17 Feb 2023

How to Determine Flutter App Development Cost?


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Cross-platform mobile frameworks allow you to create flexible apps that can be accessed from various end devices. As a result, cross-platform mobile app development company increase businesses’ chances of reaching their target audience. As a result, companies can save significant money without sacrificing the quality of their software. This article will discuss the Flutter app developer cost estimation and what it all depends on.

Flutter: Key Attributes and Introduction

We won’t get into the details about Flutter’s origins and other boring stuff. Instead, to help you understand why Flutter is so popular, let’s look at the key characteristics of Flutter.

  • Flutter is an entirely open-source and free software development kit (SDK).
  • Google created Flutter in 2017 as a cross-platform development to allow users to develop iOS and Android mobile apps and web apps using the same code.
  • Flutter provides a native user experience with its large selection of pre-made widgets and tools. This allows for rapid development.
  • Flutter Framework offers a layered structure that lets you quickly add customizations and specific UI elements while maintaining a powerful performance.
  • Flutter has a hot-reload function that ensures the interface changes are reflected immediately after code changes.
  • Flutter uses Dart programming language, which is well-known for its clean and concise coding syntax.
  • Flutter’s basic development blocks are widgets that can be customized to any app.
  • Using different themes, Flutter lets you create different versions of the same iOS, Android, and web app with different looks and feel.
  • Google finally brought Codemagic, a provider of continuous development and testing (CD) solutions, to develop, test, and package all Flutter apps across all platforms.

Before you start, however, you should know the cost of Flutter App Development Companies.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose Flutter?

You may be curious about why emerging startups prefer Flutter to develop their apps. Below is the reason for the Flutter App Development cost. Flutter is an app development platform that offers many benefits. Here are some benefits of Flutter. 

Lesser Cost for Application Development

The development cost of a Flutter app will decrease as the time and resources required to develop it are less.

Lesser Testing Time

Single codebase QA is a way to save time and reduce the amount of development work. They can only test one version of an application. Developers and QA teams will enjoy reduced time spent testing. This is a huge advantage when the Flutter app developed for one platform works smoothly on another. The application can be made more efficient and save time without compromising quality.

Better Resource Management

Entrepreneurs can hire Flutter developers or teams that do iOS and Android Development . Because they only have to manage small development teams, this reduces the psychological cost for project managers.

Provides Better UI Experience

Flutter offers the best user interface thanks to its Virtual UI design. To maximize your marketing opportunities, entrepreneurs want to launch their applications as soon as possible. Your app will be more popular if it is established quickly.

Your initial users will help you to understand their experience and allow you to anticipate their needs. Flutter’s latest release has dramatically expanded the range of reusable components and materials, making it more expressive and flexible.

Reusability Code

Flutter allows developers to use the same code base across different platforms for application development. This makes Flutter more flexible and allows for faster growth.

Flutter for Web & Desktop

Google has also extended Flutter’s capabilities to the Web. This means that Flutter can now be used outside of the mobile app. Desktop embedding with Flutter is always a good idea, as it makes it easy to access the desktop at an early stage.

Open-Source and Free

Flutter is an entirely free and open-source platform that allows developers to integrate innumerable third-party libraries and packages to provide different features such as chat, videos, ads, and chat.

Flutter is an excellent choice for mobile application development because it has lower development time, less testing, and lower application development costs. Here are some technical reasons product owners can weigh Flutter.

  • Flutter is written using Dart programming language. This language uses Ahead-of-Time Techniques to compile into native code. Flutter does not use any extra bridges to compile native code, unlike React Native.
  • Dart, thanks for its Debugging tools. Developers can troubleshoot specific command errors using Dart Analyzer or Data Observatory tools. Explore more on Flutter’s debug documentation.
  • Flutter offers both ready-made widgets and custom widgets. Flutter is faster than other mobile frameworks in customizing the UI.
  • The Hot Reloading function allows you to see the changes in real-time. You want to fix an error you encountered while running the application. Flutter enables you to select the mistakes without restarting the entire application.
  • Plugins – Developers can use third-party plugins with Flutter during the application development process. It also allows you to choose which plugins are best suited for your application.

This was all about Flutter as a cross-platform app and why Flutter is the best choice to build MVP.

What are the benefits of using Flutter?

Flutter’s value has already been proven shortly after its official launch. This framework allows you to create apps more quickly and save money. Investing in Flutter is brilliant for many reasons for small and startup businesses.

1. It is highly economical

  • Flutter is less expensive than other cross-platform development platforms. Any company can use Flutter, no matter its size or organization.
  • Flutter’s code reuse tool is available to developers. You can create apps for multiple platforms with one code.
  • Small and medium-sized companies can use this platform to create fast and feature-rich apps. Flutter apps have low development costs because they are constantly evolving.
  • According to research, Flutter is used by 42% of software developers.

