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13 Aug 2018

How To Convert Investor Pitch Into An Elevator Pitch

Being an entrepreneur is not a moon-walk for anyone anymore, but if you have got the passion and the spark within you makes a difference then there is no bound for your imagination to transform into a vision.

Indeed the spectrum of entrepreneurs is spreading wider and every business and the industry is experiencing a boom of startups from every corner, but you would be surprised to know that many startups die the infancy death because they can’t get the sordid taste away from their investor pitch, which simply put a full stop to their about to start journey.

The investor pitch…

I can understand the main essence of the investor is to SELL, but this selling process can go haywire, due to the absence of some special ingredients in this simple pitch, which help it transformed into Elevator Pitch.

Yes, people, the investor pitch might sound a very typical business idea explanation your investors but eventually, it holds much more than meets the eyes.

Remember if your investors would not find the worth in your idea, then no matter what the difference it can create, but if it fails to show the potential to the proposed investors, then your startup concept is nothing but a failure and no investor would like to give it a shot.

It’s a pity and a sad moment for your startup’s mission and scope.

Hence you need to work vigorously on your investor’s pitch to make it an exemplary perception for your investors, that mere mention, would show them the worth your idea carries.

Are you wondering how to go about it???

While approaching an investor, you must be ready with all the questions and the queries and must be well-prepared.

Also, your pitch MUST be effective enough to leave an impression and help you get the desired result after receiving applauds from the listeners.

Here in this writing, I have tried to scribble down the most important aspects, which can really help you carve out an ideal investor pitch.

  • Are You Really Happy With The Model?

Most of the entrepreneurs live with a misconception that every concept they have in their mind is ultimately valuable and is beyond the expectations.

I really admire your confidence, and there is nothing wrong in it even, but you need to understand that whether your concept is really going to provide a solution???

Investors have a very limited time since they are investing, so they want to know every bit of relevant information about the concept in a succinct and crisp manner.

Re-check what and how your startup would be a solution provider to the said problem; ask yourself is your problem really going to heal down the pain-points of the users’ problems, how they would be getting the befit form your concept.

If you are able to get an answer to your queries, then you only need to jot down these aspects in your pitch and you are ready to excel.

Remember explaining is an opportunity you would get to unleash the substantial potential your concept holds to develop a solution and consequently urge them to fund your startup.

Hence take this opportunity wisely and make the most of it.

  • Add A Pinch of Storytelling

Anything gets more views when it can touch the people’s demand and people can find them related to it.

An investors pitch can turn into sales pitch in a fraction of second, and believe me no one has the time to listen to something which is just speaking business and nothing else.

It can be compared with the politicians’ speech which no one gives a damn to listen even.

Thus you need to add the touch of personalization and story-telling into it and help the investors to relate to the situation mentioned within.

It clearly shows the investors that you very well comprehend the problem and you are able to produce the result at the deep level…

  • Speak Clearly What Is The Solution

You have addressed the problem, added the storytelling, now what’s next???

The very next step after turning the investors’ imagination higher, you need to work on the most difficult part and that is the main essence of your concept, it is based on.

That is the SOLUTION.

The solution which sounds very easy-to-go thingy for your concept is actually the hardest of all.

Before working on the solution, you must work religiously on ideology, which suggests that

To convince others you need to be convinced yourself first.

Investors as I said before, are not saving their precious time to listen what you have to offer, but in any case, you would get the very limited number of time, where you have to convince them.

They are willing to know what the solution is and why it is the best solution and most importantly why they should be convinced.

Here you have to collect the data, relevant information based on true information, like; potential customers you have interacted with, sample size and any data from the research conducted.

  • Unleash The Market Potential

Once the solution is presented, the next big thing every investor would like to know about is the BENEFIT expected from your venture.

Don’t talk only but show as well…

Again the stats and the report collected from the research would help you in abundance here.

Explain the befit ecosystem your concept would create to commercialize the venture and its services.

Mention every required feature to capture attention from your investors, and don’t let this opportunity go waste.

Show your investors the sheer commercialization roadmap, which can clearly speak the ROI from this concept.

  • Strength of Your Organization

Your startup can only succeed when there is a team to help you run the show. Explain the expected team size for your startup and why you need them.

Make a list, and mark out the number of employees needed with their KRAs.

This would make the investors believe that how far you are serious about your concept and what is your vision to take forward.

  • Mention Your Competition

The best part of any venture is when you know the threats and the challenges it is likely to face, so you keep yourself abreast with the latest advancements or the required measures to overcome the issues.

Keep your investors informed in a healthy manner that what is the competition, and what are the expected measures to be taken further to enhance the productivity.

You need to sound poised and calm while explaining this and it shouldn’t go to in a fearful way, else it would only end up your investors to drop the idea of investing.

  • Add CTA

Just like a good app builder, you need to include the CTA – call to action in the form of your address or contact information to help the investors to reach you.

If your investors don’t find a way to reach you lose a big point there, and it would make you sound unprofessional.

  • Don’t Play A Rigid Game

Apart from this, you must remember that you must not sound rigid and adamant to your investors, since they are investing their amount, so they have every right to share their opinions, feedback, and suggestions to improve the concept.

You must develop a healthy rapport with your investors and must build a connection, which can help you both to get the constructive feedback to ring out the best for your concept.

Last but not the least, it would be easier for you to set up an investor meeting, but keeping a hold onto it and turning it into a success, can only be possible when your pitch sounds picture-perfect and wins the heart of the investors, hence follow these tips and create a success story for your venture.



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