10 Oct 2023

How to Develop a Healthcare App like myAster? Reveal Cost, Features, Business Opportunities, & Much More


Shivani Singh

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The idea of offering patients the best healthcare services without making them stand in a queue and wait for their appointment is not just the only win the world has witnessed with the healthcare app development but many more.

And guess what?

You don’t need to rely on various healthcare solutions for different activities like booking appointments, getting prescriptions, connecting with doctors, or receiving health and wellness product delivery because everything is ensured by an app like myAster, the one-stop solution for all your healthcare needs.

What’s more?

The blog is focused on every factor in developing the myAster app for the Middle East region. So, unravel the wonders of an app like myAster and fly your business high in the foreseeable future. 

Now, let’s get started and dive straight for a complete insight. 

What is myAster?

myAster app- my health in my hands, is one of the largest healthcare providers in the UAE, known for its laboratories, homecare services, hospitals, clinics, etc. From booking an in-clinic to teleconsultation appointments, everything can be seamlessly done with just some taps and clicks on an app like myAster. Other app services that captivate the whole Middle East’s attention are: 

  • Accessing and managing family’s health records.
  • Video consultation while relaxing on the comfort couches
  • Appointments management
  • Scan and report viewing on the app.  
  • Status and updates about doctor appointments. 
  • Link various insurances to your profile
  • An extensive variety in health, beauty, and wellness products
  • 4 secure points are credited to the user’s account whenever they spend 1AED. 
  • Search for doctors by applying filters like gender, specialty, location, and spoken language. 
  • Free delivery for favorite healthcare products of users. 

To build an app like myAster with such feature integration, it’s only required to join hands with a top healthcare app development company like Techugo

Some Exceptionalities About myAster!

The creative heads behind the myAster app empower patients with end-to-end care facilitation and seamless access to the healthcare ecosystem, making it reach over 1 million lives since its arrival and rank at the top as a free medical app on the App Store and Play Store. 

With the aim to align and cater to the ever-evolving needs in the healthcare sector, this wellness solution is developed. From the easy user interface to video consultation with a specialist, the patient can enjoy its usage in this newly edged and innovative world. 

Why Should You Develop an App like myAster?

Unveil the potential of healthcare solutions and how they can ensure impeccable growth for your business. 

Reveals Whys on Crafting an App like myAster!

  • As the healthcare industry is expanding at a rapid pace with the integration of top technologies like AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, and IoT, creating a terrific solution to cater to the burgeoning demands will make your organization grow and succeed.
  • Entrepreneurs, patients, and healthcare professionals can enjoy ample benefits with an app like myAster that gives a new definition of how patients and doctors communicate digitally. 
  • The telehealth market in the Middle East and Africa is likey to grow at a CAGR of 26.3% by 2030, locating our focus on building ground-breaking healthcare solutions.
  • The entrepreneurs will enjoy significant revenue and growth with an app idea like myAster and embark on a progressive journey.  

That’s not it!

More significant opportunities will knock at your door that scatters your reach worldwide. Read further to learn about the same. 

What Business Opportunities can Occur with a Healthcare App like myAster?

Indeed, the potential of digital advancement can be seen in every industry, whether it be elearning, fintech, food delivery, eCommerce, entertainment, sports, or others. And if we talk about the digitalized face of the healthcare industry, it surely has a lot to offer for businesses worldwide with apps like myAster. 

The potential of building an app like myAster is huge, and here are the reasons proving the same-

  • Speed and Adaptability

Patients are free from the monotony of waiting in a long queue to confirm and cancel/delay appointments or collect reports on their health, all thanks to innovative healthcare solutions. Moreover, they can learn about the availability of different doctors, book an appointment with them, and make the payment instantly.

What else?

More patients will come closer to your business when everything turns seamless and speedy from appointment to treatment. 

  • Improved Productivity

Integrating the EHR software in your healthcare app while taking support from a top mobile app development company UAE helps your healthcare professionals examine the past treatments of the patients without consuming more time and effort; thus, they will provide the patients with the best care possible and increase the productivity level of the organization. 

