. 

Have any further doubts & queries?

Just get in touch with our team at Techugo and turn your business into a future-proof, impeccable solution. 

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