3 Mar 2020
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How To Develop A Personal Trainer App Like 7 Minute Workout?


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We all have been to the situation, where we access a fitness app, thinking the best output to receive, but in a fraction of a minute, the app encourages the lethargy within us and instead of going ahead, and we simply quit the show in search of something better.

70 % apps get uninstalled due to the poor users’ engagement

This stats is not surreal but is based on the real-time information and it clearly signifies the relevance of user interaction with the app, which must not be woven loosely, else the app receives the rejection in abundance.

I know this very aspect is known and practiced largely by the leading app development companies in UK, yet a large number of fitness mobile apps portals, receive the flak of strong users’ hatred, which dumps down the dream of a successful business venture somewhere deep down.

It is painful, but curable as well

No one wants to get the app venture to flunk in the app market, but the clustered ambiance of the pre-existing mobile apps in the app market, make the situation turn claustrophobic for your app to survive, without the special measures to help it sail through.

In this post, I have tried my level best to pick some of the features and the aspects, which can help you boost the user engagement to a new level.

Before I will proceed to flaunt my experience given through the tips, I would like to bring your attention towards the most promising app in the market, personal trainer app like 7 minute workout.

Features required developing a personal trainer app like 7 minute

  • Authorizing, account creation
  • Data tracking and storage
  • Geolocation and mapping
  • Social networking connection
  • Notifications for motivation
  • Wearables integration

Is this all what requires to develop a fitness app?

There is an overlooked factor by the app developers, and that is studying your competitors.

Your app competitors are your BEST teachers, and they help you understand not just what to be done, but also what MUST NOT be done.

Do not underestimate the power of competition analyze, since it opens a new door of opportunities, which can help you cover the befitting aspects for a successful app venture.

Look closely, what are they doing? How are they trying to engage their users? Which features are gaining more attention? What is deviating the users from using the app and what irks the users?

Once you have got the answers for these questions, I would like to say that invest your intellect herewith and let your users get a filtered version free from any glitch which could hamper their seamless journey of user experience.

Now it is the right time to disclose the number of tips to you

  • Post Real Reviews

With the fitness platform, the most expected situation is, when the users are attracted towards any specific workout, but they turn little uncertain of trying it, and this tricky situation leads to abandoning the app.

What to do???

Yes, this is the situation which needs to be addressed with the right set of strategy, wherein except posting the right specification and the images, you can force your users gently to make the final workout practice, through posting the reviews.

The reviews are the underrated aspect by most of the fitness app owners since they think that a very less number of users are interested to read and use.

But here you are WRONG

The role of reviews in the users’ purchasing or picking the app decision is unconquerable, and no other feature can beat its relevance.

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You would be surprised to know that your users purchasing decisions are highly dominated by the reviews they read…

Hence, you must engage the users further with your fitness app portal with the publishing of right and the effective but not the fake reviews.

  • Announce The New-Features

Your fitness app portal is the replica of the brick and mortar gyms, through which the users can take a glance over the different workout.

But you need to create the deep engagement level with your users, by flaunting the number of new-features.

Create a special space in your app, which would let the users explore the offers/ discounts/ new features, which would help to garner the users’ attention with the right set of strategies.

The level of potential from the fitness app is HUGE and MASSIVE; the only thing you need to learn is channelizing those into your business’s favor.

I do really hope these mentioned tips would help you pick an engaging environment for your mobile app, but here you must not forget, getting your app designed and developed by a mobile application development company, which has the proven success record of developing the most successful mobile apps in the world.

With this hope that you would get a successful e-commerce mobile app platform for your business and would carve new success stories, I bid adieu to you all.

Keep watching this space for more engaging app technology related news coming your way!

And for the most substantial and effective cost for the development, reach out to the Techugo team today.

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