15 Sep 2023

How To Develop An App Like Smiles In Dubai? Unveil Here!


Shivani Singh

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How To Develop An App Like Smiles In Dubai Unveil Here

Isn’t it an exception to this world to get an app like Smiles that serves not only as a one-stop solution for online grocery shopping but also lets users enjoy a tonne of savings and benefits? 

Leveraging innovative masterpieces like the Smiles app, the people of UAE can avail of special offers, buy one get deals, smiles points, etc., on entertainment, travel, dining, and much more. 

What could be a better hit than this?

With many offers, discounts, and deals, consumers can increase their savings, upgrade their lifestyles, and delight their loved ones while buying them their favorite products at a lower price. 

As there are various reasons people spend their money, an app like Smiles has emerged as a necessity that lets its users promote savings without even neglecting their daily, weekly, or monthly grocery needs.

It is a great idea to start and think something like the Smiles app. We will spill the beans on turning this app idea into a reality with all the required elements. So, let’s dive into the post and get a complete insight.

What is a Smiles app?

Smiles app is the most used application in UAE for grocery shopping and ordering. Users can pick and buy various items like meat, beverages, dairy, snacks, etc. while getting exclusive deals, discounts, and customized recommendations. 

The Smiles app can be downloaded from both the Google Play and App Store, to let users enjoy a seamless grocery shopping experience. 

That’s not it!

The app is also available in a website form; users are just required to create an account, and they will become all set to browse various stores, compare prices, and find relevant items.

How does the Smiles app work?

Smiles app is not just a grocery shopping app, but it allows users to redeem various points through which they can move from theme parks to cinema halls and other attractions at a discount price. As per the interests, location, and history, the app delivers six promising deals daily to each user. Such as: 

  • Dining: Redeem “Buy 1 get 1 free” deals from over 3,000 restaurants.
  • Supermarkets: Discounts to users with Smiles points on products.
  • Travel: Points for tours and flights
  • Fashion and Lifestyle: At over 2000 outlets, users can redeem Smiles points and earn. 
  • Entertainment: This deal lets users get a 50% discount on cinema tickets and theme parks. 
  • Order Food: For every AED you spend with the credit/debit card, you can earn 1 Smiles point and 50% off on your first order using the prevalent code. 

So, this is how the Smiles app functions, rather than just behaving merely like a grocery delivery app. If you also want to create an app like this, just don’t look any further than Techugo, a top mobile app development company in Dubai, and build your own high-graded app like Smiles. 

What’s the Secret Behind the Craze of an App like Smiles?

The secret behind the Smiles app beating all its competition and moving ahead lies in its benefits to users whenever they shop from the convenience of their homes. Such as: 

From Alluring Offers to Ease of Use

  • Ease of Use: 

With 500 merchants available, it becomes seamless for users to locate products at the best price possible because every merchant offers different costs. After comparing the prices, quantity, quality, reviews, and other essentials, users can make the buying decision and thus proceed further to get the item delivered to their doorsteps. 

  • Offerings and Discounts:

With plenty of offerings and discounts, customers feel smart and confident in shopping. They show no guilt after entering the coupon code for their buying decision. Even the urge to shop again increases with the saved money, and they visit the store more often. This tactic drums up instant consumer interest and word-of-mouth of your store. 

  • Extensive Range of Products:

Another exciting thing about an app like Smiles that fascinates users and attracts their attention is none other than the extensive range of products classified into various categories like snacks, fresh fruits, dairy products, meat, household goods, and vegetables available inside the app. What else does a user need to find the best deals when everything is provided in an app like Smiles? 

  • Real-time Order Tracking: 

Today, everyone wants to track their orders, and consumers of the Smiles app are no exception. After getting the order confirmation, they can easily learn the status of their order, the location where it is reached, and how long it will take to reach the destination. Utilizing the GPS technology, our mobile app development company in UAE can help you add this feature to your existing app. 

  • Individualized Advice: 

As the software of the Smiles app is built while integrating AI technology, customers can get personalized recommendations based on their purchase history, product visits, and items on the wishlist. This will save users time locating the item of interest and let them enjoy a seamless shopping experience. 

  • Multiple Payment Options: 

What else makes an app like Smiles more suitable for customers is the option to pay from different modes like credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, UPI, and others. While providing so many ways, Smiles attracts all users paying differently and thus boosts its revenue generation. 

Instead of these, there are many more benefits of an app like Smiles through which users upgrade their lifestyles and bring some significant impact in the UAE.

 Streamline Growth: A Step-by-Step Guide to Create an App Like Smiles! 

Now, let’s build an app like Smiles while considering all the essential steps that perfectly fit your business requirements, ensure higher ROI, and provide the highest value to users. 

