24 Sep 2019
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How To Make Your Customers BUY Faster With Live Chat Feature?


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How many of you really want to create a satisfactory service platform for your business?

Answer must be EVERYONE!

But the saddest fact here speaks that customer satisfaction is the hardest nut to crack on the planet earth, as there are multiple factors associated with it, and every business owner has to consider it, failing to any the question of dissatisfaction arises.

Is there anything which can be taken into consideration and can help the businesses to attain 100% satisfaction rate?

Yes, this is very much possible with the integration of live chat feature!

Live chat feature really changes the game of services for your customers, and they get more personalized approach.

However when it comes to adopting the live chat feature, many businesses are reluctant to consider it to be of not so much of worth, but eventually what they fail to see is the immense advantages live chat holds for your business.

Curious to know, what all chat feature can bring to the table for your business?

Let’s read this post ahead…

Competitive Advantage

Live chat is responsible for 3 – 5 times more conversions!

The competition is the bug, which bites every business and as the time passes it becomes immune to many strategies built around the business, hence you always need to be on your toes to give something additional and extra to your audience, which your competitors are unable to deliver.

A study reveals that online shoppers who use live chat have increased in the number from 38% to 58% and that simply suggests that users prefer to buy from the portals which give the live chat feature.

Hence if you are willing to make a competitive distinction from others, then you must integrate a live chat feature and let the magic begin.

Gives Pleasant User Experience

Do you think it is easy to be achieved?

No, not at all!

Every user experience is based on the data which speaks the user interaction behavior with the ap, and what they like and detest most, but this data gets captured not just in one go, but you need to analyze and make the required adjustments, but when it comes to chatting feature, it helps you get an insight over the user-experience at a faster rate.

You can track the users’ queries and in accordance with making the required changes in the app to give a much-personalized buying experience to the audience.

Create Leads

For every salesperson, the target of meeting the sales target in a month is the biggest concern. And in the competitive era of today’s time, it is very hard to generate leads which eventually turn into a loyal customer.

But this issue is well resolved by the in-app chat feature, which allows the users to share their queries and this data can further be utilized by the sales team to aid in the lead generation efforts.

Lifts- Up Conversion Rates

Can you buy a TV from an empty showroom sans sales executive?

No one will and the reason is simple that unless we get a satisfactory response to our concerns we cannot think of making a purchase or try the services. This same applies to the online space as well, if your audience is not getting the online support, when they first visit your app, then you cannot expect them to buy from you.

The live chat service works as your identity in front of your consumers and helps them understand the services or any query pertaining to it in a much seamless sway.

This lets the consumers make smart and quick decisions and enhance the conversation rate at a higher speed.

Negative Reviews Take A Back-Seat

Negative reviews!

I know am not talking something different or addressing a unique concern, rather every business faces the backlash of negative reviews and the reasons can be any. However one of the reasons which really leads the users to drop the negative review is due to the lack of efficient app support.

For any business to keep an executive who can stay available 24 hours is unnecessary expense since this very task can be handled by the live chat feature technology, that can stay available to your audience, even during your non-working hours.

As a consequence, you earn your users’ trust without fail.

 Is it really a great approach to Integrate Live In-app Chat in a Mobile App?

Yes, it is!

No this is not on the basis of random analysis but it is on the pure interpretation from the brands who are already gaining the recognition in the market. When your users come on a mobile app, they are already been categorized in the list of impatience and anything that consumes their time, they never entertain it further.

Hence, every business is looking forward to a much seamless passage to be picked for their customers, so they can reach and answer their queries and concerns without any fail. In such a demanding situation, a live-chat feature really helps your business to get the attention of the users at a larger scale.

This real-time interaction not just helps your customers to get the solution but also:

  • Build TRUST in your services;
  • Engages the customers better;
  • Brings convenience of asking query;

I am certain this all together help your app to get the best services from you regardless of the time and zone barrier.

If you are still having some doubts and queries in your mind that how the live chat feature can be optimized in your app solution then you simply need to get in touch with the leading mobile app development company in USA that is none other than Techugo.

A Word About Techugo

Techugo is one of the top 10 app development companies in UK and has developed the app solutions for fortune 500, Fortune 200 and Global 2000 companies along with the promising startups across the globe. We have a team of 150+ app developers who constantly work on finding the best solution for your business so it can reach to the bigger number of audience in no time.

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