13 May 2022
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How to upload an app on App Store?


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upload an app on app store

Did you just spend a fortune on iOS app development? 

What next? 

It’s time to roll out your app on the second-largest platform, the App Store which comprises about 2.22 million apps, and the number is growing every day!

Undoubtedly, getting an app up and running can be challenging since the Apple guidelines are quite rigid, and not every app can make it through the same. 

And getting a thought on how to upload an app on App Store is natural. But the good thing is that following the Apple app privacy details that can make it easy for you to submit an app on App Store.

App Store guidelines

The mobile app ecosystem is more competitive than ever; therefore, there shouldn’t be any space for unguaranteed success especially when you have invested everything into developing an app. 

So, what can you do to ensure that your app gets applauded? 


It is vital to understand that successfully publishing an app on the App Store is the primary step. Fortunately, we have got you! 

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Publishing an App


If you’ve taken your first step towards publishing an app successfully on the App Store, here’s how you can turn your app idea into gold: 

– Conduct a Research

app idea

Before worrying about the App Store upload, it is vital to conduct research and ensure that your app idea is different from your competitors to acquire the applause it deserves.

Furthermore, it is also essential to understand what you’re up against to develop an app that excels. Acquire insights into your competitor’s strategies and weaknesses, and prepare your plan of action accordingly. 

– Get Going with a Strategic Pricing  

Purchase formats for app monetization can vary in the App Store. For instance, you can offer an app that is free to download or use subscription pricing; it entirely depends on your choice. 

If you’re looking forward to acquiring a solid consumer base, it is suggested to adopt the freemium pricing method as they are more likely to be downloaded. 

– Optimize Your Mobile App

Play Store and App Store have similar variables when it comes to ranking. Therefore, the four top-notch App Store optimization tips to make your apps rank well after you upload an app are:

(a) Maximum keyword usage

(b) Visuals and branding

(c) Total number of downloads

(d) Number of positive reviews

Why is it important? 

Well, when users search for a similar keyword, they’ll be presented with a list of apps to choose from. Therefore, the app that is most likely to attract the users will be the one that is well leveraged with images, have the maximum positive reviews, etc.  

– Work on a Media Outreach Strategy

Have you ever thought about what would help your app obtain the limelight and hype once you submit an app on App Store?

QUALITY MEDIA STRATEGY is the way to go!

Therefore, the primary step is to identify what differentiates your app from the existing ones, and the value it’ll add to the users’ lives. Once identified, it’s time to build relationships with people like journalists, bloggers, etc., who are being followed by your target audience. 

Are there any strategies to find them? Take a look! 

1. Reverse Google Image Search

Look out for images on great ranking websites and keep a check on who used them in their blogs. These images are most likely to be used by people who have covered similar topics, and might be interested in what you offer. 

2. Google News

Before you upload an app on App Store, search your competitor’s apps on Google News and check for the reporters who have covered them.

3. Help-a-Reporter-Out

HARO is a daily email that helps journalists connect with experts in their specific domains. Therefore, you can use the same method to connect with journalists and writers. 

– Launch a Web Presence   

How would you ensure that people are easily able to discover your mobile app right after you submit it on App Store?

Do not promote it before it goes live! 

Instead, generate a landing page that apprehends emails via a site like LaunchRock. Here are the four pointers that form the key to a flawless website:

1. A place for capturing emails

2. Efficient app value communication

3. Enables press to easily locate the content

4. Availability of customer support email

The first and foremost goal of your website should be to capture emails! REASON? 

It’ll help you bag endless initial downloads and reviews! However, setting up social media should also be emphasized to incline people to these platforms through the website and connect with them efficiently. 

– Word of Mouth

Spread the Word

If you’ve built an exceptional mobile app, it definitely deserves to go viral! While algorithms work their way, great mobile apps also acquire popularity because people can’t resist talking about them. 

Indeed, you may not be leaving any stone unturned to build relationships with the media that’ll talk about your product. However, it is also vital to keep in touch with people who would be interested in using your app. Therefore, you can do this by getting in touch with people via Facebook groups, friends, mutuals, etc. 


Now that you’re well-versed with some of the incredible tips before publishing your app, it’s time to go live. 

But Before Getting Started… 

Here are a few requirements that your app must meet:

– Technical Requirements 

  • Sign Up with an App Developer Account 

The initial step is to enroll in the App Developer Program, which costs about $99 annually and comes with multiple benefits along with enabling you to easily publish an app. 

  • App Build Submission

Before submitting your app for review, app build submission is vital. 

– Legal Requirements 

For an iPhone app to be successfully published on the App Store, it must meet all the legal conditions of the selected regions.

Furthermore, Apple keeps a check if your app satisfies the Apple Developer Program License Agreement. 

Are you all set to kickstart your iOS app development journey?

Steps to Publish an App on the App Store 

Congratulations! You’ve finally reached the stage where you can roll out your app to reach millions of users by following the Apple Store submission guidelines.

So, how to publish an app on App Store?

Therefore, here’s a step-by-step guide on App Store upload process:

1. Sign Up with App Store Connect

For starters, App Store Connect enables you to manage the entire mechanism on the App Store. Therefore, if the app you’re submitting is paid, a contract must be signed that covers the payment terms and conditions. However, no such steps have to be followed if the app is free to use.