  • Better Cause

There is nothing like creating a better and healthier world for people, and guess what?

Your app will be one among many built to impact society positively. From a youth to an elderly person, the challenges while arriving at hospitals and clinics would be reduced as the exact consultation can be accessed with just some taps and clicks on the healthcare app. When there are more happy patients, your revenue generation becomes double or triple. 

  • Nurturing Health Awareness

Today, people are more interested in learning about their health than ever, but because of their busy schedules, they hardly get the time to book or join appointments with their doctors. 

Fortunately, healthcare solutions like myAster let them hear directly from medical professionals, physicians, dieticians, dermatologists, and health coaches about their health, thus catering to their medical requirements without disturbing their ongoing lives. 

  • Streamline Communications

Effective communication with the patients and your board members must be ensured for the growth of your healthcare organization. However, it can be challenging for the employees to sit in front of their computers, access emails, and review the patient’s data.

But a healthcare solution like myAster can resolve it because accessing mobile apps is much easier than accessing computers. While integrating push notifications with the support of a top mobile app development company Dubai, you can seamlessly alert your professionals about critical and time-sensitive information and thus make the most of streamlined communication. 

  • Appointment Management

Hospitals waste a lot of time with staff preferring traditional ways to manage appointment requests. The valuable and core activities get ignored, leading to poor organizational performance. 

But when you have a mobile app with an appointment calendar, patients can view doctors’ availability and book appointments digitally. Even the chances of no-show-ups get reduced with reminders provided to patients about their appointments. 

Plus, when any appointment is postponed or cancelled, the slot appears vacant to the new patient that they can book, and this minimizes the doctor’s idle time.

Essential Features of an App like myAster

Do you know why an app like myAster is renowned in the entire Middle East?

It’s all because of its dynamic features that ensure the robust functionalities of the app while providing an intuitive and seamless user experience. 

Want to learn about those terrific features that make myAster a one-stop destination for all healthcare needs?

Reveal it here!

What makes an app like myAster unique and feature-rich-

  • User Authentication 

To protect sensitive patient data, the healthcare industry does not skip the relevance of integrating multi-factor authentication (MFA) in an app like myAster that provides users with more than a password to access their data seamlessly.

Our top mobile app development company in Dubai can help you amalgamate the feature to add an updated layer of security against threats in your digital solution. 

  • Dashboard

The dashboard lets users learn about their appointments, health data, and other necessary information with simple taps and clicks. While joining hands with the robust UI/UX designers of a leading medicine app development company, you can build the same for your app. 

  • Appointment Scheduling

With some simple taps and clicks, patients can book, reschedule, and cancel their appointments, thus letting the organization reduce no-shows that negatively impact its growth, revenue generation, and workflow. 

  • Secure Messaging

In an app like myAster, the secure messaging feature is vital as it smoothens the confidential communication between healthcare professionals and patients while securing sensitive information. 

For you to mark a win against all the competition, we recommend integrating one of the most terrific features of an app like myAster in your digital solution with the help of Techugo, a top healthcare/fitness app development company.

  • Payment Gateway

Another layer of security is ensured by integrating a payment gateway that lets patients ensure a hassle-free and secure transaction while they make payments for services and medications they have purchased. Whether it be Braintree, Stripe, Paypal, etc., you can integrate any of them and take the lead against the competitive edge. 

  • Notifications 

Don’t ever ignore the magnificence of push notifications. Undoubtedly, they play a significant role in creating apps for all industry verticals, whether e-scooters, social networking, or on-demand.

Moreover, the patient can get information about lab results, medication reminders, appointments, and others when you implement the power of push notifications, thus letting your business enjoy enhanced user engagement and the app’s effectiveness. 

  • API Integration 

API integration is a must to let your users seamlessly connect with external healthcare systems that include data exchange, interoperability, and telehealth consultation. 

With the association and support of our doctor appointment app development company, include this in your app and derive a robust user experience and revenue generation. 

  • AI-Based Symptom Checker 

AI also brings its sparks to the healthcare sector in various forms and tools like healthcare chatbots, voice search, image search, AI-based symptom checker, etc. In an app like myAster, patients use AI to get valuable insights about their health after providing symptoms. 

