24 May 2023

How would you design a bicycle renting app for tourists?


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bicycle renting app

Bikes for rent have been a growing trend in recent years and are here to stay. While the market stood at around $3.3 billion in 2020, it is expected to surpass $13.7 billion by the end of 2026.

But why are bicycle renting apps acquiring tremendous popularity?

Undeniably, one of the top-notch reasons include its eco-friendliness and affordability.

Sure, the bicycle renting industry is smaller than logistics or fintech industries; however, bike rental has a plethora of opportunities to offer that may help businesses generate higher revenue.

Notably, now the businesses worldwide have started emphasizing bicycle renting app development other than in the U.S. Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur looking forward to developing a bike sharing app to provide an eco-friendly conveyance solution to the audience, here’s a guide for you to understand the process that takes place behind such a project.
We are further going to answer your question,how would you design a bicycle renting app for tourists?’

So, let’s get started!

Introduction to Bike Renting App Development 

Bike Renting App Development

Today, the audience is well-familiar with the taxi booking app development concept. Do you agree? Well, it is precisely one of the factors that’ll make the adoption of bicycle renting apps much easier.

For all those unfamiliar with the renting app use, it is an app that needs to be downloaded by the customers for easy commuting. App users need to register on the app by saving their details. It also includes putting down information like the user’s location and payment modes, which doesn’t bring up the hassle of re-entering the details. Once done, app users can check the availability of the bikes and view the rent they would have to pay.

Additionally, customers may rent these bikes anytime they want and leave them back at the station when the purpose is concluded.

Business Models of a Bike Rental App

Bike Rental App

There are two most important and commonly incorporated business models of a bicycle renting app. Thus, take a look and pick out the most suitable preference for your business: 

– Aggregator Model

The aggregator model brings together all the companies who want to rent out bikes in exchange for revenue. This model demands the involvement of two parties who enter an agreement. 

Notably, the owners of rental shops or bikes pay the app owners to display their products on the platform for easy renting. 

– Self-Owned Fleet

This model involves the entire process of e-scooter app development by the business owner for putting up the inventory. This model is usually adopted by an individual who has a fleet of bikes and would want to rent the same to people. 

The Reasons Behind the Skyrocketing Popularity of Bike Rental  

Popularity of Bike Rental

Before you hire a dedicated team for bike rental app development, it is significant to understand the reasons behind it winning hearts. Shall we? Continue reading to know: 

1. Affordable Pricing

One of the primary reasons customers opting for bicycle renting is its affordability, which doesn’t include any fuel, motor, or anything else investment. Thus, on-demand bike apps have become one of the best commuting mediums for people.

2. Eco-Friendly Approach

One of the most popular debate topics includes global warming, pollution, etc. Also, nobody’s unfamiliar with the fact that fossil fuels are taking a toll on our planet, and the reduction in their usage will help build a safer environment. 

Fortunately, these bikes eliminate the use of fossil fuels and run on electric motors that do not pollute the ecosystem, making it an eco-friendly approach. 

3. On-Demand Availability

In modern times, people are well aware of their needs and requirements. But, on the other hand, modern techniques have made it much easier for people to get their hands on the services easily and quickly. Luckily, on-demand bike sharing applications deliver the same as they are readily available.

Many people are now inclined towards using e-scooter sharing apps for their daily commute or in case of heavy congestion.

4. Active Lifestyle 

Another reason behind the growing popularity of bicycle renting apps is the active lifestyle. Now that the audience has become health-conscious and fitness freaks, they emphasize their physical fitness. While they might not have the time to hit a gym, e-scooters can pave the way for a healthy lifestyle without much hassle. 

The Development Process of a Bicycle Renting App

Bicycle Renting App

Notably, an eco-friendly approach is now being prioritized and entrepreneurs are coming up with applications for the same purpose. So, How would you design a bicycle renting app for tourists? Well, there’s a lot that goes into building an exceptional mobile app. To give you a heads up, it is what we’ll discuss further in this article. 

1. Ideation  

It all starts with the ideation. To build an app that wins hearts, you must have a strong ideation base that promises the development of a unique project. Once you’ve come up with the idea, you may seek assistance from the best app development companies to refine the same. 

2. Research

Research is the second step and the soul of the process. If your mobile app will excel at its job or not also depends on your research of the existing competitors, target audience, market openings, and more. 

3. Pick a Platform

Time to make the right decision!

Everyone’s familiar with the two common choices when it comes to native app development- Android and iOS app development services

On the other hand, cross-platform app development is the best option if you’re looking forward to expanding your customer base. Partner with a reliable team of app developers for accurate advice and suggestions. 

4. Bring a Team of App Developers

Now is your time to bring in the best team of developers to help you fulfill your dreams. There are a number of options you may follow to rope in a team with exceptional talent. These options include freelancers, part-time developers, outsourcing, and more.

Weigh the pros and cons along with the cost to develop a bicycle renting app to pick the most suitable option.