2. Prepare App for Submission

To prepare submission or add app to app store:

  • Obey the App Store Guidelines 

To get started, you must undergo an app certification process, and make sure that your app adheres to the App Store guidelines. 

  • Test the App and Fix Bugs

Ensuring that your mobile app is bug-free before App Store uploading and doesn’t provide even the least inconvenience is crucial. In case the app crashes while the reviewer is testing the same, it is most likely to get rejected.

To ensure that your app has a robust mechanism, test it yourself to fix the same beforehand if required. 

3. Develop the App Store Listing

To create an app store listing before you upload an application to App Store:

  • Enter the App Details 

(a) Log in to the App Store Connect.

(b) To create a new app, go to the ‘My Apps’ menu and tap on the ‘+’ option.

(c) To make changes to an existing app, select an existing app in place of adding a new one. 

(d) Next, enter the details asked by the App Store:

(e) Tap the ‘Create’ button, and you’ll be headed to the Product Page.

  • Add URL to the App’s Privacy Policy

It’s time to provide a URL to the app’s privacy policy. Here, you can add the relevant details related to your app’s privacy protocols.

  • Decide the App’s Pricing

Have you scheduled the pricing of your app? If not, this step will have you thinking about it!

  • Choose the App’s Versions Release 

Next, select from the following options to set your app’s version once it goes through the certification process. 

(a) Manually: It requires you to visit App Store Connect and release the version.

(b) Immediately: The app version is released as soon as it passes the certification stage. 

(c) On a Specific Date: The app is released on the desired date. 

  • In-App Purchases 

This step requires you to define everything applicable to in-app purchases. Thus, four types of in-app purchases are: Non-Consumable, Consumable, Auto-Renewable Subscription, and Non-Renewing Subscription. 

4. Upload the Screenshots of Your App

You can use the following methods to create the screenshots for uploading before you submit your app on App Store:

  • Utilize a Mock-Up Template 
  • Raw Screenshots
  • Use a Screenshot Generator 

Once the app is uploaded on App Store, a final window will appear on the screen.

5. Submit Your App

Is your app running seamlessly? 

Then, set up your signing and team information in Xcode. Fortunately, the software can perform numerous steps by itself, reducing your burden to elevate the process of uploading an app on App Store.

Not to overlook mentioning, ensure that your new app’s version is set to 1.0.0. On the other hand, increase the build version in case of updating an existing app.  

Now, the steps to publish your app are:

(a) Create an archive by selecting the iOS device from the simulator’s list. 

(b) Head to the ‘Product’ menu and tap the ‘Archive’ option. 

(c) Allow some time to bundle your app. Once done, an ‘Archive’ window will be generated from where you can manage the complete archives. 

(d) Choose the Archive and tap on the Distribute App. Distribution methods will appear on the screen, for instance, Enterprise, iOS App Store, etc.

(e) Select the iOS App Store option, a validation check will take place. 

If the process goes well, the coding process will continue to run. However, if any issues appear, Xcode will store you and take you back to coding.

Once the app is uploaded, a final window will appear on the screen. 

6. Submit App for Review

The following step is to append the build exported from Xcode. Sure, Xcode receives the archive, but App Store Connect takes its time for the Apple app review process.

Afterall, Apple app store approval is mandatory!

That is it! 

Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen, and hit the ‘Save’ button. Next, you’ll see a ‘Submit for Review’ button in blue. Answer a few questions flashing on the screen and tap the ‘Submit’ button. 

7. Go Live- FINALLY!

Now that your app has joined the bandwagon of the waiting list, it’ll be highlighted in a yellow color tag. Initially, the review process took around 1-2 weeks; however, now the App Store review time has accelerated, it takes about 3-4 days only.

Once the app is approved, you’ll receive a mail.


What’s important to note down is that you’ll be able to view the app sales, ratings, downloads, and reviews straightaway in the App Store Connect. 

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How much does it cost to upload an app to the App Store?

All it costs to upload an app on App Store is paying an annual fee of $99 for an Individual Developer Account. Once you get the developer account, regardless of your app type, you don’t need to pay any fee to upload an app. It means uploading an app on App Store is free.

Q. Is uploading app to App Store free?

Yes, you can publish an iOS app on App Store free. All you need to have is your individual developer account, which comes with an annual fee of $99.

Q. How do I submit an app to the App Store?

By signing up with the App Store through your Developer Account, you can submit your application to the marketplace. In this way, your app goes into review, and then you can find your iOS application on App Store.

Q. How much does it cost to build an app?

To develop an application the estimated cost for an app with basic features is around $40,000 to $150,000. However, the amount may go beyond this depending upon your requirements and features to include.

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In a Nutshell  

Indeed, the app publishing process is a complex activity; however, it might not sound impossible, especially after we’ve laid down all the steps in detail. 

If you are still puzzled about how to upload an app on App Store, all you need to have is the availability of the required resources, and you’re good to go! 

To start publishing your app on App Store, you’re required to have a flawless product, and thus, leave the development part to us!

Yes, Techugo- a top mobile app development company in India is all set to provide you with the support you need on the journey to success!

So, how about a discussion? 

If it’s positive, schedule a consultation with us today to acquire more insights over coffee!

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