Using this feature, the door to deliver extensive user engagement gets unlocked for entrepreneurs, and the app lets users enjoy self-assessment and access to reliable information, etc. 

  • Voice Recognition

With the growing magnificent digital landscape, people have been turning their focus from taps and clicks to the voice search that enables hands-free interaction and allows users to navigate the app through their voice commands. 

Integrating the voice recognition feature can be a game-changer for your business, triggering more growth and expansion. Add some more surprising and exceptional elements like voice recognition to your healthcare app with the support of a top mobile app development company like Techugo and make it a more convenient and robust platform for users to use. 

  • Health Data Analytics and Reports

To deliver enhanced patient care, data-driven healthcare treatment, and better diagnosis, you just need the power-packed blend of robust analytics and reporting features. 

It is only through the feature users can get a complete insight into their health data, and doctors can make informed decisions earlier while accessing the data without consuming more effort and energy into going through lots of papers. Also, consider creating HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps that ensure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of PHI (Protected Health Information).

  • Activity Logs

What else you need to add as a feature inside your healthcare solution is the activity log that stores the interactions of healthcare providers and patients with the app and thus brings valuable insight, which you can look at and plan out every strategy that improves the app’s usability, enhances user experience, and let you achieve another progressive milestone super soon. 

  • Cloud Storage

Another pivotal feature for an app like myAster is Cloud Storage, which lets you store the patient data and access the same from anywhere. 

To facilitate hassle-free workflow among healthcare providers, improve overall efficiency, and enhance the data back, cloud storage is a power-packed and top-notch solution. To implement cloud computing in healthcare software, our developers can help. 

  • Electronic Health Records

Say no to all worries about the secure storage of your patients’ data with EHR integration and seamlessly get access to their medical histories, diagnostic reports, and prescriptions. This feature can be a great help to meet the regulatory standards. 

  • Prescription Management

Thanks to the prescription management feature, users can access and manage their prescriptions without any bottlenecks. Integrating it ensures medication adherence and more accessible communication with healthcare providers. To create a great win against your competitor, a prescription management feature is essential. 

How does an app like myAster earn money?

After learning about the potential of an app like myAster, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon of how the most renowned healthcare solution in the MENA region earns money.

So, are you excited to unravel the wonders of it?

If yes, just dive deep and apply those strategies that will prove to be an excellent tool for revenue generation. Move ahead and learn.

Tactics to follow to earn money with an app like myAster-

  • In-App Purchase

The best monetization strategy available today is an in-app purchase that lets you sell medical supplies, premium consultations, and advanced health-tracking tools.

For instance, a user could purchase a glucose-tracking module for specialized diabetes management. 

Through this, you would not only enjoy enhanced consumer retention but also increased revenue generation. However, building an app like myAster with this feature can impact the cost.

  • Subscription Models

From OTT platforms like Netflix to elearning apps like Byju’s, every digital solution today consists of subscription-based revenue. 

And do you know what? You can also look for this option while building an app like myAster, with basic functionalities on the free app and advanced features or personalized treatments by specialists on its premium version. 

To implement the subscription strategy on your app, all you need is the support of some technocrats like the developers at Techugo. 

  • Listing

Just like food delivery apps Grubhub, Talabat, Zomato, and Swiggy provide a premium listing for their partnered restaurants to place them at the top of the homepage of the app, you can also charge certain healthcare providers who want to be seen by most consumers while coming at the front. 

That’s not it!

You can also ask for a certain amount as a fee from healthcare professionals, physiotherapy clinics, and dermatologists for publishing their articles about healthy lifestyles, exercise patterns, and skin care routines on your apps. This will not only generate more income sources but also attract your targeted audience. 

  • Advertisement Partnerships

While partnering with other healthcare brands and displaying ads about their products and services on your digital solution, you can again generate more revenue. 

Don’t ignore the potential of advertisement partnerships; it has much to offer for your business success if you have an extensive user base. 

Using any of these revenue tactics, wonders will knock at your door. 