5. Front-End Development 

Once the app development process starts, it is significant to deal with its UI/UX design. Therefore, the app development team must also include professional UI/UX designers who will take care of the app interface. 

6. Back-End Development

After emphasizing front-end development, efficient back-end development becomes the next priority. It is the stage when the source code is written and consumes the most resources. 

7. Testing

The next crucial step is app testing as mobile applications cannot be offered full of bugs and lags. Once an app is developed, it must be tested thoroughly by the QA team to ensure that the app quality is met. 

8. Deployment

After the app is declared bug-free, it is deployed in the market depending on its hybrid or native framework. 

9. Maintenance

As essential as it is to take care of the mobile app development process, it is equally vital to ensure its post-maintenance to provide a frictionless user experience to the audience. 

Must-Have Features of a Bicycle Renting App 

Bicycle Renting App

Sure, the functionality of a bicycle renting app seems to be quite simple; however, it still needs to be incorporated with the best functionality. Therefore, let’s examine some of the best features that needs to be added within the mobile app: 

1. Login

The first and foremost step would be to enable users to log in into the app and create an account. You may also incorporate authentication methods via email or phone number to make the process easier. 

2. QR Code Reader

The technology has made it simpler for users to unlock a bike without involving a third person. Therefore, integrate a QR code that enables the app users to begin their ride by scanning the same. 

3. GPS and Geolocation

It is one of the most important features for any bike or bicycle sharing app development. The GPS feature within the app will allow app users to easily locate any nearby bikes and book a ride for themselves. 

4. Mode of Payment

Multiple payment gateways fabricate an easier transaction system for the app users. Thus, it will provide them with a wider choice of payment options. 

5. Push Notifications

Not only in bicycle sharing apps, but push notifications are an integral part of any application that wants to acquire a solid customer base. The notifications are forwarded to the user’s smartphone, which triggers them to open the app or check the update. 

Best Monetization Opportunities of a Bike or Bicycle Renting App


Every mobile app is built with the objective of earning money, and there are numerous ways it can happen. There exist direct and indirect methods of generating revenue, and some of the best possible monetization models are listed below. So, take a look: 

1. Commissions

The commission model is the best suitable when a booking is made via an aggregator app that helps generate a certain amount of revenue on each transaction. The bike owners allow the app owners to charge a fixed percentage of the amount on every ride booked. 

Additionally, app users also have to pay a service charge to the app owners to acquire their services, which is a hidden amount added to the bill total. 

Not to forget mentioning, there also exists a cancellation charge that is availed from app users if they make a booking and cancel the same before using the services. 

2. Advertisements

One of the most common and easiest methods of earning revenue is by adopting the advertisements model. This model enables third parties to connect with the app owners to buy a space on their app for displaying ads and promoting their products. Therefore, you may take up third-party promotions in exchange for money for higher revenue. 

Additionally, the app owners can also charge third parties on a number of factors, including the time for which their ad is being displayed, cost-per-click, etc. 

3. Subscription-Based Model

A subscription-based model is another pathway of earning money built with the objective that users have to pay recurring amounts for the services. For instance, Spotify- a music streaming app– allows you to subscribe to their premium features by paying a fixed sum on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

4. In-App Purchases

Bicycle renting apps can provide their customers with additional features in exchange for a fee. Not only premium features but in-app purchases can also come with premium membership options, promotional offers, and more. 

5. Data Monetization

Data monetization is an interesting revenue model that earns revenue by gathering and analyzing user data to convert it into the form of valuable insights. Further, this data is sold to businesses, advertisers, and marketers for targeted advertising. 

6. Referral Programs

Bike or bicycle renting apps can also generate revenue via referral programs by providing loyal customers with incentives, including discounts and offers. Providing your customers with additional benefits will encourage them to share the app with others and market it via word of mouth. 

What Brings Together An Exceptional Working Bicycle Rental App?

There are multiple attributes that contribute to making an app the first choice for its customers. What are these attributes? Take a look: 

1. Uncomplicated User Interface

2. Pocket-friendly prices

3. Live chat and call support

4. Customer authentication

5. Bike insurance management

6. On-time bike repair management

7. Cancellation and refund policy 

Do you wish to incorporate these attributes in your bike sharing app? Then it’s time to get in touch with a top mobile app development company for assistance on your app idea.

What do you think? 

A World with Eco-Friendly Mobility 

In the U.S. and Europe, e-scooters have become extremely popular and are available everywhere for users to use. Therefore, now is the time to develop an efficient bicycle renting app that will help you gain a solid customer base and generate high revenue.

And if you’re moving in the same direction, we will be happy to help! Techugo is a top-notch mobile app development company in the USA that’ll keep you in the loop throughout the app development process and wouldn’t compromise on the app quality.

So, are you all set?

Schedule your first consultation with us today for further assistance on your jaw-dropping app idea!

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