17 Mar 2020
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How To Develop An Online Tutoring App?

Gunjan Manral

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Online Tutoring App

Think of Gen-X, and every technology that you can access on your hand comes banging onto your mind.

No doubt, e-learning is one of the fastest-growing on-demand markets, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12% by 2023.

The concept of online tutoring is nothing less than the uber for tutoring, which lets the users access the services, by pressing few buttons on their mobiles and get the services in a blink of an eye.

How online tutoring is better than traditional services?

This is the question, that has been asked by many out there, as we believe that coaching is done online does not have the value. However, what we fail to understand that online tutoring is the best way to address the needs of Millenials. Let’s find out further, about the benefits of online tutoring…

  • It is more convenient
  • It can be accessed and is available anytime, anywhere
  • Users receive progress updates
  • Parents have regular access to online tutors
  • Users get individual attention
  • Tutors provide a customized program to fit the requirements of the users

These are some of the advantages involved with online tutoring, which further helps the users to learn quickly and conveniently. Now, you must be wondering, what all it takes to build a successful online tutoring app.

Let’s hop onto this post further, to know what all secret ingredients are involved in the development journey of online tutoring.

Top Features To Be Considered For Online Tutoring App Development


Online Tutoring App For Users

#1- User login

The user login is the first aspect that must be addressed. It must be easy, smooth and without any lengthy process involved.

#2- Find the tutor

Online tutoring app can be for any genre, such as educational or non-educational. Here, the users can search for the courses and tutors available. You must include the keyword search option, so users can search for their specific requirement, effortlessly.

#3- Review the tutor

With this feature, users can find out the experienced certified tutors and can check the details of tutors through reviews, ratings, and specifications.

#4- Chat with tutors

The technical advancement of your platform, must not deter the users to interact with the tutors. Your app must allow the users to indulge in live chat sessions or group video chatting, in-app messaging with the tutor.

#5- Booking a tutor

This feature, lets the users book the tutor, after checking the overall portfolio of a tutor.

This very feature must have the other relevant details also included, such as hourly rate, date, time, and payment mode.

Online Tutoring App for Tutors

#1- Profile set-up

In this feature, keep some of the main features, such as tutors’ experience, certificates, photo, expertise among other details. And don’t forget to integrate the social media log-in option into it.


With this feature, tutors can mark their available calendar slot. So include available dates, advance booking, and cancelation feature.

#3- Accept/reject request

As per the demand and availability, tutors, have the freedom of accepting and rejecting the request sent by the users.

#4- Earning criteria

Here tutors can keep a check on their weekly or monthly earnings and track the fee of various users.

Apart from addressing the demand of Millenials, something that has really brought attention to the online tutoring in 2020, is the Pandemic Coronavirus.

Yeah, the evil claws of the virus, are getting sharper and stronger and have caused the global shutdown.

Global private tutoring booms as coronavirus shuts schools!

It has been observed, that a larger part of the word has quarantined from res part of the globe, and in this run, educational institutions, including, schools, colleges, private academies, Govt educational bodies are shut down.

This outbreak would definitely cause a bigger loss to the economy, lives, resources, jobs, and even education, where many students are on the brink of completing their education and take up job offers, and even for the young-buds who are missing out a large on the education.

Citizens in many countries are living in a state of quarantine and students are back in their homes with nothing to do.

To help to fight such a situation, technology comes handy and has let many students to get indulged with an engaging and fun learning experience with on-line tutoring app.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, schools across India are being shut down. Edtech startups BYJU’S, Toppr, Vedantu, and Lido are stepping in to help students study within their homes.




How about getting an Online Tutoring App?

Yeah, it sounds promising and has a strong future ahead of it. It is not just due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but also due to the convenience factor, it has got to offer.

If you are willing to get an online tutoring app built and want to know that what all it takes to make an app like uber for tutoring, don’t go anywhere, but reach us at Techugo.

Since we have developed some of the most successful on-line tutoring apps in the market, such as Sterkla.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you with your app development requirement and will help you make the best MVP model for your app.

Reach out to us today!

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