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For the people who live in the metropolitan cities, today’s era is the rise of on-demand applications.

The Taxi App or Passenger App is great in demand in today’s tech-savvy world, where riders can summon taxis or cabs from their smartphones and pay either by cash or through Paytm as per their convenience.

To develop a taxi app, there are various factors, particularly, a country in question, its regions, type of taxi app Development Company (large or small agency, dedicated developers, etc.) and the exact list of features that are implemented in it.

First of all, it should be understood that such service will require the creation of two interfaces – one for passengers and one for taxi drivers, each of which would have its options.

The Essential Features Needed For Taxi/ Passenger App


  • Register/login page: Social media integration or an email can be used for registering.
  • Booking interface: The screen, where the user would input the required travel data to book a cab.
  • Fare calculator: This feature lets the user get the estimated cost of the ride prior to placing an order.
  • Driver’s rating and reviews: Users can check the feedback left by the customers’ on the driver, the trip, and the vehicle.
  • Messaging: Users can contact the driver and settle the details e.g. exact pickup point.
  • Payment: Users should receive a fair quote and pay it in-app. They can securely store their credit cards for one-click checkout.
  • Push notifications: Keep the user updated on the booking progress and deliver the necessary information on their ride e.g. car model, color, number on the plate and ETA (estimated time of arrival).
  • Ride history: Displays details of the previous trips and receipts, plus can allow re-booking the same ride in one click (e.g. for the standard work-to-home commute).

Apart from the above-mentioned features, a Taxi App must contain few additional features for the driver as well, such as:

Essential Features for Driver App


Although some of the features for the driver would be same as passenger’s app – login, push notifications, support and messaging, but there are additional features as well:

  • Driver profile and status: Drivers are required to provide extra verification e.g. their license and tax number when they register. The status functionality should help them adjust their availability and schedule.
  • Order alert: push notification plus information on the new booking – payment, route details, etc. Should allow accepting and canceling orders.
  • Navigation suggests the best route to the passenger and onwards.
  • Estimation: States the order price with discounts (if available).
  • Reports offer a quick glance on trip stats, earnings, and payroll.

Additional Feature for the Taxi App

  • “Split the bill” – This feature lets the user share the ride costs with friends.
  • Voice commands – This feature lets you guided through voice command.
  • Waitlist – Instead of refreshing the app over and over again for a ride during the peak hours, users can add themselves on a waiting list.
  • Free in-app calls – This feature can be added via VoIP integration, though that may increase the overall taxi app development price.

What more runs behind the taxi app?

A Taxi app is not that simple if you look closer, it’s a complex system, powerful targeted marketing, and sales machine with strong back-end system. Here taxi app is just a small part that interacts with the customers. Something which is more noteworthy is the look of the taxi app, the simpler it looks, means the more number of hours are spent on making it look simpler to achieve the simplicity of the UX/UI  of the Taxi app.

Design and UX/UI

A mobile app for taxi service should be simple, intuitive and smoothly convey all the information and required user steps. Here are the key principles of great UX/UI design:

  • Familiarity
  • Simplicity
  • Digestibility
  • Clarity

Design Timeline: The timing will heavily depend on how many custom animations, transitions and interactive elements you wish to implement.

Geo-location Services and Routing


GPS services are used to identify the customer’s current position, display the cars in the neighborhood and build the best route for the driver (with real-time navigation).

The routing and GPS technology is one of the key elements of the app’s popularity among users, with just a press of button various elements involved to get the taxi at your doorstep would go clear.

A Regular Support And Update

Tech market keeps on coming with one or another tech feature to related to new payment methods, new ways to keep the customer involved, improved user experience, improved UI, reflect any changes in external systems (like google maps), and more.  The Taxi app is supposed to be regularly updated, if not, then it can vanish from the play store in a few months.

Payment System Chain

The integration of a strong payment system in the Taxi App is very much required.  Some popular payment system i.e; Paypal, CCavenue or Stripe are good services for managing online mobile payments. Their API collections can be used in addition to native payments to the taxi application. Sensitive data is encrypted before being sent to the server, thus providing high security of transactions.

Is it helpful for your business to get a taxi app?

Taxi booking app development has its own set of benefits. By enhancing a ridesharing service, you invest in the development of the target region by favoring employment, helping drivers, satisfying user’s true needs and forming a brand-loyal market.

Taxi App usage globally has increased and the taxi usage globally can be estimated at roughly $100 Billion.

Today’s consumers take it as an innovative step, and enjoy the changing industry where mobile payments are the norm, and rating the driver and selecting high rated drivers is what consumers want.

The increasing number of competition in customer service is leading more consumers to want to request a car based on their GPS location and not from hiring a cab from the street corner and for sure the taxi apps would satisfy this demand.

The cloned version of Uber or OLA would come with its own technical nuances, efforts, and skills. Thus, if you want to hire taxi app developers to create a mobile app for taxi booking, you will have to deal with some patience and a particular budget. The best way to build a successful on-demand taxi application is to gain support from qualified specialists in the turf of mobile development.

How much does it cost to build a taxi app?

To be précised, there is no confirmed cost to be presented. A the cost depends on various factors. However, to help you get the clear understanding of the cost, I would recommend you to reach out to the Techugo team and get the accurate cost.

“You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your taxi app concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your taxi app requirement.”

You can reach us at: sales@techugo.com

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