23 Jul 2020
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How To Reduce App Development Cost Without Losing Quality?


Ankit Singh

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Quality is an irreplaceable factor, helping every product to improve and grow. To reduce app development cost is a demanding concern of every entrepreneur out there.

But is it really feasible?

To nurture a project with a well-conceived, well-designed, well-presented strategy requires quality maximum.  When it comes to reduce the development cost, many new ideas start jumping in your mind. But you can pick any random approach, since an app is an investment for your business, and you cannot think of reducing cost with some novice measures.

Despite the obvious appeal of app cost reduction, there are few aspects which if integrated without your development model, can ease down the road for you.

Let’s hop onto this journey with us to comprehend the ways in which app cost can be reduced, not in dreams but in REALITY.

Steps to be considered to reduce app development cost 

TBH, the cost of an app depends on various factors and it is hard to give it a halt. But with certain strategies in place, this costing can be controlled.

Do you think it is a joke?

No, trust me it isn’t!

There are many basic fundamental steps that are generally overlooked by business owners. But paying attention to those factors from the initial stage can really change the game of your app cost plan.

Curious what all those factors are?

How about scrolling this post, and find out a solution yourself…

Plan, plan and plan

A famous adage suggests, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

It is a very deep thought but actually speaks the true essence of the app development planning and how far it is significant. Apps that come up with random decisions leading to the addition of new features and functionalities now and then, end up turning a monster, which only consumes money and time.

You need to plan an app from its very initial stage. You might find that your app requires this feature and that functionality, but you must understand you cannot give everything to your audience in one go only.

You need to take baby steps to reach that goal, and the perfect example to prove this point is social channels Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp among many others.

These apps started with the basic concepts, and gradually they kept on including different features, as per the demand of the users.

When you plan an app, then make a roadmap on the basis of priority of users, from top to low. However, this requires intensive research, but without a research plan, nothing gets successful.

You need to work on Why and How to reach that desired result from your users. You might find it a trivial aspect, but trust me, this is a crucial step to achieve success. You need to plan your app effectively so your users are not bewildered and lose interest in your app.

Outsource your app SMARTLY

Indeed, outsourcing comes with different layers of expertise and challenges. You would be surprised to know that an experienced app development company has every bit of information to reduce the app development cost with their right expertise.

You need to find that RIGHT EXPERTISE!

Although, the so-called app developers in the market come at lesser cost give you every reason to hire them, but this is a trap, and you don’t need to fall into it.

Search and hire an app developer for their expertise, skills, and experience!

You can easily judge these factors by looking at their portfolio, client reviews on listing websites, where you may find some bad or good, but that shows their authenticity.

Remember, outsourcing is a great way to delegate what is difficult for you to achieve and helps you reach your goal with core competencies.

Henceforth, you need to pick an app development company that is a perfect blend of expertise and skills. And cut down the cost to a greater extent.

Include trending framework to save efforts

App development is not just about coding, but there are many non-technical aspects involved in this process. Combined these steps only increase your development cost. Your targeted users must be looking for an app solution that comes and brings them ease, but to reach all of them in one go, you need to launch your app on two different platforms; Android & iOS, and that is EXPENSIVE.

Then what can be the solution to reduce cost and meet the demand as well?

This need of the hour can easily be addressed by cross-platform apps, which helps your app to be built for two different platforms with single coding done, to achieve this you can integrate the framework React Native & Flutter, which reduces efforts and consequently bring down the app cost.

Create Minimum Viable Product

MVP is the soul of an efficient app product, which does not hamper your dream, but gives a reason to elevate it further. In the run of app development, there are many hiccups, and once the final product comes into the picture, then what you get to know that it is not liked by the targeted audience. And you are left with a huge financial loss.

That sounds horrible, but it is a fact!

To evade the glitches of this specific issue, you need to pick the MVP model, which removes every chance of loss.

In this concept, you launch a product after testing the response in a real market, without spending any huge amount on the completed app features. This helps you build a product as per the users’ needs and makes you add features that they require.

Eventually, an MVP model is the best decision to save time and money on your app. And gives your app a platform, that engages users in a much broader way.

In a nutshell

Many of us think that by reducing mobile app development cost, the aesthetic appeal of an app product vanishes. But this is not the case, eventually cutting down the mobile app cost does not mean the quality is compromised to a larger extent.

You can considerably craft a perfect and a balanced app solution with extreme quality filled within it. At Techugo we offer cost-efficient app solutions, which does not leave you financially drained.

Give us a call now to help your concept get the wings of reality.

Secure your FREE 30 min app consultation from the industry experts and bring a better app into existence.

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