12 Feb 2020
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Return On Investment

Some Apps Earn MILLIONS And Some Don’t Even Come Close To Thousands

I know this statement is sufficient to bring that feeling in you, which is hard to be described with words. ☹

It brings all the gloomy feelings from the world, which only hints largely at the despair and unsuccessful attempt at the app platform, which carved out nothing but peanuts for your business.

The app platform is not just a combination of codes, design and other marketing tactics for the app owner, rather it is also a translation of the expectations and the business revenue goals, which get destroyed if there is no right output hailing from the mobile app platform.

Albeit, every possible measure is taken to ensure that the app yields the best monetary benefits, but eventually, it all comes down to ZERO when in reality the app fails to.

There you realize that something is wrong somewhere…but do you know with the right analysis mode, you can nail it thoroughly and make the prediction for the monetary benefits from your app platform???

Really, is it possible???

Yes, it is possible, there is a series of factors which can be noted to predict the right ROI to be made on your app and if you are getting confused then why not to take a look at this post to help you understand the basic concept behind it???

Let’s begin the journey of prediction, here we go…

Prediction Factor #1

Quality Speaks For Itself

Do you know as a mobile app developer something which really matters to you is the quality of the app product and if you fail to maintain it then rejection is the final destination for your app?

An app that performs well, looks well and has a trail of effective features in its kitty, is nothing but a quality-laden product.

Such apps are the first of their types, which help the owners to understand how this app would mint money after the official launch.

If the app monetization is your aim to achieve then don’t forget to centralize your focus from the inception of the app product towards the app quality only, that would finally lead to a successful app which would be the source of money-making for its specified services.

Prediction Factor #2

The Chosen Platform

I know that you know your business better than anybody else, but there is no harm, in studying further about your users’ behavior.

The popular app platforms are; Android, iOS, and Windows, and no prize for guessing but here Android and iOS app development win the race.

But do you know the selection of the app platform on the basis of demography is the key to success???

Yes, you heard me all correct.

If your targeted audience is all the way from the USA or UK then getting an app developed for the iOS is not at all the bad idea, but if your audience reach is to south-east Asia or Middle –Eastern countries, then getting an app on the Android as well, would bring the money for your app.

Prediction Factor #3

The Type of Apps Developed?

It is not a hidden fact anymore, that certain types of apps garner more revenue than others, for instance, gaming apps always get the attention of the users.

But this does not limit your opportunities to earn impressive revenue from other app types too. 

The only thing you need to follow is becoming the expert of your users’ expectations. 

Just make sure that your mobile app lets the users take a look at the core value of the app and bring them to your loyal customers’ list, which consequently turns the benefits from the app to bring more revenue.

Also, your app must be able to make the users believe the tremendous benefits they would attain from its portal and this can largely be possible with the fermium version, through which users can comprehend the worth of the app with free version, and then they would care to spend a dollar or pound on the app.

Prediction Factor #4

App Pricing Method

The worst and the trickiest part of the app launch is when you are being asked by your app developers to price the app.

Don’t think it is an easy step, but it opens a door of challenges for the app owners when they have to make the final call and decide the app cost.

The cost which you put for your app actually is the key to success.

In this method, I would like to bring the twist of fate, by adding that use the experimentation method.

Launch your app at the introductory price lets $0.99 or something very reduced cost with a limited period offer.

Alternatively, you can also, launch your app with the freemium model, wherein you would make the basic features free of cost, but the premium version at some cost decided by you.

This will help you track the number of app downloads and the revenue chart which will explain the progress.

On the other hand, offering the app for free and earning the income by showing ads, but this approach eventually needs the careful instructions because at times the ads seem so much forceful, that they become the reason for the app abandonment.

Prediction Factor #5

Selection of Right App Development Company

Yes the role of the right app Development Company in Australia cannot be overlooked. Now you must be wondering WHY???

Then let me explain it to you…

An efficient app development agency has all the required expertise and the technical exposure in the world to help your mobile app concept, to transform into a sizzling vision, because such companies know, when and where the alteration has to be carried further to make the app concept fit into the requirement basket.

But the major question arises that where to find such a company???

Well, such a capable company is very much existing, and that is none other than Techugo, which has a larger brood of technical experts to give a voice to your app development needs.

Get in touch with the Techugo team today and help your app concept to become a monetary nuzzle for your business.

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