9 Jul 2020

How To Find Out The Best App Development Framework For Your Business?

How To Find Out The Best App Development Framework For Your Business

Businesses view the application as a tool to bridge the gaps present between their audience and the process. With colossal potential in-store, app technology can help an entrepreneur to strengthen the base of the business.

If you are looking for the best available options for mobile app development, then take a look further to explore the best 5 frameworks for the same.

1. React Native

Top Advantages Of A React Native Mobile App

This very famous approach was developed by Facebook and is basically a cross-platform technology. For its foundation, it does not refer to the web components; instead it shifts to native components. With the help of React and JavaScript, one can successfully create a dual-operating system for both Android and iOS. This approach aims to mend the gap present between the web and mobile development.

If you are not looking for experimenting with the advanced features, then this approach is best for you. Businesses can ace the game by creating simple apps and prototypes with this option. The complete process costs less and is quick, which makes it a most suitable platform for B2B, apps for filling forms, or anyone looking for a simpler development.

As it is comparatively new, the community is not that dense. It continuously goes under changes and is not able to maximize its capabilities. Let us see when we must not use it. Apps that-

  • Use heavy animation
  • Leverage the latest OS features
  • Need to maintain high performance

2. Native

Top Advantages Of A Native Mobile App

Most of us are well aware of this framework, as it is with us since the beginning. It consists of two different platform-

  • Android- Kotlin/ Java
  • iOS- Swift/ Objectice C

For a budding entrepreneur, it is very important to follow the tried and tested path, as it helps them to be assured of the app at all times. Therefore, many consider it to be the best choice for app development. Take a look to understand its advantages.

There is no doubt about the fact that the development of a native app is costly. But if we assess it carefully, then we will find that this technique actually saves a lot of time and other resources. Businesses need to create a strong base for the targeted audience. Customers’ loyalty only comes when they are backed by amazing user experience, safety, speed, and other necessary features. Since a native app holds the capability to deliver all those qualities to the user base, it automatically becomes the best option for businesses.

Native applications successfully adopt the newly integrated functionalities in an operating system. With the rest of the colossal features, they also display a great ability to implement hardware. So if the business application demands for hardware integration, there is no other option more suitable than native.

Till now we have only talked about the positive part, but it is mandatory to know about the possible problems. Two things that can create difficulty in this approach are-

  • Higher development and maintenance cost
  • Difficulty in updating

3. Flutter

Top Advantages Of A Flutter App

It is a lot like react-native, for example, it uses a single code base for both iOS and Android. Created by Google, this open-source cross-platform framework is totally free. Futter is comparatively a brand new technology, which means there are still many chapters that are waiting to be explored.

It has a mountain of potential but there is always a risk of Google cutting it back. Hence, in time where the competition is so fierce, such risk can create multiple problems in the future. But if you are looking to develop an application with solid UI and spell-bounding animations then Flutter is the best fit.

It is better to explore all the possible drawbacks before jumping on to the conclusion. So here are some of the limitations in Flutter that you need to know.

  • UI remains the same after the updates in Android & iOS
  • Very small community
  • Does not utilize native components
  • Comparatively new and less explored

4. Hybrid

Top Advantages Of A Hybrid App

Applications based on this framework are a lot like native ones. They can be easily downloaded and installed on a device. These are created with the help of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Hybrid apps are websites packaged into a container, because of which they look a lot like a native application.

Some of the disadvantages that Hybrid framework possess are as follows-

  • Cannot function offline
  • Modification is required because of platform inconsistencies
  • Unable to deliver an excellent user experience

5. Progressive Web Apps

Top Advantages Of PWA

This framework is gaining a lot of popularity in the business world. It can operate on any platform that makes use of a standard-compliant browser. PWA is basically an app that is created with the help of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It is delivered with the help of the web. Businesses can improve it depending on the user response and deliver the audience with an app-like web experience.

This platform is great for e-commerce, blogging, news portals. Basically the ones that focus on the text, images, and video. Its performance is really high because of search engine optimization. PWA possesses a very high reach and is not confined by the type of device.

If there are advantages, there will always be some drawbacks present. In the case of PWA, here are the following limitations-

  • Restricted possibilities
  • Cannot fully integrate with other applications
  • Not a native platform
  • Restricted hardware integration


These are the five major frameworks for initiating the process of business mobile app development. With their separate advantages and disadvantages, it gets a lot easier to choose the best suitable option for a process.

But it is obvious to carry confusion if you are from a non-technical background. So reach out to us in order to understand the basic concepts attached to it. Connect with us and see if you can shape your entrepreneurial dream into a successful mobile app.

The discussion won’t cost you a penny, rather it will help you to visualize your idea!

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