2. Accelerated development

  • It can be difficult and time-consuming to create feature-rich software for corporate purposes.
  • You need to hire mobile app designers to help you create complex apps. Startups and small businesses must act quickly for app development.
  • Small businesses can deploy their apps faster than their competitors by hiring a reputable Flutter app development company in India. As a result, flutter apps are faster than other platforms, which can help enterprises to reduce their time to market (TTM).

3. An exceptional user experience

  • It is possible to create user interfaces that are Flutter-based on any platform. Because the venue has a different rendering engine, developers can still use their existing UI.
  • App users will enjoy an excellent, native-like experience on all devices. By providing the best user experience, SMBs can increase their customer base.

4.There are many widgets available

  • Many industries can use the widgets from Flutter. These widgets have a wide range of capabilities that allow developers to create complex user interfaces.
  • The development process can be made more accessible by combining widgets with third-party plugins. The UI toolkit makes it easier to create Flutter apps.
  • Small businesses can use Flutter to increase their visibility.

5. Productivity is boosted

  • Design and development teams can collaborate effectively and quickly review changes using Flutter’s Hot Reloading functionality.
  • During the development process, developers can view all UI changes. They can save time and money and be easier to use.
  • Hot Reloading can be a productivity-enhancing tool for a Flutter app developer.

6. Modification functionality

  • Because Flutter is a single-code platform, developers can easily modify and maintain apps.
  • Startups and small businesses will benefit from greater flexibility and improved modification capability.
  • Small companies can update their Flutter apps to stay abreast of the latest developments in mobile application development.
  • Startups can constantly modify their apps in response to feedback from early users.
  • Flutter’s extraordinary customization capabilities are required to keep the app current and user-friendly.

7. Outstanding responsiveness

  • Apps built with Flutter work on all platforms. Dart programs are compatible across all platforms without changing their code.
  • Flutter allows programmers to create incredibly responsive apps. Flutter makes it easy for developers to create programs that work on multiple operating systems and platforms in a shorter time.
  • Programmers can also make their programs more intuitive during this period. Businesses can use various platforms, including online media and mobile phones.

What is the cost of Flutter app development?

The overall cost to develop a mobile app for your Flutter app will depend on factors such as app complexity and level of features. Based on your project requirements Flutter app can cost $20,000-24,000.

This is a rough estimate based on the average development standards. You should contact a Flutter app development company for a precise estimate. They can do market research and provide a cost estimate.

Factors that Influence the Flutter App Development Cost

The primary factor that will affect the cost of Flutter app development is the mobile app features. However, other important factors, such as the design approach, development model, and size of your outsourced team, play a significant role in determining your overall budget.

Flutter app complexity

Each application can be sub-categorized based on its complexity level.

This is based on several criteria, including deployment architecture model, admin panel design, third-party integrations, and built-in features. It also includes hardware device integration.

Flutter app category

Flutter can be divided into many categories. Each category has its functionality, demographics, and security criteria.

As you move between applications, it is common to notice various feature changes. For example, some apps may require multi-factor authentication, while others may not.

A currency converter app, for example, will be much cheaper than an IoT app or ride-booking app because it has fewer features.

Flutter app design

A well-designed application will be a success. To create intuitive, fluid design-based apps, outsource Flutter app developers. A simple and appealing app design will help users to connect with the app on a personal level.

You can choose how your app looks, but animations and designs can enhance your app’s functionality.

Tools and licensing

Flutter can be used for free, even commercially. However, purchasing several tools and integrations might be necessary if you want to expand the functionality and improve the development process.

Third-party API integrations

Are required, such as interfaces for application programming that allow two programs to communicate with each other using protocols. Advanced APIs are also necessary for more significant usage.

Flutter app builders development tools, also known as IDEs (Integrated Development Environment), are software integrations that allow you to build modern cross-platform flutter apps. Many popular integrations are available, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, and PyCharm.

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Your flutter app development team’s size and location

A flutter app development company with years of experience can help you create high-quality apps with top-notch functionality and features.

  • App Maintenance

Flutter app maintenance costs are a prominent feature in the price list. You will need to update your flutter app to keep up with your users’ changing needs, no matter how old or new it gets.

Flutter app development services are based on the necessity to include users’ feedback and improve the app.

Three main criteria sum up the cost of developing a flutter app:

  • App updates

  • Design changes

  • App bug fixes

These factors are not the only ones that can influence the cost of Flutter app development.

A poorly held product discovery phase can prevent a project from failing before it even hits the shelves. It includes initial contact, planning, and drawing specifications.

Therefore, the project manager and the app development team must create a plan of action and identify potential loopholes in the development process.

These factors all add to the question, “How much does it cost to develop a flutter application?”


Flutter is the best cross-platform for building complex apps on a budget. Flutter will only improve with the continued growth of the Flutter community and the support from Google.

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