What should be the procedure for developing an app like myAster?

To create an app like myAster, you must follow prominent steps like what we discussed in this section for the seamless development process. 

Development of an app

  • Market Research and Planning

Yes, that’s the first thing you have to do to start your ride in making a greater impact on this world with your own app like myAster. From identifying the target audience to learning their problems, everything must be provided the utmost care if you really want to develop a ground-breaking solution for all healthcare needs.

  • Design Phase: UI and UX

The designs of the app work like a magnetic force that attracts your end-consumers toward your brand and business, which means it has to be creative, seamless, intuitive, and user-centric. 

And do you know what?

Our UI/UX team at Techugo will help you meet all your design requirements so you will not be at fall. 

  • Core Development

Here comes the most important stage: app development, which involves the integration of high-graded codes, tech stack, programming languages, and robust front-end and back-end architecture. 

Indeed, it is the core factor influencing the cost to develop an app in Dubai

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Before app deployment, what’s the most essential that we put our entire focus into?

Yes, it’s the app testing and quality assurance. 

Using rigorous testing methods, the QA team of our top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia analyses the app performance while identifying bugs, issues, and weaknesses, thus ensuring a terrific app. 

  • Deployment and Post Launch Support

We know your excitement will peak when the moment arrives, and you will finally see the digital solution you have always dreamed of in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

Right, isn’t it?

After verifying the app, the high-graded developers deploy it to the preferred platform using specific steps and following the guidelines. But that’s not it; the support and maintenance service for the app would also be provided to resolve any bugs and performance-related issues within the app if anything appears. 

Cost to Develop a Healthcare Mobile App like myAster

Various elements come into action when you explore the cost to build a healthcare mobile app like my

Now, let’s just move ahead to the most awaited query of this guide and enlighten our focus on how much it costs to develop a healthcare mobile app

  • Security Measures

There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is strictly regulated with various laws that streamline the security of patients’ data to avoid any personal use by third parties. 

Therefore, skipping this essential thing can significantly pose threats to your business. However, adding security audits can add to the overall cost. 

  • Specialized Features

The amount of features you want in your app impacts the healthcare app development cost that we all are already aware of, but that’s not the only thing because the complexities of the features can also bring a lot more fluctuation in the cost because of the time taken by the developers to resolve them. 

While a simple appointment booking feature will prove budget-friendly, AI-driven algorithms for personalized health recommendations are more expensive. Therefore, choose your high-graded features wisely. 

  • Third-Party Integration

Various third-party tools like payment gateways, push notifications, and EHR are also required while developing your own healthcare app like myAster. 

And yes, each tool affects the app development cost. So, planning everything regarding the features you want is essential while considering your end users. 

  • Geographic Location

In which country your developers are located is another influencing factor that should not be ignored in calculating the cost of developing a healthcare app because different countries have different prices for providing the same services.

For example, if you seek the help of North American developers, they will cost more than Asian developers. 

  • Platform and Tech Stack

For which platform do you want to make your app live, and what kind of tech stack do you need for the robust and sleek app performance also influences the cost? While cross-platform app development costs less, native app development costs more. Therefore, choose wisely. 

Get Tech Support from Techugo and Build an App like myAster!

Yes, it’s time to choose a reliable partner to move beyond the progressive milestone while turning complexities and bottlenecks into opportunities and success-laden paths. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t go any further than our team at Techugo, a proficient mobile app development company in USA, which has been turning the dreams of businesses worldwide with the most innovative, digitally-focussed, and robust solutions like Theacare, Lifology, Milkbun, etc. From concept to deployment and support & maintenance, we will provide our best support and streamline your business growth. 


  • How much does it cost to build an app like myAster?

Although connecting with a robust app development company can help you gain complete insight into the myAster app development cost, if you want to learn more, read these influencing factors: 

  • Security Measures
  • Specialized Features
  • Geographical Location
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Platform and Tech Stack

  • How are the security precautions ensured in the myAster app?

The app consists of technologies like multi-factor authentication, end-to-end authentication, secure cloud storage, etc., to provide higher security levels to their customers. 

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