How to develop an app like Smiles

  • Identify your Requirements: 

The first step essential in app development is identifying the requirements. Yes, you have to think about your application, its capabilities, business models, and goals while getting answers to these primary questions: 

  • What issues will my digital solution resolve?
  • Who are the targeted users, and where do I find and attract them?
  • Which platform should I choose: Android, iOS, web or cross-platform?
  • From so many monetization models, which one should I give the most attention to?
  • What results can I get from my application?

Instead, you must learn about all the competitors in the market that serve the same purpose, like how they are growing and what users mostly love about the products they sell. 

  • Analysis and Planning

As you have successfully portrayed everything and received answers to the questions above, at this point, you will analyze and plan some basic requirements, such as the product roadmap, functional and non-functional needs, and the tech stack.

  • Product Roadmap: It ensures the process through which you’ll reach the end goal. You can go towards it either through MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or by modifying your existing application with improved features and better performance. Consult our mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia to learn more about this. 
  • Functional and Non-Functional Requirements: It depends on all the needs you have to cater to for functional or non-functional development. While functional requirements involve creating features like generating account statements, managing credit cards, making payments, etc., in a fintech app, non-functional requirements mainly focus on extending the system performance and user experience level. 
  • Tech Stack: This stage involves every technology you require to develop your own app like Smiles. Yes, our iPhone app development company in UAE can help you opt for the technology according to your idea, industry goals, business motives, and objectives. You can get in touch with them to learn more. 
  • UI/UX Design

If the mobile app design is captivating, engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly, you don’t need anything more to attract your user’s attention. 

Wondering why? 

Because it’s the prime element visible to users, and if it is good, you are also good to go to beat the competition. Here is how you should proceed with the UI/UX design of an app like Smiles:

  • Wireframes: These digital sketches ensure a visual structure of your app’s functionality and emphasize the app’s aesthetics. 
  • Style Guides: It consists of various aspects that give the look and feel of your brand, such as widgets, color schemes, spacing and positioning instructions, fonts, buttons, etc. 
  • Mockups: They are known as the final rendering of your app visuals, and you can create mockups with the help of our on-demand app development company, Techugo.
  • Prototypes: Simulating the app’s entire workflow and user experience is what the prototypes do. You can fix any mishaps within the design and functionality using the prototype. 
  • Development

Utilizing the state-of-the-art codes, the frontend and backend team of Techugo, a top Android app development company, initiates the development process. While the Backend ensures the creation of databases and server-side objects that determine the performance and scalability of your mobile app, the Frontend is all about building the main approaches through which the end-user will interact the most.

  • Mobile App Testing 

We cannot deploy or publish the app on their preferred platforms just after finishing the development because it’s time to begin testing. Yes, we will learn about the performance, security, functionality, bugs, issues, and glitches within the app when QA analysts perform testing methods. It is only through their ability you can ensure that everything works well. You can learn more about it by consulting with the QA experts of our IoT app development company, who eliminate all the loopholes and ensure the robust performance of your app. 

  • Deployment 

Now, it is the stage during which you can publish or deploy your app on the Google Play Store or App Store. Don’t be worried if you don’t know the correct method, steps, or procedure for app deployment because our app development company will help you. After successfully publishing your app, we will not go anywhere and provide our support and monitoring services for a specific period. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Smiles? 

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Smiles

An app like Smiles is no more than a triumph to this world because it lets users save and make the most of discounts, cash-back offers, and exciting deals while moving into their favorite restaurants, fashion outlets, hotels, and cinema halls. 

If you are also looking forward to building an app like Smiles for your online eCommerce store, ice-cream parlor, or apparel store, we at Techugo, the best mobile app development company, are always ready to help. 

Coming back to the question, the cost of an app like Smiles or any other app in the world usually depends on a significant number of factors, such as: 

  • App platform
  • App design
  • Features & functionalities
  • Tech stack
  • Customize requirements
  • Time to develop
  • Location of your tech partner
  • Security
  • Updates and maintenance
  • And various others

So, if you plan to build an app like Smiles, you must consider a meeting with a top mobile app development company in UAE like Techugo to walk into the encyclopedia of app development cost

Meet with Techugo to Develop Your Own Next-Gen App!

Techugo feeds technologies!

Yes, here at Techugo, you will find every resource, tech expertise, and experienced professional who can take your app idea ahead while beating the competition. Instead, they will help you move beyond the progressive milestones while turning the loopholes into dynamic opportunities in the face of technology. 

So, are you excited to meet with the experts who have helped 750+ ideas turned into big giant solutions, unicorns, and multi-billion companies?

If yes, just get in touch with our top-notch app development company today. You will definitely extract multiple benefits from technologies by consulting with our team and experts. 

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