22 Oct 2016
Updated on December 28th, 2022

5 Tips To Improve Your App Store Rating (UPDATED)


Vaibhav Sharma

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App Store Rating

It’s a well-known fact, that the opinions of others are crucially important in our purchasing decisions and habits as well. The opinions can be for a restaurant, shopping, school, and even mobile apps. 

Albeit, opinions, and reviews in terms of the mobile app, affect the app visibility and the app store search results and how likely they will be featured in the app store.

The app market is flooded with a variety of mobile apps and has much more to offer to the customers. A user opts for any mobile app, only once confirmed that how much the app is downloaded by others, what people have to say about it, how is it reflected on app stores and whether your app meets users’ expectations or not. 

With such a myriad of options available, your mobile app sails on the hot water pool with competitors just a tap away to sink your mobile app. 

The unconscious competition has given a rise to the quality bar and every app owner needs to work vigorously to improve their App Store ratings and reviews.

What is App Rating?

When an app is launched, the single and the major motive every business owner aims for is to make the maximum app download happen, but it’s not that easy as it is sound. 

With a huge variety of mobile apps in the market, users have gotten pickier and are not easily convinced. App ratings work as a ‘social proof’ for your mobile apps that they are genuine enough to be downloaded. 

App ratings help to generate the required revenue from the mobile app and provide the customers with a platform to prove worthy enough for their time and money. 

A low average rating app always gets a ‘pass- away’ signal by the customers, the lower rating influences your conversion rate and consequently heart-breaking revenue.

Why to improve App Store rating?

We all know that current App Store is filled with many options in the form of mobile application. 

And unless you give a strong shout to your app, you can never gain that positive recognition in the market. With the help of improved rating, your app stay ahead in the business, and help your business to grow.

A successful app helps your business to triple its revenue generation!

But do you think it is that easier to be gained?

Of course not, app ratings and reviews are not much obvious to occur on their own, also you can’t expect people to write wonderful reviews about your app.

You would be surprised to know that users generally don’t provide the most positive feedback but the most acerbic comments are picked to flash on your app rating.

Hence to help you survive the obstacles of positive app ratings, we have brought this post for you to get the deeper insight…let’s take a look…

1. Satisfied Clients Are A Tool

It’s hard to please everyone, not everyone would like your app, so don’t target those unsatisfied customers, rather talk with those, who are engaged and satisfied too.

There is a way to carry out this task, create your personal in-app survey system with the help of your app development company with interactive custom graphics. On identifying the most satisfied users, next determine the perfect time to ask them to rate your mobile app to improve app store rating. 

By launching a ‘Rate My App’ prompt just after the launch of the mobile app, not just frustrate the user but can also garner a negative review. 

You need to wait till the user achieves a remarkable milestone within the app, got a successful purchase or completed the hardest level in the game. 

With these small but relevant moments, the user enjoys success and is in a happy phase, and you work and play with their psychology to turn their happy moments into a productive outcome for your mobile app.

2. Turn Into An Attentive Listener

Nobody likes the negative feedback, but the user usually leaves you with a negative comment, due to some issue faced. Don’t over-stress yourself, but say thanks to your customer to alert you about the said problem and try to fix the bug at the earliest problem. 

Remember imperfections can be turned into your assets if worked upon at the right time.

3. No Excessive Pop-Ups

There is a misconception, that app reviews are biased towards negative reviews so, in order to attain the maximum positive reviews, mobile app developers go a little excessive with pop-ups. 

Although, it helps to notify your customer, but it shouldn’t turn into a horrific episode for the users, due to which they would never install your app again.

4. Social Media Shout

Social media channels can come to the developer’s rescue when they seek the most honest reviews. App developers need to make it far easier for the users to voice their concerns and positive experience. 

This will allow your app to reach out to a larger circle and the positive reviews would ultimately lead to word-of-mouth publicity for your app, leading to better revenue for your mobile app.

5. Blog Your Mobile App

The content can influence your potential and existing users on a much larger scale. Select the different mediums to showcase your mobile app blog. 

Get your app acknowledged by the pertinent bloggers in your field can be complex initially, but once identified, these bloggers would influence your users majorly.


There are many more ways to improve your app store rating. Undoubtedly, negative ratings and reviews have a major impact on the search discovery of your app. 

But if you follow the above-mentioned tips to boost your app rating, it will help to build your mobile app more successful and keep your users happy. 

Let a team of experts from Techugo to make it much easier for you, just get in touch with our team to discuss further your mobile app concept to bring into reality. 

The discussion would help you to gain a better insight into your mobile app requirement and attaining the superior app store rating for your mobile app.

We’re waiting for your call, just get in touch with us!

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